Latest comments from Lucas Torreira puts transfer nonsense to bed

For the last few weeks, there has been manic transfer speculation over the future of Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira based in part on comments that he had made.

Last month Torreira was asked what he thought of life in England and his response was interpreted as a coded message that he was unhappy in England and wanted a move back to Italy.

“I don’t know if there are many things that I enjoy. I think it was better in Italy. England is a totally different world, a very large country”, Torreira replied.

“The language [barrier] has cost me, to be able to relate with my peers and with the people. It is very difficult when you can’t have dialogue.

“And so is the climate. You go out in the morning and it is cloudy, you arrive late to your home and it is cloudy.

“It is strange a little bit, the sun, the more of us that we are here and we are accustomed to having always or almost always the sun. But as the years pass, I’m going to be adapting.

Since those comments there must have been over a hundred articles claiming that he was on the verge of a move to AC Milan, in fact, we also reported on such rumours.

Well, the Uruguayan has now updated his comments and there can be very little room for ambiguity this time though you can be sure that the media will put their own spin on what he said.

‘It’s been a pretty big change for me. Genoa is a much smaller city than London, but every week I feel more comfortable and learn new things about the way of life,’ he told Four Four Two.

‘When I arrived, we saw traditional landmarks, trying to get my bearings. Now it feels more like home.’

‘It was the best option,’ he continued. ‘This is a huge club with massive support across the world. ‘The fans and everyone associated with the club have made me feel so welcome. I really feel like a part of the family here.’

If that is not a clear message that he is staying at Arsenal and has no intention of a move away this summer then I do not know what is.

The bottom line is that he will not be leaving the Emirates this transfer window and any future transfer speculation must be taken with a pinch of salt.


  1. I think he would stay, but I’m not sure about Chambers and Bielik

    Arsenal do need additional transfer budget that can be earned by selling one player

    If we still have the same roster, Emery would have to use a three-CB formation again and it’s going to make us more predictable

    1. Why would we have to use the same 3 at the back formation?

      If we don’t make any signings i think 433 would work fine for us.

      Monreal is under contract, but I still wouldn’t rule out a move, if someone comes calling with a decent proposal that suits club and player offering say £10m and a guaranteed start or may be champions league football.

      Same goes for Koscielny. We could even sell both our left backs and buy 2 new ones, whilst I also expect the club to sell and replace Jenkinson. I am certain the club would like to move on 4 of their top 6 earners Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Kolasinac and Mustafi. That would take a further 750k a week off the wage bill and possibly generate enough to pay for a winger, Tierney and a centre back. On the face of OT I would not be disappointed if this was our weekend starting x1

      Bellerin Sokratis Holding Nacho
      Guendozi Torreira Xhaka
      Nelson Lacazette Aubameyang

      Bench: Martinez Koscielny Niles ozil iwobi mkhitaryan nketiah

      (Only 1 of the players. I expect to see sold is in that starting x1 hopefully to be replaced by Tierney. Plus only 3 are on the bench)

      And this our “midweek x1” playing a different formation

      Mavropanos Mustafi Kos
      Niles Ozil Chambers Kolasinac
      Mkhitaryan Nketiah iwobi

      Bench: leno bielik elneny willock Smith-rowe saka martinelli

      (in the midweek line up only 5 make the starting line up, with 1 more on the bench)

      For me it’s simple Edu should encourage Dani Alves to replace Jenkinson. Profit 5m

      Sell Monreal and kolasinac combined fee 25m bring in Tierney and Moreno on a free

      Sell mustafi and Kos combined fee 25m bring a decent centre back like Cahill on a free and a good centre back for 25m

      Sell Elneny for 10m buy Puklar £10m

      Sell ozil and mkhitaryan combined fee 30m add our transfer kitty bring in two wingers any 2 from Zaha Brahimi ziyech Malcolm Fraser bowen

      1. Because of these possibilities:

        – I don’t think Ozil and Mkhitaryan can be shipped out
        – Aubameyang and Lacazette would most likely stay and play together
        – Maybe we would not get new winger

        So Emery might have to accommodate our no 10s again in 3-4-1-2 or 3-4-2-1

          1. ArseOverTit there is no way Arsenal will b able 2 sell Ozil. If China clubs doesn’t attempt 2 buy him no other clubs will period. Big Maybe next season he will move on.

          2. “A liability” you say! Too mild by far. How about a layabout, a stroller a couldn’t care less about the fans, the club or his caeer but only for his grotesquely unearned salary being ongoing , esp now he is married and living in luxury with his bride in the greatest world city. THAT is more the WHOLE truth than your post, WHICH WAS CORRECT BUT UNDERSTATED.

      2. With the senior team as suggested, IMO we would be closer to relegation than the top 3.Imagine a defensive minded midfield of Guendozi, Xhaka and Lucas, what will Laca/Auba do, just turn into vanishing wizards. Thurdsay night team will be booted out in the first round and that will be be good as we wont be winning anything soon.
        July 5th and no updates on Zaha, Tierney, Saliba, Praet, etc. And off all the players, we sign a 18 year old forward!!!

      3. With this line-up, expect a 6th-7th place finish. The mentality of not learning from our mistakes and mediocrity has been ingrained in us by Lord Wenger for too long and it would take some time to wipe it out completely.

