Latest Arsenal transfer rumour is very credible but also very strange

There are tons of transfer gossip around right now and it is no surprise that almost every Arsenal player is being linked with a move away but I must say the rumour linking Hector Bellerin with Atletico Madrid has come out of the blue.

Usually one can dismiss most speculation, especially if it comes from The Sun, Mirror, Daily Star etc. but Matt Law at the Telegraph does carry some credibility and his claim that Atletico wants to sign Bellerin should be taken seriously.

Basically, Atletico will offer their player Vitolo in exchange for Bellerin, I could not find any reference to any cash being involved so I assume it would be a straight swap but could easily be wrong on that.

It is a strange one because of the injury to Bellerin but that does not appear to bother the Spanish giants and they remain keen on the 24-year-old.

As for Vitolo, he is 29-years-old, a winger, primarily on the left and played under Unai Emery for three seasons winning three Europa League trophies.

Again, this one seems strange, Arsenal could do with a winger but why would they consider swapping a defender with his best years ahead of him for a forward close to 30?

Like I say, Matt Law is a credible journalist and there must be something in this but on the face of it, I cannot see Arsenal agreeing to a deal of this sort.

Bellerin is valued at £50 Million according to the report and I just do not see Vitolo being worth that so there has to be more to this if Atletico thinks Arsenal would even think about considering this proposal.

It will be interesting to see how this one unfolds in the days ahead.


  1. I’m sure Atletico Madrid are interested in Bellerin, because he is a good attacking RB/ RWB. But I don’t believe the Vitolo part

    If they want Bellerin, they have to give us either 50 M or Rodri/ Saul Niguez

  2. Everywhere you read is just man-united, man-united, they are not ecen playing champions league football. Where is arsenal? Nothing, its shocking…

  3. I would gladly accept it for the right price. Bellerin is great going forward but needs a lot of coaching in defensive department. He is often panicking when one on one, caught in wrong position (not keeping the horizontal line), or giving away penalties.

    OOT, but honestly I am a little bit perplexed by Arsenal defensive problem. The common scapegoat is Mustafi, but he didn’t even play when we are thrashed by Chelsea in EL final. Maybe we need one calm defender to balance the “challenging” type like Sokratis, Koscielny, and Mustafi?

  4. Just to quash the Torreira to Milan rumour,from q very reliable source on Twitter, Lucas Torreira does not want to leave Arsenal.All rumours circulating are from his agent. He is pushing for a new contract.
    He is also another victim of media skewing his interview to suit their narrative.

    1. To quash another rumour Arsenal have not bid as of this moment for for Ianis Hagi, Romanian U21 player

        1. True though.Its not true he wants to leave and we haven’t bid for Ian is Hagi.If you’ve followed the news you’d see I’ve been spot on so far.
          More developments expected on Saliba and Tierney.

  5. Sell Mustafi, Jenkinson and Chambers

    Happily sell Bellerin if we were offered £50 mil. In fact less than that. We can use that money to get a RB who can defend

    Otherwise keep Bellerin as a Winger. He’s better than Ozil, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan

  6. We are a joke. We should learn from Chelsea. Eden Hazard was bought for 32m pounds. Chelsea won Two Europa league trophies, Two Premier league titles and FA Cup trophy. And he was sold 3 times the amount. Another thing we can learn from them is the ruthlessness they display when it comes to hiring and sacking their coaches. Conte won the league in his first season, but was sacked. Sarri won Europa league and made Top 4 and was asked to go. Di Matteo won them the champions league, he still lost the job. It is a competitive World. If u don’t perform, u get the sack. We are in this mess because Emery couldn’t get his team to pick 3 points at home against Brighton at that crucial stage of the season. He is solely to blame.We have to put things in perspective. Unai does not have a style of play. No Plan A.He was Too defensive against weak opposition at home. No intensity in our Play. For goodness sake, if you want Carrasco, pay the money and get your man. Why are we buying Saliba when he will be loaned back to his team? If you don’t have much cash, promote Beilik to the first team, recall Chambers from loan. Buy a top quality winger and a strong midfielder like Thomas Partey. Get a defensive coach. Train the midfielders on how to press. To be fit. Play a midfield 3 of Xhaka, Torrera and Thomas Partey. Change from possession based to quick counter attacking football. A good midfield will reduce the pressure on the Defence. Last season was a failure. That is the plain truth. Buy Thomas Partey, Carrasco and Javi Martinez from Bayern.

    1. If UE was the chelsea manager, he would have gone by now or even before the transfer window opens.

  7. I have a feeling Arsenal will keep Mustafi and elneny there’s no club daft enough to pay money for those two! And still no signings pfft typical Arsenal.

