Latest injury blow means Arsenal MUST get transfer to cover Ozil

You do not need me to tell you that Arsenal have had some big injury problems to deal with already this season, surprise surprise. But at least thoise problems have not extended to our Germany international star Mesut Ozil, or not yet at least. So the creative genius has been able to start all six Champions League games and 18 of our 19 Premier League games.

But it is vital for our title hopes that this continues, so I for one am very worried about the latest injury news on our England international star Jack Wilshere reported by Sky Sports. Not only has the unlucky Gunner had his return from the treatment room put back once again, but Arsene Wenger admitted that he really has no firm idea of when Jack will be back.

Even though Wilshere has been given a new deeper lying role by Roy Hodgson, his club manager is not convinced and still see the 23-year old’s best position as further forward. IN fact he is now arguably our best replacement for Ozil, when fit of course.

There is Rosicky, of course, and Santi Cazorla but they are both injured as well, so if Wenger wants to avoid the same thing happening to the German as happened to our other superstar Alexis Sanchez because there was no one to cover for him, he had better be ready to spend some serious money in the January transfer window.

But will the penny pinching prof feel the same way?

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  1. If Jack is our replacement for Ozil, then we are knee deep in it. Who replaces Jack after his 1st 3 matches then?

    1. Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe showed just
      why he is such a well-liked person in the
      Management community, showing his classy
      side after suffering a 2-0 defeat against
      Arsenal at the Emirates today.
      Arsenal started the game shakily, predictable
      considering their 4-0 mauling at the hands
      of Southampton just a couple of days ago,
      but their superior quality came to the fore
      eventually as goals from Gabriel and Mesut
      Ozil sealed a comfortable win.
      Bournemouth Manager Eddie Howe said
      after the game, “We were well in the game.
      We started brightly but once we conceded
      we wobbled. At 1-0 there was always a
      chance we could get into the game but the
      second goal was of huge quality and ended
      it. We are developing all the time as a side.
      We still have some way to go but if we make
      the same improvement again we will be a
      good side. We took the game to Arsenal in
      the first half but unfortunately the quality of
      their players told in the end.”

      CLASS ACT!!!

      1. @SA
        RealTalk. Eddie H is the real deal. His boys look like they’re finding their stride. I hope they do well…

  2. I’ve been really critical of Gibbs lately but today was the best I’ve seen him play in a long time. His positioning was great, no lapses in concentration, and chose when to get forward instead of bombing forward everytime. Well done gibbs.

    I also thought this was the Ox’s best game in a long time I think his performance will do him a world of good

  3. The title made me think Ozil was injured. My heart was beating fast

    Anyway, Wilshere seems to be another diaby. It’s sad because he is arsenal through and through and an awesome talent.

    Anyway, Ozil was excellent today. A goal and an assist. True world class player

    1. He’s in between been a diaby (Permanently injured) and
      Been a van Pasie (Recovered later in his career and carry on)
      Hope to emulate the latter with the exception of the habit (traitor).

    2. we’ve gott break the generational “physio curse” …….we can’t afford to have anyone continue from where diaby stopped!

  4. Thank f#ck Joachim Low gave him a breather at the last international break! Alexis was being run into the ground with chile and the flights. Hopefully Ozil stays fit hope not to jinx it..think CDM maybe striker and CB more our priority

  5. Sadly, as the injuries continue, Arsenal are in need of backup in the middle and at DM.

    Ozil cannot play every game even if healthy and Arsenal are now using their FOURTH choice DM along side Ramsey who loves to go forward. What happens if Chambers faces some serious attacking threat and his inexperience in the position is fully tested and exposed??

    Need cover in central and deep midfield. (That means Wenger will do something like pickup a 16 year old RB – for the future).

  6. Cech and Ozil are crucial.
    Yet we thought the same
    about Sanchez, Cazorla
    Koscielny and Coquelin.
    Won with out those four today.
    So may be we don’t need cover?

  7. Alexis can play there of curse, and then tomas is coming soon, Chamberlain too and then there’s Rambo.
    But mind you, its not easy to exactly replace Best CAM in world, hope he stay intact.
    #COYG its cool here at the #TopOfTheLeague

  8. Sorry if this posts twice

    Thank god Joachim Low gave him a breather at the last international break! Alexis was being run into the ground with chile and the flights. Hopefully Ozil stays fit hope not to jinx it..think CDM maybe striker and CB more our priority

  9. *Deep Breath*…………That headline almost knocked mi off…. Thought Ozil was the injured one. My goodness. The title confused mi..

