Latest Dani Ceballos update is a blow for Arsenal

Arsenal suffer major blow in their bid to sign Ceballos permanently.

It is becoming increasingly unlikely that Arsenal will succeed in keeping Dani Ceballos at the Emirates beyond this season.

Arsenal signed the Spanish midfielder on-loan from Real Madrid for the rest of this season. In that time the 23-year-old has become a fans favourite.

Arsenal supporters have been calling on the club to make his move permanent, something the club appears to be keen on doing.

Earlier in the week, reports emerged that Arsenal had made an offer of £26 million for his signature. But the offer was rejected. Fans were expecting them to return with a better offer, but it seems there would be no need for that.

A report in Spain as cited in the Mirror, claims that Real Madrid have ruled out selling Ceballos and have plans to reintroduce him and several other on-loan stars back to the first team next season.

Madrid has reportedly been tracking him and the likes of Martin Odegard. Apparently, they plan to offer them first-team roles next campaign.

This would come as a major blow for Arsenal. Ceballos has looked well at home in the Arsenal midfield and the club looked to have him in their plans beyond this season.

Despite Madrid’s plans, it is believed that a high amount of money may force them to reconsider their stance.


  1. Emery plays the immobile Xhaka anyway. Ceballos should be one of the first names on the team sheet. He may not want to stay anyway. I don’t think Emery knows what he is doing. How can a team be so shite as Arsenal were against Sheffield United. Would Ceballos want to stay? Maybe if we sold the tortoise Xhaka.

    1. Spot on. No need for ceballos with emery in charge. After all he is a substitute in most march so why will arsenal want to spend that much on a substitute

  2. As UE said it was too early to consider signing Cebs permanently, I don’t see this as a”blow” to The Arsenal at all.

    Let’s see him and Ozil performing together as they did against Burnley before creating another storm in a teacup headline.

    If UE can’t see the class of Ozil, he certainly won’t be rushing to kronkie for yet more money for Cebs.

    1. Is this more click bait we are reading, how many times do these stories turn out to be absolute bull. Im sure it is just another story being made up, lets not forget, the only truth is we are loaning Ceballos, after that, its a case of what will be will be. The click bait on the internet is just there to attract interest to feed people’s desires.

  3. ” it is believed that a high amount of money may force them to reconsider their stance”

    Is he worth that much?…is he the right solution for our midfield? Better to look somewhere else for a more creative and consistent player like Madisson…

    We haven’t replaced Santi Cazorla, Ramsey and Ozil…

  4. Unai doesn’t want talented players like Ozil and Ceballos, he wants grunts willing to run all over the field in an ineffectual attempt at pressing. Unai loves hard workers and energy but doesn’t understand or communicate well with talent, probably because he doesn’t have any.

  5. I’m not watching La Liga at the moment but when I did there were always at least 5 or 6 players of Ceballos’s quality playing at smaller clubs who would now likely be available for 20 – 30 M.
    So I don’t see this news as a blow and more than 30 M would not be wise for a player that isn’t really performing on regular bases.

  6. Not a big fan of Ceballos to be honest. He is too slow for EPL. Unless he can work on his physical attributes, he will be shoved around in the midfield by EPL teams. We need someone like Debruyne, sublime with his passes and vision and even shots, but also physically strong enough to handle press.

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