    1. I live in hope that Ozil can be shipped out at the 12th hour similar to how he was bought at the end of the transfer window. I mean he is not exactly hot property but someone somewhere must fancy a punt on him considering the shirt sales he brings..

      Whether or not that can afford his wage is a nothing thing, but if and his agent can be convinced it’s in the best interests of everyone now that he should leave. He may take a drop in money and could live with the idea of going somewhere relatively small and not ‘bigtime’ is wanted there.

      1. ArseOverTit there is no way that he will be sold if he doesn’t wanna be shipped. Ozil has full power now. It will be so till 2021 end of June

  2. I am glad to hear that Lucas is happy and staying,he was one of the few pluses to come out of last season.

  3. I don’t understand all this haggling with arsenal, pay the money for the targets we can afford, get them in and let them have a proper preseason to gel with the other guys as much as possible and spend the rest of the window offloading the players we don’t want and if need be, if ozil is refusing to leave. Force him to play with the kids, send the message that arsenal isn’t a holiday destination where u can call ill for 70% of the season and still collect a kings ransom. Either u put maximum effort in and earn your place in the first 11 or have your career destroyed for not respecting the badge. Ozil has never deserved to be part of arsenal bar 1 season out of the 6 he has been here and if we’re not careful other players are gonna take us as a @-&/$/ing joke too

    1. Hats Off to you Sir!

      There is sanity in the world still.
      You have restored my faith in mankind!

      Good day.

      1. I would call MALIK’S POST, AN ABILITY TO SEE CLEAR FACTS AND CALL THE IMPOSTER OUT FOR HIS LAZINESS. So, like you too,, I applaud the whole truth being plainly spoken. There are those on here who regard Ozils undoubted laziness as some fans mere “opinion”. I would remind those sad souls that there are still, even now, holocaust deniers in the world too. Some simply will not recognise FACTS!

        1. totally agree jon, it still makes me laugh when i read some comments on here regarding the lazy one !.some of these comments come from “well respected”commentators on here, and i was beginning to doubt my own knowledge of football when i read their childish comments about ozil. it is as if they are clutching at straws, making the last few desperate whinges on behalf of the waster.what also amazes me , is, that , exclusively, the ozil lovers and backer uppers,are, also, wenger lovers , and, backer uppers. they defend both wenger and ozil as though these has beens were their lords or gurus or whatever. i wish somebody could explain to me why this is , as in, why defend wenger and ozil in the very same breath.the people who speak the truth about ozil are brushed off as though we do not have an opinion, or, that our opinion does not count , for some, simply put, why are ozil lovers also wenger lovers, i find it real spooky being hhonest. very intrested to know if anybody else has seen this trend.

          1. Yes gerry, I for just one, have long known this true. There is nothing like a personal agenda to show some folk that clear undeniable facts are “untrue”(as they strangely think!) I also think that some on here appear to support certain players above the welfare of the club. They refuse to see what the rest of us can easily see; OZILS COMPLETE LAZINESS FOR EXAMPLE!

    2. Malik there has to be a certain amount of haggling,but yes I agree with you on the missit Ozil thing,how much patience must we have with him.

  4. Can we send Koscielny to Lyon to sweeten the Fekir deal? £22m + Koscielny for Fekir. Lyon really needs central defenders.

    I really hope we will get a senior CB. Willi Orban would be my choice given that we are on a tight budget.

    Little over month for the window to close. I can’t believe that players like Ziyech and Fekir combined are available for less than £60m. We should sign both and sell/loan Özil and Mkhitaryan later. If we can’t sell them, then there will always be someone to loan them (though we might have to pay some of their wages).

    Lichsteiner, Cech, Welbeck, Ospina and Ramsey left so they freed us over 400k a week in wages! Add fringe players like Elneny, Jenkinson and Asano and that will be +100k more.

    1. ? Ziyech or Ryan Fraser, Fekir, Tierney, Lewis Dunk (CB Brighton & Hove Albion) and Lucas Klostermann (RB/CB RB Leipzig) are all obtainable and would make a great transfer windrow. £10million up front for each and the remainder paid over the length of the contract.
      Why waste effort trying to get Wilfred Zaha, when the transfer budget can be better used to address a number of deficiencies?

  5. For me blow the budget on umtiti (barca want 60m for him) cheeky 25m for aldervield off our neighbour’s or a 25-30m bid for Lewis dunk.. any 2 of these 3 would be a huge upgrade on any of our current center backs.. add thierny for 25m.. defence would be sorted for next 5 years.. but its gonna cost 80-100m.. we lack width and pace and could probably do 2 wingers but I strongly believe this window has to be a major shake up in defence!! And the only cb we are in for is for 30m saliba but we are gonna loan him back to his current club for a season?? Brilliant!! Arsenal are excellent for buying players in positions we dont really need or we buy players and play them out of position arteta, monreal, cazorla, Ramsey spring to mind

    so everyone who wants zaha signing for 70m I for one would rather we spent heavy on defence first.. then if we can get a few of the deadwood out and raise some more cash then go for a winger like Fraser or ziyech or neres for 30m not 70m for zaha then spend little money on improving defence.. kroenke needs to release extra cash and emery and his team of puppets need to spend big on defence

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