Latest Ozil news proof that Wenger is staying at Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger has already given us a clear indication that the decision about whether he will stay on as the manager of Arsenal has been made and that we should all know pretty soon what that decision is. So far, though, we can only speculate and there have been some very conflicting reports in the football media.

If you are looking for some kind of hint about the future of the Frenchman, then I think you could do a lot worse than look at the report in The Mirror this weekend regarding Mesut Ozil, because if it is true that the German international is not going to move on in the summer as many people expect, I think it means that he already knows that Wenger is still going to be his boss.

Ozil told the German press, “I am contracted until 2018 and I feel very comfortable.

“We’ll talk soon and then make a decision.”

To be honest I am not sure what to make of this news. On one hand I am happy that Arsenal are not going to lose one of our best players, and when he is on his game Ozil can be unplayable and the heartbeat of our team. On the other hand I cannot help but feel that our playmaker is going through the motions and taking the easy option because he seems to have it very easy under Wenger who seems unwilling to push him or even criticise his poor performances.

Do you think this news from Ozil tells us that Wenger is going to have at least one more season at Arsenal? If so, what do you think of it?



  1. khangunners says:

    If wenger has accepted the squad needs an overhaul then why are we wasting 2 years to give him do the overhaul. Its clear he has already accepted we are a mess then lets bring in another guy to fix this mess i dont get why some fans are soooo happy that wenger is going to fix the mess seriously. If it has come to this why waste 2 years where another manager can do the overhauling and make the team compete again

  2. khangunners says:

    Admin we need to take the atmosphere into consideration when posting articles. Old men i mean very old men(60-70) are crying there eyed out because of wenger and they come online and read what has been posted from fri-sun all wenger is staying stuff,overhauling stuff hahaha man this will kill us. This is a forum that needs to make us feel proud of being gunners and give us the strength to push on. What you are doing is squashing us completely. I recall yesterday reading an article about wenger having supposedly held talks with stan to stay for 2 years. My mood immediately changed i was in shock i could even destroy my phone(almost threw it on the wall). Its good you want pple to talk but checking the articles the fans are tired with wenger we need something to push us untill the end of season so kindly see to this . it has reached a point where arsenal fc has to treat its fans right. If they are not carefull they are lossing alot of fans and judging on the mood so many guys love towards the club is slowly fading away and pple dont even care no more. After all there are better things to do with ur life than arsenal but its a very hard move trust me guys who hve stopped watching games hve a big hole in there life but its down to how our club is being managed. Now that wengers failure has been exposed they are putting all the blame on the squad and talking about an overhaul seriously???? I see soms guys here talking and saying players need to do there part but looking at the way we play can you see roles of players in the pith? Or what tactics we are using? In order to kill a lizard you must make sure the head is chopped off we are now cutting the tail and thinking we hve solved the issue no way guys lets wake up before it tooo late.

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