Latest Mesut Ozil update is certainly very interesting

Mirror Football reports that Mesut Ozil believes that he will get a top club when he leaves Arsenal at the end of this season.

The German has been axed from the Arsenal first team after failing to find a new team in the last transfer window.

The January transfer window presents him with another chance to find a new team, but the report says that the former Real Madrid man has no intention of leaving Arsenal until the end of the season when his current deal expires.

Ozil was a key part of the Arsenal team when Mikel Arteta initially became the club’s manager, but the German has fallen down the pecking order this season.

Arsenal decided against registering him for the Premier League and the Europa League which means he is unlikely to play any football this season.

He is still one of the club’s highest earner on £350,000-a-week, a contract that also has some incentives and a loyalty bonus that the Gunners will probably have to pay as he refuses to leave them.

The report says that Ozil is confident that he can restart his career at a top team when he becomes a free agent in the summer.

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  1. I think its time for all hands on deck, we should put our ego aside n call back players like ozil n if possible MG back into the team. Should integrate Saliba in as well bec I don’t see science in loaning out or keeping your future CB out in favour of Mustafi who is leaving next summer, Luiz who is well passed it in age so he will be just there for experience and Holding who is slow n not Arsenal quality. This Saliba situation is baffling we drafted in Mari although he didn’t play for more then an year and was out injured but gave lame excuses to axe Saliba. I think it’s time Arteta needs to rethink his decorator stance n make use of all the resource he has to achieve common goals of he is intelligent but if he is stubborn n fool then he will keep pressing his authority which will at the end bring his demise. We need to pay now without fear bec after 6 losses in 11 games we have nothing to loose to be honest, remember we still have second round to go with all top 6 teams and if we continue to play like this I fear by the end of season we will finsih with more then 15 L. Specially with fans coming back into picture and home ground advantages taking effect. So let play with out fear and take the hand break off ….let players enjoy their game and express them selves. Arteta has been too much micro managing n does not give them freedom just too many instructions all the time for side lines.

  2. We miss Guendouzi as much as Ozil. Why does Arteta seem to hold grudges? What the hell is Arteta doing with Saliba? Is Arteta simply too inexperienced to get us out of this hole?

    1. Yeah he seems to lack assertiveness in my opinion. It’s easy to just freeze out a player but being genuinely assertive is being able to put players in their place while still maintaining a good working relationship.

      He seems incapable of doing this with any player he doesn’t agree with.

    2. Sean, Yes he is. His solution is additional players( according to him 6 ) instead of find solution internally be he gets to players he wanted. We are going to get another team 20yrs old fix our problems instead of ours. I don’t care about Guen because he is not here and playing football right now. Who I care about is Saliba and how Arteta is handling the boy. How can he go from a regular in ligue1 to play under 23 football. Nobody should tell me he sees him everyday and know him better because he doesn’t know sh””t. He doesn’t know even his best 11.

  3. Mesut Ozil doesn’t want to leave until his contract expires, not necessarily because of the money (of course he likes the money), but because he loves Arsenal and he loves London. He is hoping to play again for Arsenal under another manager as was the case with Emery. All these arrogant managers that hate him and shut him out of the team because he doesn’t agree with certain styles of play of theirs, eventually and definitely bring about their own failure with their own arrogance.
    I feel sorry for Arteta. He would be flying higher and higher by now, if not for this bad trait – arogance.

  4. That Fenerbahce guy said Özil is joining them 90% certainty in January, could we release him or even sell..?

    1. McLovin, whatever we do, it needs to be done in January.
      Four reasons why – club, player, fans, manager.

    2. That’s true à Turkish congressman said that it was 90 % sure that MO will join Fenerbache, he must know something we don’t!

    3. They should have released him one way or the other when they decided not to play him. The handling of Ozil is so bizarre making MA’s argument “football reason” not credible. Why on earth is he training with the first team when his spot could have been taken by a young player needing experience?

  5. I love Ozil but we need to move on as a team and build on what we have and what we will buy. We need to buy atleast two good midfielders to play with Partey and a right back as Bellerin in past it.

  6. Two questions MARTIN: Why AND to whom is this “very interesting”, bearing in mind we are GOONERS on here and all know that he will not leave until he has extracted his every pound of flesh and pound sterling, til next June.

    I CARE NOTHING AT ALL FOR THIS LEECH EXCEPT TO GET HIM GONE ASAP but which will not happen before June.

    So I repeat, what is that is “very interesting” and to whom? Apart from you Admins who make money out of his constant JA articles of course. But that is old news, hence its non news, as we all know.

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