Latest Dani Ceballos transfer update shows how much things have changed at Arsenal

Dani Ceballos will ask Real Madrid to allow him to rejoin Arsenal on loan again next season.

The Spaniard has been on loan at the Emirates this season and after struggling with inconsistency he has become an important member of the Arsenal first team.

He struggled to break into the team when Mikel Arteta became the club’s manager, but he has now become a very important part of the Spaniard’s first-team plans.

He has been instrumental as the club marches towards winning the FA Cup and finishing this season in a European place.

Reports have claimed that Real Madrid would love to have him back next season so that they can sell him to the highest bidder, however, it seems that the player has enjoyed his time at the Emirates and he wants to return after this season, according to EL Confidencial.

The report claims that Madrid would want him back and look to sell him to raise funds,  but the midfielder will try to convince Real President Florentino Perez, that he wants to return to Arsenal for another season on loan.

El Confidencial also claims that Arteta has been impressed with the Spaniard and he would jump at the chance of working with his compatriot again.

If this report is accurate it really does show how things have turned around at Arsenal, not long ago Ceballos was desperate to go back to Spain (AS). Not no more it seems.

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  1. He told Sky Sports

    “I have to return to Real Madrid and they have to make a decision because I have a contract there for the next three years.

    “Once I know their decision, I will sit down with my family and the people close to me and see what’s best for me next year.

    “But the truth is I’m very happy at Arsenal. It’s a club in which I already have a year of experience, so it would be very easy to return. I wouldn’t have to adapt to a new league or new club with a different manager and players.

    “I think it would be a good step for me.”

    You’re welcome

  2. I just can’t see the point of taking him on loan for another year, if he does well his price shoots up and RM will go for the highest bidder. If Arteta rates him as highly as he obviously does it would make sense to buy him now if the price is right.

    One thing I would say is that his stats do not point to him being a playmaker, 99 apps in La Liga, 7 goals and 4 assists, in the EPL so far, 22 apps, no goals and 2 assists. Maybe Arteta can convert him into an attacking midfielder, he’s young enough? Personally I would prefer a more aggressive player like Jack Grealish who also has quality and is well used to the rigours of the EPL. I know he has a bit of a reputation of going off the rails from time to time but that’s probably borne out of frustration of the constant battle for EPL survival with Villa. I’m sure MA can deal with it because one thing he will get from him is commitment. Look what Maddison, a similar player, has done for Leicester. Anyway just my tuppence worth!!!

    1. Ceballos is natural playmaker but MA has been using him as a pivot next to Granit they both screen the defense,hence the low numbers of assists/goals.. but since the restart he ranks 1st among arsenal players when it comes to: tackles,dribbles,touches, interceptions,ball recoveries,distances covered, and still has room to improve,RM want 23 or 27M for him which I think is cheap!

  3. “Spanish football is much more tactical and technical, whereas English football is a lot more physical,” he told Sky Sports.

    “I found it difficult to adapt to that and get used to the rhythm of the game, which was more or less what I expected because I knew the speed was going to be very high.

    “But after my injury, I came back and reached a very good level. Since then, I think I’ve made a lot of progress physically as well as technically.

    “The truth is that I worked so hard out there. I trained to my limits and now I have a very high physical level.

    “That, combined with the part of my game that the míster likes, which is having the ball and being a protagonist, means I’m now a player who fits into his team.

    “Since we came back from Dubai, I have played practically every minute with him. That’s been thanks to him, but also thanks to what I have done and what I have demonstrated on the pitch.

    “I told him, ‘Look, I want to show that I can play here.’ I think I have done that.”
    That’s what I love about him, you can see it every match that the boy plays with passion unlike one midfielder we know, i was so impressed with him against City, the way he tackles and defend is a beauty to watch.

  4. Reading between the lines of various reports, a deal that’s looking likely will be another loan with an obligatory purchase option. Effectively we buy him paying a small sum up front and the rest next season. Arsenal will probably pursue a deal where a bulk of the fee is in add-ons/bonuses whereas Real will try to get as much up front as possible. Real bargaining power weakened as Ceb has stated publicly that he wants to move to Arsenal. I’d guess a deal is likely as long as Arteta wants him.

