Latest AFTV video makes for uncomfortable viewing

I’m sure most readers are aware of AFTV. After watching a recent upload I feel very uncomfortable and feel now is the time for Robbie Earle to step in.

Claude is one of the channels most popular characters, someone who has played a huge role in its success but it’s time his welfare was put ahead of views.

He has spoken openly about his depression and I’m not saying social media is to blame but it’s not helping. He now has his own weekly show with Ty where the payoff is to see them bicker but I’m sorry, a grown man should not be getting as stressed about a game of football as he does. We all have mates we banter with, but you wouldn’t want to see them get so worked up, if you did, you question if things were okay? I know before he’s publicly called the gunners his outlet but does he look like he’s happy?

Whether he’s being financially rewarded or it’s just a hobby, lots of Gooners would love to be able to express their opinions to thousands around the world. He looks like he hates the experience.

While he has the freedom of speech to put himself on these platforms his outbursts and body language would have him called into his office at work out of concern, who would recommend he seeks medical help.

Robbie has enough content where it wouldn’t hurt giving the guy some time away.

Again Robbie’s not responsible for anyone’s depression but it’s awkward watching the decline of someone for our entertainment. And that’s what it is.

No one is tuning in to see these two fans give their expertise, it’s the hope that they will bicker. All of a sudden, it’s no longer funny.

Dan Smith.


  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you have said about Claude, i expressed my concern a couple of weeks ago with his nervous twitching. For his own health he should give it a break. Mind you listening to that stupid Ty along side you would send anyone round the twist.

  2. I can see where you’re coming from Dan. But also, we can’t really expect Robbie to tell a grown man that he is no longer allowed to be in videos because Robbie thinks it’s bad for his mental health, when it’s not Robbie’s job to monitor it. The choice is ultimately down to Claude. Also, we don’t know if behind the scenes Robbie has talked to Claude about this. Claude has also taken breaks from the channel before if I can remember (been a while since i regularly followed), and even though his thing is being angry on the channel, he does seem to enjoy the experience and has genuine friendships w/ everyone part of the channel. But hey, all we can do is guess and assume and hope all is okay.

    1. Yes you can expect Robbie to step in. All companies/employers have a legal responsibility for a duty of care towards employees/contributers/members of staff involved in the production.

      1. Is it even a company though? Seems like it is just a Youtube channel and Robbie pays his staff out of pocket for the production. I can’t imagine Claude is under any sort of contract.

      2. Spot on!it stopped being funny a long time ago and has become a company/business money driven without any concern for Claude’s well being the guy is unrecognisable very sad but as long as people keep watching this crap I guess there is nothing we can do.

        1. shame on Robbie. butting this lad on this show he needs time away from this and some help shamefully on AFTV

  3. Not sure I get this post. Seems like you’re just on the same exploitation bandwagon.
    Scraping the bottom of the barrel in my opinion.

  4. Not a subject I think we even have the right to publicly discuss. So I won’t! And hope others don’t either.

  5. I stopped watching that channel a few seasons back, now and then they’ll pop back up though, like one there a while back about this here what you’re talking about. Claude was supposed to have worried some people with certain remarks and they tried looking for him because people thought he was going to put his own health in danger, they made a deal out of not being able to find him or something, then nothing, I heard no more about it. What won’t they do and say for clicks. They should look for some new blood, lads/lasses that have great banter in them. Arsenal FC even had them drop their name after so many seasons putting up with these guys, when our rivals are tuning in for a laugh and your club is letting everyone know that there’s no affiliation, what’s Robbie at? he must be minting it if this didn’t affect him.

    They say how much they love AFC, and they do love the club, but along with your love for the club you are also making good money from recording your experiences/thoughts, surely these guys aren’t half as pissed as they let on to be, I mean they’ve become Z list celebs.

  6. Claude was in school 5 years ago and is actually only 22.
    Following Arsenal has aged him so 🙂
    Channeling the inner Claude is popular on all Arsenal blogs.
    The running joke on aftv is that every time Arsenal loses
    Robbie buys a new car 🙂
    Here on JA groaning and moaning comments
    are ten times more prevalent than positive comments.
    When Arsenal loses the comment section numbers triple
    as fans who don’t comment all week come busting out of the wood work to vent, rant and rage holding their pint and donner kebab.
    “I told you so but no one will listen” they all say.
    Former Arsenal fan targets Wenger, Gazidiz Giroud Iwobi
    Arteta Walcott Ramsey have all gone but fans just shifted
    their rage on to Ozil Mustafi Xhaka and Bellerin’s man bun 🙂
    Social media means we can all be pundits solving
    the worlds problems in an article, comment or tweet
    with no responsibility to actually do anything.
    Back to me pint and kebab then 🙂

  7. AFTV s a joke. Why does anyone even watch that shit? It’s like they exist to make sure the players know the fans are against them instead of supporting them. They are the antithesis of “supporters” and they don’t give voice to fans, they just have a tiny handful of commenters–and they are the most negative, obnoxious people on the planet.

    I can see it now. We get to 2nd this year but all the negative fans go crazy attacking players, club and manager and then next year we drop out of Europa as the morbid tumescent cancer that is AFTV and their negative fan following use their tireless powers of obnoxious negativity to turn the whole club into a cesspool of annoyance and spite making everyone hate the club and football in general.

    Thank you bitches and whiners for your contribution to the club.

    1. @Steph Luc
      Time was he wanted to allow more fans make comments, but doing TV show comments is not going to work with just anybody. Some of those who were asked for comments could not really articulate their opinions, on TV that can not be taken

  8. Let’s be honest here. There’s lots of fans from other club’s who tune in just to watch these jokers and clowns of Aftv. They’re a disgrace honestly. I’ve never seen so many adults in my life swearing , yelling , cursing and shouting like little boys from a kindergarten. What a good way to set an image to the younger generation right? N we wonder why there’s racist and all those other stuff which can never be slowed down. Honestly , Aftv needs to be shut down if this continues. I for one won’t let my kid support Arsenal cause most of their fans there are a circus act! Hell , I’ll even let him watch Aftv! Change for good or shut it down forever!

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