Latest Arsenal transfer updates, Ozil, Mustafi, Luiz, Iwobi, Tierney, Nketiah

Busy day for Arsenal and the media has all sorts of rumours and speculation creating confusion all over the place.

So, here is a quick wrap up with just under five hours before the transfer window shuts.

Mesut Ozil

He is not going anywhere today, the Mirror are running a clickbait article claiming he could be on his way to DC United but it all depends on coffee shops, yeah, say no more.

Shkodran Mustafi

Unlikely to leave today but who knows, I suppose a lot depends on the David Luiz transfer being completed and we covered that here.

David Luiz

Seems this one is going to happen, an £8 Million deal and two-year contract for the Brazilian is being touted and according to Sky Sports News it could be announced any minute now

Alex Iwobi

This is all on Everton and it is just a waiting game now to see if they will table another offer following the rejection of their £30 Million bid yesterday. According to most reports, the Toffees will be making a second offer at some point today.

Kieran Tierney

According to multiple reports, he is undergoing a medical as we write this and the chances are he will be announced at the same time as Luiz.

Eddie Nketiah

According to Sky Sports News, he is undergoing a medical at Leeds United and will sign for them on a one-year loan deal this afternoon.


  1. If we get Luiz and Tierney it will be the best window in recent memory

    1. I think Iwobi and Mustafi stay. What do we need Luiz for? And for Tierney? Mustafi is far better than Tierney and Luiz. Pls dont burn your fingers. Ozil should pls stay. I dont think we ( arsenal) have a coach yet.

      1. Question is, would you accept £35-40M for Iwobi, if it meant you could get a (AWOL) Zaha for £60-70m?

  2. Ozil – not even a miracle worker could offload him!

    Mustafi – we can only pray a Chairman/CEO messes up a text to Raul with predictive texting, and somehow signs him.

    Tierney – this will be a great signing, and hopefully no long-term issues with his current injury

    Luiz – Dreadful signing! I would sooner give Chambers a shot. People forget, he was our best CB two seasons ago, before the Fulham loan. He was also playing the best at CB when joined us, before Wenger destroyed him by trying to turn him into a RB.

    Eddie – Loan to a good Championship club is perfect.

    Iwobi – I would prefer to keep him, as he is a quality squad player, but if we get a good offer, I would sell. Downside is that we’ll be left with Miki and Ozil as backup, and they both offer nothing!

    1. Re Luiz – you would rather play Chambers who is not a top level centre back over Luiz who has been a key part in teams that have won the Champions League, Europa League, Premiership, FA Cup, Ligue 1 and has been included in multiple teams/squads of the season/cup?

      Although not as exciting as the Leipzig guy Luiz is still a very solid signing and at £8m is a very good bit of business and a considerable upgrade on Chambers! In my opinion when he signs he will be our best centre half.

        1. Luiz has actually played in those silverware -deciding matches while Mustafi was practically just a tourist at WC

        2. He was a bench warmer there, I think in German it’s called der Müll ?
          And Chambers started to lose confidence after the first match of the season against Liverpool, when he was paired with Holding and we conceded 4 goals.

      1. agree, why did they give him a 2 years extension for?and by playing regularly he will improve, this has all to do with lampard,young manager who don’t want to be challenged by former teammate who played for 10 years with him hence Cahill,he couldn’t deal with them,he happened to lampard and Co when a new manager came in they were shipped after over 10 at the club, that’s why he”s promoted young players who won’t question him but lóok what happened to Villas Boas and others big names, there is a a reason he’s asked Drogba to come back to have his back and has the balls:)

      2. These players have a lot to learn from Luis and gaining a new leader bin defence too,how can be wrong when we sold koss for 5M,sell Mustaphi to Monaco,iwobi for close to 40 on top of the young gunners and use the money to buy a CB even if we can,t get him straightaway wait January and get a good one!

      3. Well said Will ? Luiz is streets ahead of the absolutely dreadful chambers! Some people will never be pleased no matter what.. they want a fifa 19 squad.

      1. If we get luiz and Tierney I’ll be delighted! 8m for luiz bargain!
        Off topic I sae this letter on a general football blog today and wanted to share it sums up the kos/wenger era well.
        It was titled ta ra Kos…..

        Ta-ra, Kos
        Koscielny was the embodiment of Arsenal FC over his entire tenure at our club. No one will give a toss he has gone.

        He was so Arsenal circa 2010-2019. Decent but not good enough for the big titles; a great loser; ripped to bits by Drobga/Costa; no big clubs came for him (unlike even Vermaelen); about as inspirational as losing your job; never likely to tear the head off anyone for not pulling their weight.

        All whilst maintaining an element of popularity and faux success.

