Latest Pablo Mari update – deal still very much alive

Arsenal could still land Pablo Mari before the end of the transfer window.

The Gunners looked to have completed the move for the defender with him travelling to London last week. However, he travelled back to brazil after the transfer stalled. One member of flamengo’s board came out to slam Arsenal for their approach making most football observers think that the deal was off.

However, a report on ESPN claims that the move is still very much on and Arsenal could still get their man.

The report claims that the deal had suffered a setback earlier in the week, but both teams were still talking and there is a high likelihood that the move will be completed this week.

Mari was happy to be in London and he seemed to be confident of joining the Gunners before he travelled back in disappointment, however, he has reportedly been pressuring his club to agree on a deal with Arsenal.

The same report also claims that Arsenal wants a loan deal with the option of a permanent signing at the end of the season, but the Brazilians want a permanent transfer of £7.5 million for a player they signed from Manchester City for £2 million last year.

It seems there are contradictory reports on this transfer almost hourly, however, ESPN is a lot more credible that a lot of outlets and I am inclined to go with what they are saying at this moment in time.

Well, until the next credible media outlet reports something totally different.


  1. “Ericksen was greeted by jubilant Inter fans at the Humanitas clinic in Rozzano, where he underwent his medical before penning his £130k-per-week deal, keeping him at the San Siro until June 2024”. Skysport. £130k for eriksen and we are paying ozil $350k, or is it an error from skysport.

    1. Has anyone seen Ozil’s Bank statements, pay check or contract?
      If not the reported fee is probably media BS just to upset our fickle fan base.

      1. The answer to that Invader Zim is, who the hell cares anyway. Why let facts get in the way of a crusade against an individual…no matter who that is.

        Just like every other player at the club, the only people who know the terms of their contracts are the Inland revenue, the player and his agent and the club itself – as was proven when it was leaked about some of the reported clauses in auba’s contract and how that caused a raised eyebrow or two.

        Could it be that erickson gets an extra £50,000 for a win, £50,000 for each assist, £75,,000 for each goal he scores, £100,000 for CL qualification and to top it all off, £100,000 if he sells more shirts than Ozil in a week!!!

        Who knows, who cares, it doesn’t change a thing does it?

        1. Well you, for one, certainly “care” enough Ken! Every time an anti OZIL ARTICLE OR POST APPEARS YOU ARE THERE, COMMENTING ON IT – WHICH SHOWS YOU CARE- LIKE BEES ROUND A HONEYPOT. And you are right, in that it doesn’t change a thing.

      1. Reminds me of a old song GB…”Was all over my jealousy”…if only he had the talent, or the agent, to get that kind of money, he would, of course refuse it.

        My question is, why do other clubs deliver their transfèr targets, while our club can’t – but hey!!! lets bring up Ozil again, because that will solve the problem.

        1. Actually GB, thinking about it, the reported £350,000 a week that Leno quoted has already been reduced to £320,000 in the space of two posts, so it all goes to prove nobody has a clue exactly anyway – Im sure I read it was £200,000 a week being paid directly from his shirt sales, but that could be just media speculation – what we all can agree on is it’s obscene and doesnt affect MA or the club in the slightest.

          1. Nope, there was a miscommunication the £320k was for Eriksen and not Ozil, so nobody reduced Ozils wages Ken and serious man, nearly every comment, no matter what the post is about you bring Ozil into it and you accuse others of obsession. I rarely agree with Jon but he is spot on when he calls you the obsessive one. Stay on topic just for once mate.

          2. Try again as the first reply went missing again and I know its not you martin…now if you read the first post by lenohappy, he mentioned Ozils salary…and of course you did because you went off topic just as I did to reply to him.

            Any difference between the two, especially as you went off topic at 7.33 and I followed at 9.10?
            Perhaps you changed the rules in that period of time? If so, I humbly apologise once again.

            If not, can I ask you apply the same rules to yourself as to others, as that only seems fair wouldn’t you say?

            1. Leno Happy wrote “Ericksen was greeted by jubilant Inter fans at the Humanitas clinic in Rozzano, where he underwent his medical before penning his £130k-per-week deal, keeping him at the San Siro until June 2024”. Skysport. £130k for eriksen and we are paying ozil $350k, or is it an error from skysport. I responded “I read it was £320k”, purely in reference to Eriksen’s £130k. Nothing more, nothing less, I just answered his question whether it was an error by sky sports. I did not think he was on about Ozil’s wage because I see no reason why Sky Sports would mention Ozils wage in this context and reading LenoHappy comment again it seems to me he was referring to Eriksen, he just used Ozil as an example.

              1. I should also add that LenoHappy did go OT and I should have said something but all I did was answer his question and just being helpful as I do on occasions with many others on here. Absolutely nothing at all to do with Ozil from me.

          3. In my first response to lenohappy, I didn’t use Ozils name, except as a silly shirt remark.

            If you look at it martin, I used the term “like every player at the club” as a specific, it was Jon Fox and you who chose to see my words as being simply about Ozil….an obsession that you both seem to have.

            So I feel perfectly vindicated and, perhaps, you should be chastising lenohappy for going off topic as it seems he got it all wrong anyway and led you off topic as well.

            I hope this reply doesn’t go missing as well – time will tell.

            1. Nope, it is still here and you are wrong and if you look at the chronology of the comments you will clearly see I came in after you following further comments from you all about Ozil, I did not respond or partake in any conversation with you based on your first response. You are now really trying to dig yourself out of a hole Ken that you have created. You did not take any time to understand the first comment from Leno, you took no time to see my first comment on the thread and you further have not taken time to read the chronology. As for Leno going OT, I recognised that and said I should have said something. Another comment you have chosen to ignore. Seriously mate, give it a rest.

    2. @ Lenohappy it seems asif you are running short of something to say. This is arsenal blog not spurs or Inter.Why are you talking about spurs player here. We are not interested

      1. It was intentionally done to rope Ozil and his weekly salary in.
        I just don’t know why people are so jealous of others that they just won’t allow them be.
        Every topic here no matter how remote it is never fails to end up an Ozil debate.
        People please leave Ozil alone because he never forced anybody to pay him what he is receiving for doing the job he is doing.

  2. I heard Arsenal have a deal in place worth £30m for Ukrainian Mykola Matviyenko… if Pablo Mari deal collapse

    1. I saw that as well Ojee and it came from his club in an official statement, with Arsenal deciding whether to complete or not before the transfer deadline…It was on youtube by the way.

  3. At the price quoted for Mari, given the good reports from Flamengo fans and his performance in the World Club final against Liverpool, Arsenal can’t go wrong.

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