  5. To me Ceballos is more of an attacking midfielder than a B to B exponent .A very talented, intelligent player , but if we have to pay around 25m for him I would far rather try for the brilliant Dominik Szoboszlai of Red Bull Strasburg who I believe has a release clause of 22m.He is a lot quicker than Ceballos and a natural finisher.Bit of a dilemma for Arteta , as Ceballos seems keen to stay with Arsenal.

      1. I always enjoy Grandad’s posts. He is knowledgeable and always respectful and I would have liked you to have explained your reasons as it helps to understand everyone’s views

  6. He’s available for £25m. A lot of money to you or me, but not in the football world. He seems to like arsenal and Arteta. Sign him

  7. This will be a tough decision for MA. A second loan spell I believe would be good for all parties involved, but AFC should certainly push for an attractive right-to-buy option. If this fails, AFC should rightly consider other alternatives. I really like Danni, he works very hard, but the role he’s being asked play at the moment does not come natural for him.

  8. Thanks for your kind words SueP.Many responses are made without much thought, and of course there are some who do not have the facility to understand or appreciate what was meant to be constructive comments. At the age of 73 very little in this World bothers or surprises me Sue.

  9. Grandad, I have checked out Dominik Szboszlai via a few clips on Youtube. I can see where you’re coming from, looks a class player and only 20 years old. It appears that AC Milan are interested. I am in the same mind as you, I stopped caring about personal and petty remarks a long time ago, in fact I can give you another 10 years!!! My daughter, bless her, still thinks I’m young at heart, she’s got tickets for a Queen & Adam Lambert concert at the O2 next June, hopefully I’ll make it. It’s good to have people like you on this site with your reasoned and always polite views.

    1. Andrew
      Then I’m baby SueP @ 63
      Talking of Queen, I went with my brother to The Hammersmith something or other to see them. Circa Bohemian Rhapsody Freddie came out for the encore in a cream silk kimono and boxer shorts!! It was a great night and a long tube ride back to north London

  10. Thanks to both Sues. The last concert I went to with my daughter was the Kings of Leon at the O2 around 3 or 4 years ago. The looks I got from some of the fans was priceless.😂 What the hell, life is too short.

    1. Kings of Leon, hey!…I like some of their songs. I love the O2… Bugger everyone else hey, Andrew 😀 As long as you and your daughter had a great time… as you say life is too short…so precious, live it to the max I say! Good on you!! 👍🙂

      1. Speaking of the O2, I should’ve gone this year with my youngest daughter to see Harry Styles – she adores him!! 😀 Will have to wait until next year now……

        1. Thanks for your comments Sue, like you we were supposed to go last month but now re-arranged for next June. Lets hope this wretched virus is gone by then!! You and your family, stay safe and well.

  11. SueP, I think it was called the Hammersmith Odeon, I saw 10cc there around about the same period. Mid to late 70’s?

    1. That must be it Andrew! I went to the Dire Straits concert there too – Live in ‘85 just before Xmas (Brother’s in Arms). Those were the days because bands actually toured regularly. Now you have to mostly go to festivals. Haven’t go to know Kings of Leon but live music is the best !!

      1. Dire Straits, one of my all time favourites SueP, and Mark Knoppfler arguably one of the greatest guitarists alive. Never saw them live though.

  12. Andrew ,stay fit and well and give the two Sues and I a full report on your wild night out in the course.I love going to concerts.In the 60’s I was fortunate enough to see the Searchers,Hollies and the Beatles and in later life I had the pleasure of seeing greats like Neil Sedaka and Andrea Bocelli. I am now a fan of classical music and if you ever get the chance I would encourage you to listen to the wonderful Latvian Mezzo Soprano, Elina Garanca who is reckoned by many to be the best on the planet.Let’s hope we can keep the momentum going by beating Villa tonight.

    1. Grandad, my taste in music goes from the modern jazz of the 50’s and 60’s and artists like John Coltrane, Art Pepper and the peerless Gerry Mulligan, to pop/rock and classical music (not too keen on opera). I will definitely check out Elina Garanca and in return mention the underrated American Tenor, Michael Spyres. I’ll be watching the Villa match tonight and hoping for a good win! All the best.

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