        Like I said, all very Arsenal.

        This feels not even a bit like losing Adams, Sol or Vieira. Not a bit.

        Says it all really.

        1. You are a Wenger hater, stop hiding under a fictitious post. Wenger did not destroy Chambers,he signed him as a rightback. Chambers Better than Luiz? Delusional ?

    2. No offense, but the quote about Chambers is absolutely ridiculous.

      Calum was a right back when he joined us from Southampton. He was only tried as a CB by Wenger, and yet you claim Wenger destroyed him by continuing to mostly play him in his original RB position.
      And no, he was never ever our best CB except in a single game here and there. Even at Fulham he was awful as a CB before being transformed into a very good DM…
      Lastly, if you honestly think Calum is as good a CB as Luiz, you must be his agent, friend, or relative.

      1. He will use any excuse to blame wenger ,nearly 2 years he’s neen gone but still holds a grudge .

        1. @Dan kit

          So it wasn’t Wenger that moved Chambers to RB, when he was our best CB? It wasn’t Wenger that kept him at RB, despite his terrible performances in that position?

          Please tell me who the manager was then, because clearly I am mistaken.

      2. @Diogenes

        But clearly RB wasn’t his position given his atrocious performances in that position. Just one look at the physical attributes of Chambers, tells you he could only ever be a central player.

        If you think Luiz is good defender, then I can only assume you haven’t seen him play enough. Remember he was so bad at CB, that Mourinho moved him into midfield at Chelsea. Luiz can be brilliant one game, but then an absolute donkey the next. Whereas I would say Chambers is more consistent. He may not give us many sparkling performances, but equally, he won’t give us many shockers either.

        I really hope I’m wrong, but I don’t expect Luiz to suddenly turn into a great CB. Just like I don’t expect Ozil to turn into a great playmaker.

        1. I somewhat agre with you. Chambers never looked good at RB at any point when he was at Arsenal. But wouldn’t accuse Wenger of “ruining” him, when he was just playing him in his natural position. Switching him to CB, and playing him as a CDM in a couple games probably saved him from becoming a completely useless player. Still, Luiz is better despite his reputation for losing the plot sometimes. He has the EPL experience and has won several titles in England and abroad as a starter in defense. Chambers hasn’t achieved close to that and it would’ve been a huge risk going into the season with Sokratis/Chambers as our CB pairing. I still expect Calum to play his part this season because Mustafi will likely never start another game for us once Holding is back, or better yet Mustafi is sold.

        2. I will. I don’t expect a response from Dan kit, because he always hides away after I call him out on his lies. The others, I guess maybe I am wrong. Luiz is a top quality CB apparently. I guess Ozil is also a WC playmaker Haha!

    3. You know he had never played CB in his life before joining arsenal? He was actually a right back? (chambers)

  3. I like the transfer but Iwobi should only go on loan not permanent bcz he has a bright future still in front of him which Arsenal could benefit more on him than now.

      1. I don’t think Iwobi is deadwood mate. He’s a decent squad player.

        But even so, £40m for a squad player is too good to resist.

  4. Martinelli, Saliba, Cellebos, Pepe, Luiz and Tierney is the best window we’ve had in a decade! We done Raul and all at @Arsenal. I said for years we needed to get Gazidis out of the club!

  5. Mustafi might survive the axe this year but he’ll definitely be out when Saliba returns from his loan. I can’t see where all of Luiz, Sokratis, Chambers, Saliba, Holding and Mustafi will fit… 6 CBs for 2 spots. Ideally it should be maximum 4 CBs with one CB doubling up as a fullback to ensure his game time.

    1. Unai might try with 3 CBs again this year, although I don’t think it’s a brilliant idea.

    2. Sokratis has been quoted as saying he won’t sign a new contract extending beyond 2022 so he may even be sold next Summer.

      Chambers will have to play at cb this season and do well otherwise may go too.

      Looks Mustafi might be sold in this window or next.

      Luiz is a filler for the next two years.

      Mavro a lot to prove and Ornstein wrote an article in which he said there’s a general concern in the playing staff about his confidence and composure on the ball.

      I think another quality cb is needed soon.

  6. Honestly, if Being surrounded by Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ceballos and Torreira can’t get Ozil to his best nothing will.

    I hope Emery tries Ceballos in CAM too, not just Further behind. We can try Niles there when Bellerin comes back

    1. @innit-as a self – confessed Mesit Ozil fanboy I cannot but agree with you.He can have no excuses this season with the firepower and options we have in attack.Lets face it,the supporters who call him Lazy are ridiculous.His style of play just isn’t the type that sees him crashing into tackles and running around for the sheer sake of making him look like a workhorse ala Flamini.But I do not agree that he doesn’t work hard.If he had a zero team work ethic then why did the manager pick him to start?But he has competition for his place this season and Emery has options if Ozil does not perform so he simply must deliver consistently or he will be benched.He has the ability and he must use this every week.
      Arsenal are a better side with a fit and in-form Mesut Ozil playing.Lets just hope he can produce every week.

