Latest BFG blunder secures Gabriel’s Arsenal first team place?

I know that Arsene Wenger has been trying to keep the Arsenal defence as solid and secure as possible and the fact that the Frenchman has been able to name the same back four in front of Petr Cech in goal for most of the season has definitely been a big help to the Gunners’ chances of trophy success.

There are limits to how much value an unchanged side gives you as opposed to playing your best players or the ones that are in form. After our experienced but slow German centre back Per Mertesacker dropped another defensive clanger at the weekend and was directly responsible for another lamentable loss to Chelsea, has our BFG made one blunder too many?

I seem to remember the former Arsenal defensive great Martin Keown talking about the current set up recently and saying how impressed he has been with Gabriel, the Brazilian that Wenger signed to avert an injury crisis last January. Keown also said that although the Prof was very loyal to his players, that can soon change if he feels you are not doing the business.

It really was terrible error from the German and it was not the first time that he has cost us this season or since he signed for the club a few years ago. Is it now time for Gabriel to get a proper run in the first team and a chance to replace the hapless Mertesacker?

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    1. Kolcieny is a ball player? Easily a 6 goal a season defender. We saw that aspects yesterday when he was bring the ball forward thereby turning into the 5th man in the middle of the pack. Him, having to babysit and clear mertesacker’s mess,is holding seriously us back and preventing us from playing a more expansive football.
      We also have to defend very deep to prevent situations such as happened between him and Costa.He is also too soft and easily bullied.
      If El nieny is any good, I will play him and coqueliin behind Ozil and Cazorla
      A fully fit and optimum arsenal first eleven will not include

      1 mertesacker
      2 Ramsey
      3 Theo
      4 ox
      5 wilshere
      6 Gibbs
      7 Welbeck
      8 Arteta and Flamini
      9 Debuchy

      They can come him as subs or to rest players.Wenger trying to fit his favourite in the team has previously led into team of midfielders falling all over themselves.
      The only periods when balance was restored were due to injuries to some of his favourites and wenger being forced to play players in their natural position.

      1. I agree with the list, aside from.the Ramsey inclusion….people overlook the hard graft and shift the guy puts in match in match out, plus he offers us a goal scoring threat…buy aside from that am in complete agreement with that list

        1. Agreed, Ramsey has the energy to run around for 90 minutes, but what is the use of energy without a football brain? same goes for Walcot, and Ox

    1. He will make mistakes no doubts, as every defender does one time or the other, even the moat experienced, as we have seen from Per times without number thos season….let him get game.times and let us see, he is so far better than Per in every way its a joke he is on the bench

  1. Wenger will continue to give the job to DuckerSucker cos he needs him to continue doing the dirty job of collection debt ( fine ) from the players !

  2. Costa fits the role of a baddie in those Bollywood films , he doesn’t even need any make-up !

  3. wenger will not do such a thing not unless per suffers a longterm injury, ever sturbbon, sometimes naive, always “more beliefs”

  4. Lol..this should be the end of the Mertesacker shenanigans..Gabriel is a much quicker, stronger, agile and aggressive defender. He just needs equal opportunities in the first team and am sure he will dislodge Mertesacker.

  5. Never going to happen….since when has Wenger been known to choose his team on merit?…..its always been about players he favors unless injury or suspension forced his it not glaringly obvious Gabriel is a far better option to Per? So ask yourself why Per is getting games ahead of him….ridiculous…..
    And peope talk of his experience ad stuffs…he is a dressing room leader, never been the on pitch leader we have desperately craved for ages

  6. Mertesacker is needs protection and players around him and Wenger put on a ultra attacking side and there is no harm done only frustration which has now given the side to put up a performance in the next remaining matches with quality and proper care. Sanchez is now back i hope to see a change in attitude off the side. The lesson learnt has to be give respect to side that is champions and not as a bottom half club.

  7. with all due respect to the BFG because even with his blunders he does try. Per needs to be on the bench his lack of pace really hurts us. I think it time for him to be playing our lesser matches with a new young CB (which I think we need) someone he can teach the ropes to. Chambers should be used the way he is used now as a spare to fill in gaps when really needed.

    Gabriel should play along with Kosh they are both quick and ready to fight for the ball. both good in the air and like to get in a tackle. Gabriel is really accurate and smart with is defending an tackling (he made some good challenges against Chelsea).

  8. I think the key to the title is have a in-depth squad with everyone knows where they can play and more importantly the pecking order (your a first team pick…you are a second team pick) and allowing them to know that if you perform in both training and matches you can easily be dropped to second string or moved to first string.

    If we had all our players back: first string-

    Bellerin/ Gabriel/ Kosh/ Monreal
    Coquelin/ Carzola
    Sanchez/ Ozil/ Campbell

    Subs: New GK, Gibbs, Per, Ramsey, Eleney, Walcott, Welbeck.

    Second string

    New GK
    New RB/ Per/ New CB/ Gibbs
    Eleney/ Whilshre
    Walcott/ Ramsey/ OX

    Subs: Martinez, Chambers, Pleguezuelo, Reine-Adélaïde, Bielik, Crowley, Iwobi,

      1. Nah mate I am just saying what I would do if I was in charge. It creates competition and allows you to know that your spot is not safe and you have to fight for the right to play.

        This season alone when we had Walcott vs Giroud for the main striker role they both performed because they did not want to lose out. It created health competition where they knew if you do not perform you get dropped. Already we have more or less the squad number to do so I just think implement it throughout the whole squad then that is when certain players will step up. look at Campbell!!.

        and for those who just do not cut the mustard replace. Look at Debuchy he thought he was entitled to first team Bellerin has come done better and instead of taken it the right way and improving he seems to have got worse. Now we all want him out. we can weed out our true weak links and also bring the best out of players

        And I do not play FM I play Fifa mate hahaha.

        1. Fair do’s haha

          I wonder about Campbell. Is he that good? Or is he just a bit better than what we have, and we are looking at him through rose tinted glasses?

          And neither Walcott or Giroud are worthy of being in competition to our 1 place, they are both adequate backups for the WC stricken we should have.

  9. I think Campbell is a gem in the making..his movement and just driving force is similar to Sanchez..he just needs to work on his striking more, I think he can be so much more clinical in the front (be that in mind he has put in some very nicely placed goals) And do you know what i agree with you in terms of a striker I want Alvaro Morata.. I think he would be the perfect fit for our type of play..good in the air good on his feet..good passer.

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