Latest Arsenal injury news, six injured players causing a mini crisis

Latest Arsenal injury news makes for some depressing reading.

Up until recently, it seemed that the Arsenal injury curse had been put to bed but no, it is back with a vengeance.

This latest update comes courtesy of the official Arsenal website.

Hector Bellerin
Unavailable for the game against Standard Liege on Thursday and will be assessed ahead of Sunday’s crucial Premier League clash with Manchester City.

Nicolas Pepe
Almost in the same boat as Bellerin. Pepe will also miss the Standard Liege game and be assessed before the big game on Sunday when Manchester City visit the Emirates.

Kieran Tierney
This one is not good news, initially, the prognosis was that he would be undergoing further assessment and investigations but it seems he is now out for up to three months.

Granit Xhaka
The former captain has a concussion and because of the protocols surrounding concussion, he will miss both the Standard Liege match and the league game with Man City.

Dani Ceballos
On the long term injured list but is expecting to start participating in training sometime in December.

Rob Holding
We will not be seeing the central defender for at least a couple of more weeks and then it will be just for training.

That makes for some sorry reading, especially the news on Nicholas Pepe and Kieran Tierney. Even the Granit Xhaka news is disappointing. It just got a whole lot harder for the Man City game.


  1. Dirty bloody Aaron Cresswell!! Hoping Pepe will be ok for Sunday.
    Gutted for Tierney..I know it means we’ll see more of my boyfriend, but 3 months is ages!! πŸ˜–

    City are level at the break, got me quite excited, thinking we could actually cause them some problems on Sunday, then I looked at their line up 😳

    1. Their defense is a mess right now.
      I’ll be hoping Pepe and the rest of the guys takes advantage of that. But who’s to say they won’t take advantage of our piss poor defense either?
      Our options for CB keeps doing my head in

        1. Lol, dammit Sue don’t scare me off now. Our defense might concede 5, but I doubt our attack would score 5πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
          It’ll be seen as a wise move if anyone stakes on Arsenal conceding 2goals in that game at least.
          When the board decided they wanted a wrestler, Geez, they should’ve gone all out and gotten Stone Cold Steve Austin at least

  2. Tierney has been having issues with his shoulder before the game. It escalated in that game.
    Hope he bounces back though.
    I ain’t worried about Pepe, he needed to be rest for the game tomorrow.
    I can bet he’ll be available on Sunday.
    Creswell knew he was pure danger so he tried all his best to knock him down. That guy should’ve been given a red card for the way he was always plunging into Pepe.
    Guendouzi better replace Xhaka on Sunday and not Willock please please.
    I doubt Martinelli will start on Sunday. I hope he does so PEA plays the CF. Please leave Chambers on the CB position.
    My guts tells me he’ll move Chambers to RB, then play Luiz and the wrestler as CB.

  3. I guess Xhaka’s concussion is a blessing in disguise for Willock, because he can play in deeper midfield area now

    I just feel bad about Maitland-Niles. He might never get his chance to play in the middle, because he has to cover for Bellerin

    On the other hand, this is Smith-Rowe’s chance to compete with Ozil, because of Ceballos’ injury and Willock’s bad forms

    1. Why do you assume Maitland-Niles wants to play in the middle? He said it from his mouth he considers himself a winger. Thus isn’t playing as a fullback covering Bellerin more beneficial to him if his end goal is to be a winger?

  4. To cover for injuries all PL squads should have two top players in every position
    plus a third LB,RB and CB.= 25
    They should also have a talented U21 player in every position.
    Full squad = 36.

  5. Saka is likely to deputise for Kolasinac in the unfortunate absence of Tierney.He has the talent to adapt as a left back or left wing back where he has operated in his academy days.Great left foot and plenty of pace.

  6. Tierney a miss but have to say, Kolasinac has been pretty okay this season, relative to the rest of the side. It’s been a rough start for Tierney, but hopefully things start to get eaiser for him when he returns.

  7. Kola will cover Tierney
    Guendouzi will come in for Xhaka
    Ceballos has been out for a while so no immediate problem there
    AMN will cover Bellerin
    Will be interesting to see who covers Pepe – Nelson?
    Hopefully Chambers stays in the middle whilst Holding’s out.

    Martin – how is the Xhaka injury news disappointing? He was awful against West Ham again: poor passing and pulling out of challenges.

    1. It’s disappointing because he could play against Liege. He’s okay for that level and we need to rotate to be fresh for City. That’s what they did against Zagreb and on Sunday they’ll be flying.

  8. The condition of Pepe and Tierney is most worrying. AMN can cover for Belarin and I hope Kola gets rest and Saka can deputise for him. Actually Kola is playing well and it was his assist from which Martinelli scored the other day. Hope Chambers is in the middle of the defence supported by the Greek wrestler or the Samba man.

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