      1. He played for Germany natiomal team with far better players and did nothing for most part.
        I’m only hoping Iwobi and Mustafi are sold so as to expose the real frauds in the team.How can a player fail a club for several seasons and still be given another chance?
        For this reason I believe Arsenal will not win anything major for years as long as they depend on synch players.Of course, I will still support even if we win nothing

        1. Kev, the whole Germany national team at the last World Cup was rubbish.
          The one before, they were good and Ozil was in the first team. He was instrumental to their success, scoring goals and assists.
          Iwobi is home grown and useful as a squad player, it’s not like Auba and the rest can play 100 matches a season and stay fit throughout the season.
          Mustafi I do agree with, the less said the better.

        2. @Kev-For a player who,in your words,did nothing for West Germany with far better players,and still to be voted the German Federation Player of the year, Five seasons out of six,rather puts your argument to bed.So again I would think before you speak.Your haste to put across your point without thinking has embarrassed you before ( as well you know)
          .@jon Fox- at least the word “hope” from you as far as Ozil is concerned shows how you are softening to the player.Lets just wait and see how it all works out

      2. blind faith is what i would call that , defend him to the death. cant wait to see what excuses you come up with at the end of the season FILL BOY. it will be rather intresting, i should think.

        1. @jerry Berk – don’t worry PAL,I’m not letting the “Old Farts” go.Been a bit too busy with too much going on but I’m more than happy to be the target for you.Ive seen nothing that you have ever posted that makes you anything too special.And being that much older sometimes shows to be a god thing-especially when dealing with someone who has the brain limit of a five year old and most likely is one.To be continued PAL…………

          1. fill the fluter, delighted to hear you are not letting the old farts go, i was getting seriously worried, temporarily, albeit. i am just wondering with the wenger pretty boys clearout what will you do when the likes of ozil is gone. who will you adore then, will you go back and start up a campaign to bring back the prof of failure, lol. i have never claimed to post anything special old bean. i like to sit back and let other farts make utter eejits of themselves instead. try it, yous will like it fill.

  7. I think Ozil going just won’t happen til probably next summer. USA or China makes the most sense as a destination. I would also suggest Mikhi, Mustafi and Xhaka are also with us til next summer, those contracts will be a year further run down and clubs should start making offers. Transfer business in this window has been good on the new faces and I’m starting to process the Luiz move now and can see the sense it makes. Now I’m looking forward to see what season we can pull together with hopefully a winning five game streak to start the campaign off.

  8. Can zaha do a Sanchez @arsenal? The answer is pure no I pray Everton get him today: iwobi cannot do a Sanchez either but can cause problem to the opposition defense a bit like hazard I think take your evil eye off my golden boy he ain’t goin nowhere:the boy has been here since he was eight and still living the dream, iwobi is a good made in arsenal breed and brought up the arsenal way , don’t be surprised if he do a totti here @arsenal

  9. People at Arsenal easily forget that we signed two old CBs from our rivals and they played badly. Which were Gallas from Chelsea and Silvestre from Man United

    They also don’t seem to remember that Luiz was a major part in Brazil’s trashing in World Cup 2014 semifinal

    8 M or 12 M sounds cheap for a famous CB, but it is actually too much for a 32 years old CB. I’m just praying Luiz can prove himself at Arsenal and wouldn’t give us some BS performances as what Gallas/ Cech did to us

    1. Gallas and Cech were actually good much of their time with Arsenal. Silvestre is another matter.

      Also in the team that lost 7-1 to Germany were Fernandinho and Marcelo, so basing Luiz’s worth based on a single game makes no sense.

      8 – 10 M is just about right for a 32-old CB with Luiz’s quality. You’re basically paying 4 mill. per year plus salary. It’s acceptable to both sides.

      1. Bang average CB that.Even when Arenal have a good transfer window they’d still find a way to sign an average player

    2. Lets hope this ends well, as i thought too. Its a good summer, we cant buy everything needed at once be positive, attention will be on defence by next summer, we would be clear on Holding, Mavro, Chambers and AMN status, but now no one can say any of the guys mentioned will come good or not.
      So they all deserve one more chance which might not come if we buy specialist CB

  10. Luis was a very fine player at his peak and to my mind he is still superior to Mustafi and Socratis in terms of aerial presence,positioning, passing and composure.Unfortunately he has lost his pace, but hey, for £7/8m he represents good value for money.If we get Tierney and Luiz on board, the transfer window will have been productive for Arsenal.

