Latest news about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is not good

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is uninterested in new Arsenal contract talks as he looks for a move away.

Arsenal is struggling to tie down Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to a new deal as he enters the final 18 months of his current contract.

The Gabonese attacker has been arguably the most consistent player in the current Arsenal team having scored 53 goals in 83 games since joining the Gunners.

His 12 goals from 17 games this season still hasn’t helped Arsenal’s push for the top four and he seems to be fed up with the underachievement of the team.

Reports from Mirror Sports claim that Aubameyang has pulled out of talks with the Gunners as the team continues to regress.

Arsenal are currently 10th on the league table and are closer to the relegation zone than to the top of the league table.

The report claims that Aubameyang wants to win more trophies as well as play in the Champions League, but Arsenal doesn’t look like a team that can help him achieve that.

The board is now facing a dilemma, they have to decide quickly if they want to cash in on him or allow him to leave the club for free at the end of next season.

I am not sure if he would stay even if a new manager comes in and turns the season around. He is running out of time, he will be 31 next June and if he is going to secure a move to a club that can challenge for major honours he probably has to do it soon.


  1. We can’t continue to be held to ransom by players. If he wants to leave sell him. After all Arsenal are the ones who always bring this upon themselves with their constant failure. Looking back I wish Wenger had not signed him but sold Sanchez earlier and used the money to to buy a top winger but Wenger once again didnt lie in the bed he made. Now we’ve put ourselves in a situation where both strikers don’t want to sign new contracts. I particularly don’t mind one of them leaving because both of them will never be at their best when they start together. Alas the truth has caught up with the club that we just cant have both of them. If only we were good at business fans wouldn’t be so panicky about the situation.

    1. He will wait out his contract… unless we do a deal with Real and Real want an aging striker who will warm the bench.

      The other alternative is to apologize to Wenger and let him continue the re-build he started. Winning can cure the worst desire to not sign, and money trumps both.

      PEA can be on a 300K/wk salary for two year soon, because the ‘fans’ ran Wenger out.

      1. Pass on Wenger, he never gave a rip about defense, hence his part in this crap we are in.

        Mustafi was his, Kola was his, Xhaka was his, Ozil and that raise was his, so no thanks with him back or his rebuild.

        I appreciate what he did for the club, but wish he retired after last FA Cup rather than stay and tarnish his great legacy.

        1. N what we are facing now for last 2 years will be facing for longer. I don’t understand some of Arsenal supporters they can clearly see what has happend since Wenger left but some how in their delusional mind they think if Wenger would have left early we would have could have done atleast double every year…for current failure still blame Wenger. Get over it man. Most goals this season have been conceded because of sukaritus n Luiz they were not Wenger signings….

      2. why go backwards again? The problem is that the club has no vision right now. GOing back to Wenger would really sell that point. No reason to apologize either when he was also dragging us down and making us Europa League quality.

    2. It’s contact negotiation…what’s wrong with that. When you want a rase or see a better opportunity for your career/finencial growth do you not negotiate?? Do u just sign on the dotted line?? Club can negotiate n give you what ever crap contract but you can’t do vise versa who made that rule. If it was not for Auba we would be bottom of the table so respect your players. Club is never loyal to players they keep them as long as they can get what they want out of them so this is not loyality this is simple n pure business. Why do you demand loyalty from players then. Players are professionals like you me everyone here there is no obligation to have loyalty in professional world. Nor do the companies care now a days. It’s everyone for themselve.

  2. Sell him in January if he doesn’t want to sign and use the money to buy Haaland

    Aubameyang is a great striker, but a sick team like Arsenal need to play with a towering target man sometimes and Aubameyang/ Lacazette are simply not that type of striker

    Pochettino also had alternative attacking option last season with Fernando Llorente, then his Tottenham weakened after the tall target man left

    1. Haland should cost a lot of money?? We’ve messed up the whole situation. This is why I wanted Nketiah to go on loan last season to prepare him to play second fiddle to one of Auba or Laca this season. That would’ve been the ideal scenario so that in case one or both leave he would’ve already been well integrated into the team.

    2. CB needed over another attacker. Just use Martinelli more who does more in a cameo than both Auba and Lacazette combined.

  3. Cash in all the way and play the Martinelli Laca Pepe trio. The money from Auba can go into a top defender that will sort out the leakage that has gotten us where we are. If by some chance, we manage to find a fantastic midfielder prospect in the mould of Ramsey (because not a single midfielder we have now has asserted himself in the same way that Ramsey did last season), we’re back in top 6 in a jiffy.
    I see this situation as an absolutely positive one. We’ll have two natural wingers and a natural forward.

    1. At least several of those players will actually bring in some money. But we need to get rid of:

      And we would have to pay someone to take them off our hands.

  4. Sell Aubameyang as soon as possible! We have heard Real and Barca have been interested? PSG maybe? We can get £50M for him! Lacazette should be on the transfer list too.

