Latest news suggests Cech to Arsenal transfer already sorted

Arsenal fans are well aware that we can not count our chickens on any transfer until the contract is signed and sealed, as we know all too well that things can go awry at any time. Once bitten, twice shy and all that but most of us are fairly confident that the Chelsea keeper Petr Cech will soon be an Arsenal player, especially after the transfer developments over the weekend.

The weekend began with the former Arsenal right back and member of the invincibles, Lauren, welcoming the keeper to the club as if he had already signed, as reported by Metro.

The Cameroonian tweeted, “#All the best to Cech. Long time without stability in that position and another great gooner move to get the Premier League.”

This does not mean anything on it´s own and many will ask why Lauren would know any more than the rest of us. But there was another Metro report at the weekend that revealed that our club photographer Stuart MacFarlane had added the Chelsea keeper to the list of people he follows on Twitter, sparking more social media reaction and forcing MacFarlane to deny any insider knowledge.

Pretty circumstantial evidence I know, but when you add what the Chelsea captain John Terry said about Cech on social media, that evidence is mounting, as revealed in yet another Metro report.

The Chelsea centre back said, “He will save them 12 or 15 points a season.”

As well as that sounding like Terry knew his team mate was leaving, it appears that he is firmly in the Jose Mourinho camp of thinking that Chelsea are mad to let Arsenal complete this crucial transfer. Terry should know after all, as he has played just in front of Cech for almost all of his footballing life.

Now just get it signed will ya?

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  1. Cech’s transfer to Arsenal will only bring instability to the goal keeping department. We two good goal keepers. We don’t need him.

    1. I don’t get fans. fans want to compete with the best. that means better than very good. that means world class in as many positions as possible . now it seems like another worldy is coming and we suddenly pull out. we re getting back to competing, that means some might leave or go on loan to make room.

      anyway, cech is class, he does not switch in, has won pretty much everything he can, he makes the stops and catches you need him to make but importantly he makes those that keep you in a game. that is how a wc keeper do. he is 2nd fiddle only bc chelsea have a new keeper that is on the cusp of being that good…

      1. @VINCE, because of this transfer, forever we will play second fiddle to Chelsea. We must bring better players than them to beat them. You borrow and beg for their left overs and you want to be better than them? You are really going against the gravity law!

        1. By your logic we shoudn’t have bought Sanchez then? He would be second fiddle to Neymar, Messi and Suarez at Barca.

        2. no , wrong. it means we are pulling players from rivals and not the other way around. welbeck, cech. it means a lot. before our players always left to rivals. and it s a signal of intent that arsenal are only settling for the best.

        3. Gavana I don’t know ow what rock you have been living under a rock for the last how many years. Cech is 1 of the best keepers in the world yet alone the BPL. We are taken good players from our rivals weakening them making us stronger. Look at Sanchez he wasn’t wanted at Barcelona we took him and he has shown his worth. It’s Chelsea own fault for making him feel unwanted. Don’t worry mate US REAL GOONERS will welcome you with open arms a big hug and a new set of gloves and helmet. Get it cracking Big man..Get it cracking

        4. So who would you bring in then? Goal keeper wise? Because non of our goals would even make it into the chelsea, utd or city squad in fact they probably would be No1 at spurs

        5. Lmao Fullmetalalc OWNED!!! @gavana with all the thumbs down your comments are getting just quit. Cech is world class, the only reason he’s available is because of Courtois. Stick to your philosophy, I’d go for Cech evvvvvverytime!

    2. I Had to read that twice. Instability and Cech in the same sentence. he’ll bring a wealth of experience a true leader who’s not only an improvement in goal he will use his experience to help improve the defence through organisation plus defenders always play better knowing there’s a safe pair of hand behind them. Not only that he’ll bread his professionalism in to the other goalkeepers and help improve them.

