Latest Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang update is a little bit of a worry

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has hinted that he is yet to receive a contract offer from Arsenal as fans wait patiently for the news that he has signed a new Gunners deal.

The Gabon striker is already in the final year of his current deal with the Gunners and he has been targeted by several top European teams.

The Gunners have made it clear that they want him to stay, however, they have been unable to reach an agreement with him over a new deal.

For some time now, it has been thought that Arsenal has offered him a new deal which he has refused to sign, however, he has just hinted that he hasn’t been given a new contract offer to sign.

The striker was speaking to his brother, Willy Aubameyang on Instagram live recently and he told his brother that while everyone is urging him to sign the new deal, he hasn’t seen the contract offer from the club.

The striker said as quoted in the Sun: “Everyone is showing the pen & paper [emoji] but I still don’t have the papers bruv!”

The striker is reportedly close to signing a new deal at the Emirates that will see him earn around £250,000-per-week, but until he puts pen to paper, there is still the possibility that the club might lose him this summer or the next one for free.

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  1. It seems Auba is as impatient as us.

    Let’s all take a breath and try to stop checking the news every 5 mins.


    1. No I don’t actually
      All he has said as far as I can make out is that he has not been shown a contract to sign..yet. I’m thinking that the work has been done behind the scenes with the club and his agent. The signing of the contract will be filmed/photographed etc and hopefully… hey presto!

  2. I don’t think Aubameyang would lie about this. A times, I wonder if the guys running arsenal know their priorities. For instance, Partey signing should have been prioritised over Gabriel signing. They should have offered Aubameyang the contract immediately after winning the FA cup.

  3. Sue what did I tell you a couple of days ago. Arsenal effing football club. This might just turn out to be one of our worst Windows ever. I’m not even gonna bother my head anymore about what we do. I’m just gonna wait till transfer deadline before deciding whether to rant or to just not watch our games next season or to break open the champagne bottle and party. This transfer window will play a huge role in deciding that for me I’m afraid.

    1. I do believe they’re just messing with us, Kstix. The ITKs have been saying since August 2 that he’s about to sign/has signed/promo work is being done etc… the only trouble is it’s now August 21 😱 argh!!!!! So mean making us wait this long!! I
      It’ll be like groundhog day again tomorrow… I’ll say to you “this is it, today’s the day”… to then keep regularly checking online for news – nada!! 😂😂
      Sigh…. haha!!

  4. maybe he hasnt been to the ground yet as he only came back to UK late last night and im not sure when he is due back to training, it could be just a matter of time till its done, also many have reported over a week ago that the club is lining up a double announcement which could be a new signing and aubas contract.

  5. “Have a good night, enjoy and hopefully great news for everybody.” You did not add that he said this also.

      1. Haha I was going to ask that 😆
        Gabriel’s right though… they’re toying with us and I can’t stand it 🤪

  6. Arsenal fans should stop preempting. We’ve not seen or heard anything from those at the top but we tend to believe everything that comes up. That’s our worry and always think we know better than those at the helm. Can we please be patient?

  7. Just imagine for one moment, that you are the agent representing Thomas Partey or any other player for that matter looking to join AFC. Auba, their leading goal-scorer and Captain, is yet to be re-signed by the Club and, as a result, there is a strong wave of uncertainty regarding the future. The fans are getting worried, the pundits are expressing concerns and time is running out. AFC is enticing your player to sign for the Club but other ambitious Clubs with better squads are calling too. What in good conscience would you do to protect the interest of your client!!

  8. Imo and I’m not ITK, Gabriel is holding out till the Koulibaly deal is completed and Napoli can offer him AND IS AGENT more. Whether it’s his agent telling GM to wait or that GM prefers to go to Napoli, why???
    I’d say it’s his agent as Napoli are more likely to pass large bundles under the table.
    Why would GM not want to live in London, with a group of Brazilians already at AFC.

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