    1. His Spurs team are doing well at the moment. winning by 5 goals to nothing against Burnley is a good result. Pochetino deserve the credit for his hard work in building that spurs team. Any news about Our beloved Arsenal appointing a new Manager. Are we a comedy right now. media keeps linking us to every tom dick and harry.

  5. OT

    Just watched Marcus Thuram (and the
    rest of an impressive young Gbach
    team) run circles around the All
    Mighty Bayern Squad. Glad he wasnt
    good enough in the critical eyes of
    most Arsenal fans and the club
    decided on a £72M bench warmer that
    “Needs to work harder in training.”


    Gladbach is currently top of the BL
    and have At Least 4 players that
    would WALK into Arsenals first team.

    Let that sink in for a mighty moment,
    teams the stature of Gladbach and
    LC (No disrespect intended) have
    better starting 11’s ( AND MANAGERS
    FWIW) than one of the SUPPOSED
    biggest clubs in World Futbol.

    This club is an Epic failure atm
    with Complicit and
    clueless characters littered all
    around the Emirates

    1. I disagree with your Pepe point but some of us here were calling for the signing of Marcus Thuram sign as he cost only €12m and had massive potential. His transfer would’ve been a low risk one too because of the price. He has massive potential and he can only go higher from here. Shocked a bigger club wasn’t in for him. They’ll all regret it later

  6. We haven’t utilized the time we had auba enough, he is 30+ and deserves a go with a top club if he can get it. I think we will recoup our outlay for him so win win, we can invest in our defence. Pepe, martinelli and lacca can play no9, it might actually give us a better balance up top.

  7. We should offer him 350K, just kidding!Cause the other one on 350K behaves like a kid, does nothing, throws tantrums and one glorious corner kick which will be written in golden letters for generations to come by his fan boys club.On a serious note, Auba can leave, we can promote Gaby which will provide pace and balance on the wings. The disastrous pairing of Mustaf/ Luiz and Socrates needs to end sooner if we have a fighting chance for EL.Mavo, Holding, Belerin and Tierney at the back.Ozil provides nothing. Xhaka and Lucas in mid, Mathieu as B2B, Pepe, Gaby and Auba to complete the attack. Bench we have AMN, Chambers, Willok, Cabellos and a new striker

  8. Get rid.
    Scores goals but never really impressed me. There is something missing about him.
    Laca does not score as many goals but I don’t know why I rate him much higher than Auba.

    Please get rid.

    Thank you very much.

    1. You are not alone in that thought, but I want both off our wage bill – and any who wants out. No more begging any player this time around.

    2. Typical Arsenal fan logic. Take his goals away from our tally and I shudder where we will be at the moment. Let’s at least be thankful we have him for the time being.

      1. I understand your point clearly and are grateful for his contributions. But what you must understand is that as prolific as Aubameyang has been, he is far too wasteful for the chances created for him.

        If Auba does not play, that position must not be left vacant. Somebody else has to occupy it which won’t happen if Auba is already there. Arsenal has always been a team that creates a lot of scoring chances, spreading goals among different individuals.

        We were better off before he came and we might become better when he’s gone, because now we focus on him and he keeps wasting a lot of scoring chances. He still scores nonetheless, don’t misunderstand me, but he is far too wasteful when you consider the number of chances created.

        If Auba does not have speed, he wouldn’t be scoring goals, because he doesn’t have the strength to win tussles. All he does is basically wait for the ball to run free and then with his speed he tries to do the rest. WE NEED MORE THAN JUST SPEED.

  9. If he doesn’t want to sign then sell him, we can’t get into another Sanchez situation. As someone else has said playing Auba and Laca together doesn’t work anyway.

  10. There’s a reason some of us were fine selling Auba during the summer. We knew he wouldn’t sign a new contract, and Arsenal would just lose a bunch of money. Could’ve sold and gotten an actual decent CB. It was literally less than a year ago this club said it wouldn’t let an Aaron Ramsey incident happen again, and now we face another player leaving for free. Oh my.

  11. If he doesn’t want to sign, he doesn’t want to sign. He needs to be sold by the club. Period. But please let’s not call a dog a bad name simply because we want to kill it.

    It’s what it is…

    1. If Aubameyang wants to go let him go. But he is deluded if he thinks that Barca or Real will come in for him. Even at 32 Luis Suarez is twice the player he is. True Barca are looking for a striker /attacking mid-fielder to replace Suarez but for a younger man than him. To keep Lacca is a better bet as, in my opinion, he works harder and is more of a team player. If he wants to go he has abetter shot at a really top team than Auba.

  12. KSE will lose a lot more than just measly gate takings by being an absent and dithering owner. They take forever and a lifetime to make a decision, ie, letting Wenger go, letting Unai go, appointing a new coach, letting players run their contracts down and letting Raul and this Vinai fella run the show.
    Perhaps this is what would make him sell to a better owner, the Arabs, then so be it. Let the club be stuck in turmoil so we can get better owner’s.

  13. This is our problem. We have more uninterested player in Arsenal team. Auba
    Mustafi (I have forgotten his name, I checked others comment to get his name)

    We need to fix midfield as first priority.

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