      1. Who better at the moment to bring in as our number than Cech..

        Not only does he come with experience, good record off at on the pitch, hunger to prove his current employers wrong from dropping a classic for a newbie, but he can also be our inside man from Chelsea head to toe as Cole was from us to them.

        He can share there secrets to there defensive organization and probably there weaknesses (maybe Wenger can finally beat big mouth Mou with Cech between the sticks).

        Send Scz on loan and rotate Cech and Ospina. Stability all the way

        1. I was thinking about that 007. I think Wenger can give Ospina Champions league and FA CUP (20 games maybe) games while Cech will be in charge for all 38 Premier league games. we’ve more chance of winning the league title than winning the champions league. just a thought.

      2. Has there been any official news that the deal is done? Do You guys know anything about arsenal and arsene please Dont hold your breath until Its official this is arsenal we are talking about.

    3. Cech deal is starting to remind me of higuain transfer. We were talking about it for weeks right here on justarsenal, only to be hammered by the news that he joined Napoli. Let’s not get our hopes high till its a done deal. Let’s not get over excited

      1. Mate, thank you. That’s why I will not pop my wine until I see it on with his Arsenal jersey number and being welcomed by Ozil or any other player live. Doubting too much? No. My bp went up when Higuain appeared at Napoli. I really want him but I can’t agree that it is happening now for the sake of my health. Some of us are so fanatical about the club that a disappointment can be a health problem. Am praying that it should happen but that Jose of a man hates us. Cech can assist us to get two trophies next season. Expectation too high? Am an Arsenal fan.

        1. PSG are still trying to sign cech, Jose hates us and will do whatever he can to not allow this transfer. I’m not saying we don’t have a chance cuz we do have a slim chance, just saying not to get our hopes high, shiiiiit can happen in seconds. Jose hates us and we fkin hate him. Sorry but I have so little hope of cech joining us. I’m a die hard fan and will get health issues if some things don’t go the way I want them. What I have learned is never get excited about a transfer,only when its done and on

        2. I hear you about Mourinho but the worst he can do is simply to keep Cech out of spite for another season – Cech is out of contract next year and Mou will be 100% powerless then to do anything and there will be no transfer fee. Even someone with as big an ego as Mou will know that another £5M in wages to keep an unhappy player on the bench and the loss of a £10-12M transfer fee is not worth it. He isn’t holding too many trump cards – strikes me he is just distancing himself from the issue to avoid any flak that may follow.

          Like you though, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    4. I still can’t believe cech will join us, it seems like mission impossible. Jose will never allow cech to join us. It won’t happen.

  2. My Chelsea mates seem so scared about this transfer..I don’t know why they think it is only fair for them to buy our players while we cannot buy theirs..I hope cech win us the league just to rub salt into their eyes..or better still stops a penalty in the champions league and eliminates them.

    1. 7 roads to Redemption : 1. Buy players from rivals. 2. Have Spanish clubs weaken them 3. Humiliate Liverpool. 4. Disqualify United to win FA Cup 5. ?? 6. ?? 7. ??

      Wenger has been slowly taking revenge on his rivals for the embarrassment they caused us, all that’s left for him to do is weaken Man City, humiliate United at OT and win the PL 😀

  3. All i want is the pl trophy or the cl……whether cech, benzema, vidal(keep dreaming) come or not, what will decide the season and everything else is a major trophy
    As a matter of fact its a do or die season for our manager unfortunately
    Am sorry AKB’s if i have offended you by mentioning your ‘god’ the sustainer of arsenal without whom our club would perish forever

    1. haha say it again… it’s just another fan’s opinion, I’m sure it was ‘do or die’ for you last season as well but yet he’s still here.
      If all you want is a trophy you deem worthy… not the highs and lows of the season that every fan goes through then you’re just another gloryhunter. not a supporter

      1. yah thats why we had the best season ever in recent history….am not from london so my reasons for supporting arsenal are not geographical….You have no idea how it really feels to win the epl with arsenal my dear…its epic and would go miles to frrl that again so yes, i want glory for arsenal

        1. Well now sweetheart… that’s the truth, I don’t know. But I do know that my support for the club and players throughout the season isn’t dependant upon their success. I’ll continue to support the team because I love the club and what it stands for.
          If you can’t find any joys than potential final honours at the end of season then you’ve got a loooooong time to go….

