Latest Arsenal injury blow to change Wenger’s transfer plans?

Arsenal player returns from a long spell on the sidelines with an injury problem, plays, and picks up another injury problem. It is a story so familiar to Arsenal fans that we have stopped being surprised by it, but for some reason it always seems to take Arsene Wenger completely unaware.

So this is what happened to the unlucky Czech Republic international Tomas Rosicky after the midfield star made his first appearance of the season on Saturday in the FA cup win over Burnley. It is not as if he was overworked either, as the manager only introduced him with 20 minutes left to play and that was after being careful with his recovery and giving him 45 minutes with the under 21s a week before.

The Mirror has reported Wenger saying in his press conference today that he did not know how long Rosicky would be out for but I have seen other reports suggesting six weeks.

The Frenchman said, “The only problem is Rosicky picked up an injury.

“It is a thigh problem. We don’t now how deep the problem is but he will have a scan.”

While this is a blow in itself, with Tomas being one of our best options to cover for Mesut Ozil in the number 10 role, with another Jack Wilshere also in the treatment room for another month or so, I am more worried about our lack of reaction.

The Frenchman seems to be relying on the likes of Welbeck, Wilshere and Cazorla but what is to say they will not also have a setback? Wenger has one final day to bring in a player or two that is definitely fit, not close, not maybe.

So will this latest in a long and predictable list of injury blows make the boss think again and force him to actually use the transfer window like our Premier League rivals?

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  1. Arsenal’s transfer business is done. Iwobi will take TR7’s spot.

    One of my favorite players at the club TR7, but I’m afraid this is good bye. I pray he gets fit in time for him to play his last games for the club and bowl out with a EPL and FA cup medal. He needs to move to the MSL or in his native country and retire there.

    Not even Ozil, Silva, Harzard, or Countinho can match TR7 at the peak of his powers.

      1. Yeah Ks, its sad indeed, legend in the making but injuries are determined to bring him down.

        We need to win the EPL this season, it will be a shame for little Mozart to leave without a medal. UCL medal would be a dream.

  2. So it’s now true MR Pep is going to man city. Arsenal miss out yet again why why why. Pep will buy any player he wants and city will win the lot because it’s easy when you have endless cash. A S might just go to city because they will pay him 3 times what we have. Do any Arsenal fans think we have any chance that the best in the world will play for them. He could have come to Arsenal and built a team. AW will need to buy in the summer 5 players no less and 3 of them world class

    1. I was also hoping Pep would some day replace Wenger because of their similarities but lets not panic so much because he will be at City.

      The City team Pep is taking over is no where near the Bayern or Barca teams he has managed. Pep’s jobs have been built around core players of the that country’s national team (Muller, Lahm, Neur, Boateng, – Iniesta, Xaxi, Busquetes, Puyol) coupled with WC players the world has seen (Messi, Robben, D. Silva, Eto, Lewa, Ribery, etc), plus a club with a rich and successful structure. City does not have the complete ingredients for Pep at the moment. Our English core is better than there’s and that says a lot plus they only have maybe 3 WC players who are like 17th or 18 in the race to the Ballon Dor. The best he could bring in are;

      – Neymar – Money can draw him to City
      – Pogba – maybe
      – Thiago – I suspect he goes where Pep goes

      So, if and only if Arsene recognizes this treat and strengthens accordingly we can still compete with them. This means keeping our best players / bringing in WC recruits especially at ST / DM / probably another CB and a winger we can score goals to replace outgoing players.

      I don’t think one team will be able to dominate the EPL as United did in the past, teams will continue topping each other because I also expect a different Chelsea, Man U and Lpool next season, its up to Arsenal to keep up.

  3. Too much of everything is bad….even a hood thing…the flip side of Wenger’s longevity at Arsenal is the fact he has lost all sense of urgency, motivation and hunger….he is much more concerned about fulfilling a personal legacy,doing things his own way to prove a point….if that is not the case then there is no reason for Rosicky to even be in the squad to start with..alobg with Flamini and Arteta…they are on the wrong side of 30 and injury prone anyways, I mean Rosicky…we never really got to see the best of him ssince we signed him due to all manners of injuries, even when he was younger, so how is it not a silly gamble going into a new season with him, knowing fully well his injury record?.Will a manager who knows his job depends on winning something on a season take such mighty risk?…we go into every new season on a wing and a prayer because we have many players who are injury prone and who will never disappoint by not getting injured and been out for months….why we never have a contingency plans incase of these inevitable injuries is anyone’s guess……hopefully Wenger will see sense end of season and not offer Rosicky a new contract…I love the guy but I love AFC more…

    1. The contingency plan is Cazorla Arteta Wilshere Rosicky Ramsey Flamini Oxlade Coquelin and now Elneny, of them all we should have at least one starting pair fit and readily available for each encounter.

    2. Well said. Is Wilshire the next Rosicky?

      Someone wrote we need 5 world class players this summer. How can anyone expect Wenger to buy 5 world class players? I would be (pleasantly) surprised if we even sign 1 world class player. Preferably a goal scoring striker.

      Like you say Wenger has different ambitions and maximizing the chance of winning a major trophy does not appear to be one of his ambitions.

      If maximizing the chance to win a major trophy was his ambition would he really have signed £5 million midfield player from the Swiss league?

      1. We DESPERATELY need a goalscorer, we don’t have the attacking bite of a world class team, relying on Alexis alone is not enough, all the best teams have THREE strikers each capable of getting 25 goals EACH.

  4. Only realised that this is transfer deadline day, its weird I’m usually wondering if we’ll capture a last minute deal and who it might be but I have come to terms with Elneny being the one signing we make. Strange not hoping for a surprise, I think it must be that we know our manager all too well after 20 seasons.

  5. now pep is turning up at city with the endless supply of cash at his disposal, this will be wengers greatest test yet to compete with arguably the best club manager in world football atm. let the battles commence

    does anyone here honestly think wenger can keep up with city now, answers on a postcard please. we will have to see who we end up with next then, it wont be the same caliber of manager as pep. i think it will be an up and coming manager(that we have never heard of) i think with the same philosophy as we are now.

      1. dont know if low can cut it at club level, has been in the international arena too long for my liking, plus he hasn’t had much success at club level before really poor record in this respect.

  6. As Long as Arsene Wenger continues to be manager at Arsenal, the club will never be Ambitious. Will never make progress from what’s been already.
    I know I will get a lot of thump downs from deluded Wenger followers…. but real honest fans know what we feel.
    Now Pep to City, maybe Mourinho to United, with Klopp in Liverpool to settle his team in Summer, What Chance do U Stand? Wenger is destroying whatever anyone thinks he built in Arsenal. Its just unfortunate!!!!! I Luv my Arsenal, I will see d end of Arsene Wenger!!!!!!!

    1. Agree. Wenger has expired 10 years ago when he sold our leader Vieira since then we have been
      failed as a team. Wenger needs to stop the obsession with playing small attacking midfielder with DM. We need someone of Vireira ‘s size and someone who can pass aswell as defend and is not physically bullied by anyone. Not to mention we need a top striker every season and now CB is needed too with Mertesuker the speedy giant exposing us.


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