Latest injury blow proves Arsenal’s luck is ALL bad

The way that things have been going for Arsenal in recent years, I have to wonder whether Arsene Wenger has been walking under ladders while breaking mirrors, because if the Gunners did not have regular bad luck then we would have no luck at all.

The latest recipient of the club’s rotten fortune, Tomas Rosicky, has been there before a few times but this time his latest bad news on the injury front could mean that his first appearance of the season as a sub in the disappointing defeat to Chelsea, could also be his final Arsenal appearance of the season. And if that turns out to be the case then it could be the last time we see our little Mozart in an Arsenal shirt.

At 35-years old and with his current contract due to run out in the summer, Rosicky is unlikely to get another deal with the Gunners and his hopes of making it a happy final year look to have been dashed as The Sun is reporting that the original prediction of six weeks on the sidelines has been revised to a few months as the injury is in fact a rupture of his thigh muscle.

Poor old Tomas will be desperately hoping that he can recover in time to make his Arsenal bow and gain some match fitness before the summer. If not he could miss a final international swansong as well with Czech Republic in the Euro 2016 tournament.

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  1. its not bad luck its bad management when your replying on players that have a history of injuries. weenier said show me a player he could have bought ??, i won’t go into individuals but isn’t that what he and the scouts should be doing, if they can’t find players why are we paying them

  2. Admin please prevent articles like this from being posted, we all hate click bait titles. Rosicky injury was known for a week now, the author is talking about it like it just happened a few hours ago smh…

    1. Lol 🙂
      Yea c’mon on admin tut tut.
      What’s next?
      “Ozil breaks left leg”.
      Ozil broke the left leg of his bedside table blah blah …..
      Wenger signs new 5 year contract.!!!!!!
      Wenger extends sky sport subscription for 5 years.
      Coquelin out for the season!!!! EHHHHHHH??????
      Coquelin withdraws from team bus poker school.
      Club owner Silent Stan to sell. OMG!!!!!
      Kroenke to sell special t-shirts when
      the new Rams stadium is opened.

  3. Stupid article…if the writer has no job and has time on his hands then he should ho and hug a transformer instead of recycling old news…..douche bag

    1. hahahah…you made my day bra…that article is an indication of frustration…how we the arsenal fans are frustrated!…

  4. It is always us.Anyway we have had the least amount of injuries according to sky sports.It seems shad is doing a great job.

    OT:I wonder about the change of tactics we can make to win more games.Wenger always seem to put a tired team with players not seemingly comfortable with the positions they are asked to play.

    Okay now. Barcelona and bayern have all their players playing in fixed positions and maintain the same all the time.
    But we dont have to be like that as well.Especially if we have a huge squad with so
    many talented players.
    At times I feel players like chambers iwobi and el neny deserve minutes in a competitive game.
    They need to perform to all their strengths in order to progress well.
    I suppose we could switch chambers from rightback to centreback to dm in some demanding games where we rest our first teamers.
    We can also switch ox from midfield to the wings and even maybe to the centrefoward position and the same also applies to ramsey welbeck and the rest of the crew.
    Dont be afraid to try new things arsene no matter how much stick you might get for it.
    After all it is your job to be mr know it all.

    Now that becomes a win win win situation.
    Changing tactics to get results while allowing players to develop their best strengths to the fullest.

  5. lets not cry over Rosicky he wouldnt be in starting 11 anyway
    firstly lets hope we dont face more injuries to key players
    secondly i think AW should realize that Ramsey is a better goal scorer that Walcot and Campbel and physically stronger. he should give him more freedom to attack by playing Elneny and Le Coq in the middle
    the whole team:
    Bellerin Gabriel Kos Monreal
    Elneny Coq
    Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

    a couple of good results and we are back on top

    1. Good lineup. Giroud and Theo can’t play simultaneously. Theo started as striker this season and he played quite well until his injury. After he came back he was put on the right wing (and ever since he’s been jack s***).

  6. I clicked on this article in some hope it actually contained some relevant news, how wrong was I. Are you bored bob? Well so is everyone else who just read that drivel.
    A periferal player who got injured a week ago is injured? Thanks for that breaking news flash.

  7. OT:When Giroud if off-form who is our next striker to rely on??Sometimes I wonder how Wenger doesnt see the needy for a striker!!I could fight to get a striker than getting Elneny!!some will disagree but trust me Wenger will not be playing him regulary bcoz he is not want we needed the most!!Assume Giroud gets Injured??When Giroud and Walcot(our strikers??!!) are both in the squad and they are struglling to score,then who comes off the bench??are we going to rely on Sanchez or the time….ooh Wenger!!!

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