        2. Some fans just bug me. You cant even get behind your team and show some faith in Wenger by saying i believe we will have a title push without fans saying yeah bet ya said that last season too or jump down your throat with abuse as if you claimed that you believed we were favorites for a pl and cl double.

          Wenger has not even begun his business and he is being wrote off, if thats not pessimism i dont know what is. We have had two good seasons and are looking to push on further, how can you not be excited. How can you not see the improvement. Like i said i believe we will make a scrap of it its not like i said its in the bag. Get behind your team.

            1. No, i have read your comments before and they are usually in support of Wenger and our team also the teams chances. I just came in there with that comment because there was some back and forth arguments and i wanted to get that off my chest after reading someones response to me yesterday. I looked for person who i wanted to say similar to but they werent here so i chose to come in there.

  4. Fantastic would be a good mentor for Szczesny, Especially considering he is bringing in his own goal keeping coach. The man who helped develop his and Courtouis reflexes and speed and has been keeping them at the top of their game. In Other news turns out i was right in claiming that Kondogbia was a “money grabber” details from Italian press claiming he is due to sign a 6 Euro million a year contract plus added bonuses. So it wasn’t that we wernt interested it just he would have been the second highest paid player at the club……News from Portugal aswell Athletico have joined the race officially to sign martinez since loosing Mandzuckic, apparently he is the number one target of the window, They appear to be closer than Arsenal in launching a formal bid for the players services.

  5. Cech is as good as in the bank!:)

    He will hopefully save us when we are struggling and lift his team mates by producing top class saves. Terry is right and some recent sniffing round Chelski
    Forums lets me know that no-one wants this on their side and with him we are seen as very real title contenders!

    All good, however let’s hope we build on this by securing the quality in the positions we need over the summer.

    Sooner rather than later!

  6. Don’t put too many hopes yet into this transaction. Wait to see it on otherwise it will be disappointing. With Maureen willing to seel to PSG (and these needing some competition for Sirigu) I will be very cautious.
    Hoping for Cech but given the last events I keep my joy for myself until officially announced.

  7. The 12-15 pts comment I think really sums it up for us…
    Classy GK’s really do make such a difference. Am loving these final piece of the puzzle rumoured signings as opposed to gambles and players with possible future upsides.
    Our title credentials will increase substantially if we can lure Cech. I have been quietly pondering if we are in the market for an incoming defender based on the Howedes comments…

  8. Its not a done deal until its on ! Still cant believe Chelsea will let it happen !! The fact that Ashley Cole joined them hurts to this day.

      1. Because they have two incredibly consistently effective keepers of top class. Therefore as we are only allowed 11 players on the field at a time, JM has chosen Courtois because he is the younger. Cech has done it all and Maureenho obviously feels that Courtois deserves his chance.

        Nice problem to have but illustrates how Top players with ambition don’t like making up the numbers (coughs..Jack?).

        1. You tell them!! Jack should’ve demanded first-team opportunities, crutches and all!!
          Absolute delusion if you think Jack’s in the squad to ‘make up the numbers.’

          1. Oh, you again.

            I didn’t say he should of made demands when on crutches and I didn’t say he was there to make up numbers.

            My point was that ambitious top players don’t like warming the bench and when you have equal strength in depth then it is an issue for some players (obviously like Cech, hence his need to move and be No.1).

            No delusion just common sense.

            1. “Top players with ambition don’t like making up the numbers (coughs..Jack?).”
              yeah… you did

              1. I don’t think Jack does want to be second fiddle to anyone, and as a top player he won’t be content with that.

                Cech is moving to be No.1 in his position and with our abundance of midfield talent it would not surprise me if he upped sticks and went else where.