    Glad to be top and hopefully, we will stay top going into the new yr. (After the Leicester v Manc game).

    I don’t know the business Wenger will do in January but I hope He gets it right and the players will have an amazing 2016 as they did 2nd half of last season. If it happens, then we will win the league.

    I don’t know whe Wilshere and Welbeck will be back. I fear they might miss the season totally. Hoping to get Santi, Coquelin and Sanchez back…..

    Arsenal All The Way!

  10. We just need Arteta and Coquelin back, which is hopefully soon. Ramsey can then be Ozil’s replacement. Not ideal, but hey, what can we do?

    1. “Ramsey then could be ozil’s replacement” my word that was funny thanks for the laugh. I love Ramsey but seriously think about what you just wrote.

      Rosicky and sanchez can be ozil’s replacement, I think Mozart will have a big part to play in the 2nd half of the season

      1. What’s so funny about Ramsey replacing Ozil? Ramsey naturally is an attacking midfielder and he plays that role all the time for Wales. He is also pretty decent on assists and goals. The only reason he plays CM is because Ozil is clearly better in the role. But in Ozil’s absence Ramsey is not a ‘funny’ consideration for cover.

        1. Right now, Rambo’s form is stuck in the middle, not yet hit the note but not too peachy either. His attacking minded and his vision is nowhere near Ozil. At the other end his defensive awareness (his discipline) and again his vision ain’t yet the same level as Santi did. Equal back up for Ozil? My opinion? None, some one closer to him won’t be cheap and potentially ruin the team cohesion. I can only think two names : Diego of Wolfsburg and the ex Spuds Modric. Plus one public enemy : Cesc Fabregas. So, I think Arsene will stick to Rambo and make Jeff Reine Adelaide as his back up.

    2. Think Arteta is past it for me and i can’t stand Flam in the team, has no vision of thr game and jus slows it down for us! Great players for the club but think its time for them to move on or hopefully Arteta takes more of a coaching role

  11. I’ve solved the problem of the unison between Ozil and Walcott. Don’t bother passing to Walcott, u might aswell just pass to yourself. I’ve seen a camel with better ball control than Walcott.

  12. Wilshere should have
    been sold (City offered
    40 mill) in the summer.
    He like Diarby and Sanogo
    have career ending injury’s.
    Arteta and Rosicky at their age and
    injury prone should have been replaced too.
    3 new players with the City 40 mill
    would have given us midfield depth.
    Even so we still keep finding replacements from within.
    Flamini, Campbell, Ramsey, Ox, Gabriel.
    By March we will have Sanchez Coquelin and Cazorla back
    so we just gotta hang on for 2 months 🙂

    1. Sanchez should be back on the 13th of January,
      (Against Liverpooh)
      That’s if he doesn’t get infected with the Jack and Danny Setback virus! ??

      Nice title Admin ?

    2. I am more sympathetic to players breaking their legs for Arsenal training or playing than many. Hell, I had the same sympathy for Diaby. I don’t get people trashing our players injured wearing the colours. It is perfectly alright to be frustrated by the news of an injury setback but let’s not forget he’s only 23 (well, 24 soon) and we may be yet to see the best of him.
      However, I agree with someone here (don’t remember who) saying that Jack will never be the same once he’s having metal plates in his foot. I think Jack will always play with that thought in his head that something will break. Personally, I want to be shown different and I want Jack to laugh in our face in the end but for the good reasons. Better look at Jack as a some sort of a wildcard/bonus player because if we rely on a player that’s hardly healthy then we are asking for it.
      In other news, I am kind of happy now that tone was lowered after that City win. Puts us with both feet on the ground and silences all which claimed Arsenal will win the title now. It’s just half a season, lots of things to happen, we play City, Liverpool, Spuds, United away. Don’t forget that.

      1. @Budd
        I made the point on several occasions concerning how having metal in his ankle will affect Jacks game. Have also read somewhere that he considered having it taken out, or already has. One thing is for sure. Jack “must” alter his playing style or look forward to constant long term, eventually career threatening injury.
        Regardless of his talent, he is no use to us on the injured list…

  13. Penny pinching wenger won’t be splashing the Cash in January, Unless you call 5 million spent on Elneny a splash?

    That’s more of a Tear drop and no doubt One or two must have rolled down Wenger’s cheeks when that was spent.

    1. I think Elneny and Toral are all the players we need.

      Yes, Jon Toral. We already have a cover for Ozil, we just have to bring him back. He’ll be 21 in february, he is old enough to cover in FA cup games and odd substitution, let’s just hope Arsenal can bring him back to his parent club…

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