Latest injury woe to signal the end for Arsenal and Wilshere?

When Arsene Wenger takes the Arsenal squad off for pre-season training and a few money spinning matches against Sydney FC and Western Sydney Warriors in Australia and then Bayern Munich and Chelsea in China, he was never going to be able to take the whole Arsenal squad, as the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Hector Bellerin will be returning late, if at all, because of their international duties over the summer.

One player that the boss would have been hoping was on the plane, however, is our injury ravaged England international Jack Wilshere, but once again the midfielder’s recovery has been put back from it’s original timescale, reports the Daily Mail, and I have to wonder whether this latest injury blow may signal the beginning of the end for him and Arsenal FC.

It was over two months ago that Jack picked up his latest injury while playing on loan for AFC Bournemouth and it was only a hairline fracture of his left fibula. Almost any other player would be ready to train and play again by now you feel and whether it is because he has legs of glass or has not been looking after himself properly it is a big problem.

Even though the report claims that Wilshere will be training with the squad again when they return from abroad for the Emirates Cup and the new season, surely he could have done with the extra time to get ready and have any chance of making the team.

Now I can only see another loan spell or a permanent move on the cards. Is it all over?



  1. It’s been over for a long time in regards to Wilshere. Arsenal have been a charity for far too long. I think the fans are fed up paying for crocked players recovery programs, year, after year.

    1. It was over when he returned injured from Bournemouth who wrapped him in cotton wool. They treated him like an egg hoping he wont break and he still did. He needs a club that will treat him that way or at least a club that cannot ill afford to pay him to perpetually recover from injury.
      Unfortunately with 12 months left on his contract (and injured), he’s worth £10m now and £5m in January. Arsenal are sadly better off giving him a 2 year extension and selling for £20m.

  2. I see no value in wilshire being dragged around on a15000 mile round trip. Far better for him to work on his fitness and focus on returning for the rest of pre-season.

    As mentioned he won’t be the only one missing out. Alexis, Bellerin, Cazorla, Mustafi are certs to miss out, possibly chambers too. Whilst others are sure to be left behind to work on their loan and permanent moves. I also cannot see arsenal taking all 6 of their “senior” goalkeepers born 1995 or before.

  3. Shere WillPower, what a player. Midfield general. I’d keep him with a pay as you play contract.

    1. He is English, he can get good salary in smaller teams, why will he take pay as you play contract?

    1. I know right.
      After all these years fans still can’t spell his name correctly. Wilshere is not that difficult. It’s easier than Szczesny or Koscielny

    1. Not who where

      Wiltshire is in the West Country

  4. Wilshire needs to be cut loose we need to let him go he fitness is way to weak for the type of player we need him for…we need to offload him this window and get in a more suitable replacement

  5. have to admit i am, like xavi and pep, a wilshire fan, with reservations linked to his injury proness … anyway if he is injured its a moot point as he will not be going anywhere … but given a choice between him and ramsey i would have no hesitation in showing the door to ramsey because if wilshire can regain form it is simply at a way higher level than the fake welsh wizard!!

  6. about time, he hasn’t done anything but take up wages for a while, started with promise, just made of glass.

  7. Wilshere is a non factor. No ones is expecting him to be the fix of all of our problems, therefore if he stays or goes has not much meaning to our current worries.

    Our current worries are. Having no ambition. Having no plans. Having the problem of our best players going to a rival a team, giving them the edge to win everything some of our deluded fans think we can win under Wenger.

  8. Fork Jack Wheelchair ?? There’s More Danny Setbacks for Cazorla, he won’t be playing any football this year. I would be very surprised if he ever makes it back. ?

  9. Kaveh Solhekol @SkyKaveh
    Lyon president says again Lacazette can go for right price (£46m plus £10m). Also says Arsenal have told him Olivier Giroud is not for sale
    10:05 PM · Jun 26, 2017

    Okay, that’s two days old lol. Apparently Wenger is going back with a £50 million offer. He also isn’t giving up on Mbappe, still believes he can lure him to Arsenal. Latest reports suggest that we’re going in for Mehrez and talks for Lemar are on going and that’s probably because Wenger is £5 million short of the players release clause.

    Anyways, it seems as if Wenger has woken up, at last ?? well, maybe we can call it sleep walking but it’s an improvement nevertheless ??

    1. @Fatboy my friend i think he is still sleeping,

      we will miss out on Lacazzetes on just 10mil (which will haunt us again)
      and Monaco do not want to sell Lemar this season due to losing so many other talent (Silva Mendy etc)

      This is off topic but wanted to ask you if you have seeing a guy named Johnathan Tah (CB for Baryen Lev) he is someone i want us to get this window cause in the next 2 season his price will go up and we will miss out on him

      When i see him and think of Arsenal remind me of Bailey for united..Really Good future ahead touted by alot of people but we can get for a steal now (£35 mil)

    1. As a keen arsenal supporter – I think has come for wishere to come off the payroll. He reminds me of Diaby who was constantly injured and yet arsene remained loyal to him. The time has come for arsenal to be ruthless with wilshere and let him go. Yes arsenal will have to take a hit on the transfer fee but these things happen.

      1. Spot on. He’s undoubtedly talented, but tainted. God. Diaby was world class. Every time he started I always felt we were gonna win, a feeling we all got from the invincibles era sadly not replicated.

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