    1. Current Chelsea no. 1 thibaut courtois, was on his last year of contract, and he was on loan to Ath. Madrid for 2-3 years I think. He was not going to renew his contract if he was not going to be no. 1 at Chelsea, thus Petr Cech had to move down the pecking order. Nothing more, nothing less. And Chelsea had to do it, cause Courtois is only 23 years old, so they had to gamble for the future on a player with WC potential. For them Courtois serves them longer than Cech.

      For us, Cech is better than our own GK’s. So if we get him (seems likely with SKY SPORTS reporting) I will be happy.

      1. Exactly Darwin. The decision is almost entirely down to Cech – if CFC want to pay him another £5M to sit on the bench next season and want to forgo a £10-12M transfer fee just to spite us and him then all well and good – but next year he walks for free to whereever he wants. Even if Mou is dying to look good here there ain’t much he can do tbh.

        The whole saga is also a neat, but maybe exaggerated, example of how difficult it is to man manage and build a squad with the fabled “two world class players” in every position. All pie in the sky stuff.

    2. let me answer your question with another question:
      who is better in your book, Cech or Courtois?

  9. I don’t share everybody’s happiness about a transfer that isn’t needed. Cech = Ospina
    Sign Hummels or Vidal or Reus or Cavani then I will be interested.

    Cech is in his mid 30s ffs

    1. Goalkeepers are one of the few positions that only get better with Time…Just take a look a Gigi Buffon he hasnt lost any of his ability still amongst the top 5 Goal keepers in the world,

  10. I am hearing comments that Czech is on the decline because he is 33. Just a quick word to the younger gooners out there. We signed a legend called pat Jennings (from the spuds) at the age of 32 and he played for us until the age of forty taking us to three FA cup finals and one cup winners cup final.
    Czech wil be a top signing without any doubt.

    1. True. And although Lehmann got less and less reliable he didn’t come till aged 34 and saw us through the Invincible year. I think van de Sar is the best example I can think of – 35 when he arrived at United, 4 PL and a UCL titles in the next 6 years was a reasonable return!!

  11. I would spend the last dime on pushing to buy a top class striker, Available or not, Push for benzy! Top priority should be a Striker. Which positions we strengthen, we aint winning the league with giroud.

    Stupid fans continue to sing nanana giroud, idiots dont have a good song to sing.

    1. Yeah… Especially in all those games he scored for us this season. What were fans thinking?

    1. Ahhh, just said that above before I scrolled down to you Ks-Gunner. Spot on with van der Sar – 4 PL titles and UCL after the age of 35. Wow.

  12. Cech is an improvement on what we have. 12-15 points is what Terry says he’s worth, but I think he’ll be worth around 6-8 points a season for us, seeing as Ospina and Szczesny are already very good goalkeepers as opposed to mid-table amateurs. That would put us 4-6 points off the title, so we still need extra improvement to our squad. Plus as we know, it’s not that simple…

    1. After the two shots he denied Neymar of, and his clean sheet…i know copa américa isnt the world cup but its still Neymar and Brazil.
      Ospina 8

  13. Lauren now he was a great full back unlike Debuchy and Monreal who are average to decent

    Sign Alves and Alaba

  14. Seriously i cannot understand people on here doubting Cech. He is top class and at 33 years old has plenty of years ahead of him. Not to mention the experience and winning mentality he will bring. Get the deal done its not often a top player like this comes along and actually wants us over all the other teams out there. People moaning that it might upset our current keepers need to remember that in order to be successful you need to be ruthless.

  15. Good signing. My only worrry is how motivated will he be now in his fag end of career. Its not like he has not won trophies, he has won everything with chelsea. Still a good signing

  16. Mouthrinho doesn’t like us. He sees us as title contender. He confided in me that he desires our unbeaten record. I see this as unlikely. He just wants to distract us so as not to strengthen where necessary until the window closes. Remember Ba, Remy, etc issue.

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