        1. I’m amazed at that – as everything he touches turns to goals ???
          Ain’t Chile on soon? I was having a dumb blonde moment last night (about Uruguay) thinking they were on tonight (what a spaz ?) I think I was half asleep (or that’s my excuse) hahaha!!

          1. Hahaha that was last night I watched it 2-2 Japan were good ? yeah at 12 I think bit late for you Suzanne ? I know lol elneny actually got a 7.4 to Salahs 7.1 does that mean Elneny is valued more ? ??

          2. It doesn’t take a lot to confuse me, Kev ?? I was shocked at that result..hahaha you’re right!!
            I couldn’t believe Elneny wasn’t subbed.. maybe they see something different in him to us!! Bloody hell that’s a first ain’t it?! ?

          3. Maybe you were a blonde in a former life ? I was expecting Uruguay to win about 5-0 ? so did you see that snake Petr Cech at the bridge earlier? What is it with our management playing an outgoing Ospina in the Europa League and an outgoing Cech in the same competition ? Play your number 1 lessons should be learnt I’m sick of the weak mentality at Arsenal everyone trying to keep everyone happen everyone except us bloody fans! Rant over ?

          4. Kev.. I’ll be totally honest – I was never that keen on Cech, I reckon Chelsea only let him go as he was past it.. the only thing he did was save Deeney’s penalty imo.. if I’d had my way, we wouldn’t have signed him.. some fans earlier on Twitter said he never thanked us.. he was just gushing over Chelsea.. what a joke! Oh well that chapter’s over now, thank god.. Haha in a former life – more than likely ?
            Hey.. we always have a lot to rant about, in fact I’d say too much ?

          5. Yeah your probably right ? yeah he’s Chelsea through and through Sue I’m glad he’s gone him and his helmet ? only joined Arsenal to stay in London well let him enjoy managerless No signings Chelsea we’ll probably draw them in Europa League once they’re dumped out of the champions League ? well Suzanne my friend it’s that time of night again so I will bid you a goodnight ??

          6. And his helmet ????
            Ok Kevin, goodnight.. don’t you go dreaming about that helmet ? that really would be sweet dreams!! Hehe!

          7. Leno is the man anyway ? haha I don’t wanna ever see him and his helmet again ? this Chile game is good 1-1 ATM ? it is absolutely cobra Kai I only hope your team CK and not Miyagi dojo ? goodnight Sue sweet dreams ? ?️?????

  8. Y’all been cryptic recently so I looked up “strange’ on Oxford dictionary and came back with ‘smells peculiar’. Now it all makes sense. Dude stinks. That’s why they shipped him out of Spain. That’s why Arsene didn’t fancy him. That’s why Unai barfs when doing defensive training. And that’s why West Ham won’t automatically sign him even though east london stinks (although to a lesser extent).

  9. No, Bellerin is not much better than Iwobi but he’s a bit faster than him. And Iwobi can dribble than 8ellerin does. But Bellerin being a right-back has some defending quality than Iwobi has. But he can’t nutmeg unlike Iwobi who can. But if Arsenal sells Bellerin to Atletico Madrid this simmer for the reported £50m, with whom will he be replaced with in the current Arsenal first team squad on ground last season? Jenkinson? But Jenko has become defensively fragile after that big long spell injury he had when he was on loan at West Ham. Okay, Chambers and Holding are there at the club to play at righ-back for Arsenal. But Holding may still need sometimes to further recover from the ACL injury he had at Man Utd in the PL last season before he can start playing for Arsenal again next season. In the main time, Ainsley Mait-land Niles who can play in multiple positions can also play at RB for Arsenal. So, Chambers, Jenkinson, AMN can all play at RB for Arsenal next season with Chambers and Jenkinson being the specialists at RB for Arsenal in a back-four defense-line.

    But are Arsenal going to sign the duo defenders of a CB and a left-back in Williams Saliba and Kieran Tierney from Saint Etienne and Celtic this summer? But signing them does not mean Arsenal will have to sell one of Mustafi or Koscielny this summer window as been alluded to in some Gooners quarters. For, the season could be long and these duo CBs who can play at the flank in the defence in a back three will be needed during the long season’s campaign next season.

  10. AMN got worse as the season progressed. I think he should get a stint up the middle during Europa group stages because his RB performance has been underwhelming. I suppose he is a useful bench option for PL games due to his versatility.

    If 50m for Bellerin is true, we should take the money and run. He gets into the danger areas but his final product is pathetic. He might even lose a yard of pace after his injury (which is his greatest strength).

    50m would be an excellent return on our investment in him.

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