    1. Grandad, not according to kev; Luis is a “bang average CB” even though he is a Brazilian international, who has won the EPL, the Champions League and two Europa Leagues with Chelsea.
      I agree with you that he is a good buy for the money, for someone of his experience, winning mentality and flexibility, being able to play across the back four and DM.

  11. Wait for media to start bashing us on Luiz, its wat they are going to pick for the opening months…

  12. @innit, not even messi and Ronaldo can motivate ozil again, he’s still here because no other team will take him.

  13. News that JUVENTUS have decided to keep Dyabala instead of selling him to the SPUDS.

    If true then JUVENTUS have got to be the GREATEST Football club in the world after THE MIGHTY ARSENAL of course.

    The OLD LADY is legendary club in my eyes just for that.


  14. People saying this is the best window for years, based on number of ins? Yes quite a few but if you remember wenger and most managers wouldn’t make too many signings due to a risk of destabilising the side. Fair enough concept but as it happens this squad has needed drastic change and a fire lighting under it for years.
    Whatever happens this season and wherever we finish I’m excited to be starting with so many new and exciting faces along with Edu to boot!

    Nust remember though that we are going to be lean in future transfer windows due to the Pepe buy now pay later arrangement.
    I’m very excited for next year to see a back line of 4 bellerin, saliba, holding and tierney and a 5 of the same but with luiz in the middle of the CBs

    1. I completely agree with what you have said .the only worry I have is saliba and holding are to young for centrebacks this is why we need the likes luiz and co

  15. Just come in fingers crossed would be amazing

    Arsenal not out of the race for Wilfried Zaha. If they can sell Alex Iwobi for around £40million, this is a real possibility. Unlikely, but possible. #AFC

  16. So, a short break in sicily and back in time for deadline day! Actually I landed late last night without too much issues considering BA’s IT problems. When I was leaving there was no arsenal news and then landing at 11pm I see Luiz and Tierney are almost on the books.

    I read during the week about Spurs and Continho and Dybala but in truth, I could not see neither happening. Both wouldn’t want to join is a clear sign many still dont feel Spurs are yet a major club.

    United look like they are willing to overpay to get players in. Selling Rojo, Lukaku and losing Heriera on the free doesnt make up for the pressure to be in the top 4 when you spend £120m on 2 players and having a player in Pogba who doesnt want to be there!

    Wenger mentioned it a few seasons back that more and more player swaps will become predominate in transfer windows. Granted we haven’t quite seen that yet. But Real offering an exchange plus for Pogba and Juve offering an exchange plus for Lukaku and Everton offering exchange plus for Zaha along with Cancelo deal happening with Danilo plus means this is the future movement in football. More dynamic – needing more creative people to make the deals.

    Loans are also something we will see more of. It’s hard to enjoy because the player is coming to prove himself to go back or needing minutes and this feels like a lack of loyalty and hard for fans to support them. It can work for lesser clubs but now we are seeing the top clubs taking on loans. I think this method is because of the inflation in the market and the loans will give their all as the competition is so saturated. In some cases, like Kovaric they end up signing permanently.

    I guess, Luiz and Tierney is all we can expect to come in. Unless.something drastic happens and we sell Iwobi and bring in Zaha or Soares somehow.. will Arsenal do a surprise one??

    All in all, luiz is a straight replacement for Koscielny but for the fact Luoz can play CDM RB and CB and scores goals. He also has EPL experience. Good squad addition but I’m excited by this squad that’s evolving.

    It’s not all able this season for our squad to be prime. Wait for Saliba to join, wait for some of our youth to be good next season (Nelson, Willock..) but the fight for top 4 is on. I feel liverpool still falter because of their squad size so if we can be consistent…maybe we can surprise a few…

  17. Most Arsenal supporters on this site are saying us the Arsenals will be having not only a good transfer signings window this summer by the time Arsenal have completed the signings of David Luis and Kieran Tierney. But us will have the most successful players transfer signings window ever to have happened to Arsene in recent past time. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Haleluja!

  18. Most Arsenal supporters on this site are saying us the Arsenals will be having not only a good transfer signings window this summer by the time Arsenal have completed the signings of David Luis and Kieran Tierney. But us will have the most successful players transfer signings window ever to have happened to Arsenal in recent past time. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Haleluja!

  19. We as supporters should appreciate the effort and shift the management team put in on in transfer window. This one is unlike anyI have ever experienced.I am excited already, Luiz will definitely be an upgrade to Mustafi. Now let’s get behind the team all the way to making the champion league this season.

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