Latest Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang update is not good news for Arsenal fans

Reports in Spain claim Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is still interested in Barcelona

Arsenal will not be happy with the latest news about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s future as it is revealed that he is still very much interested in moving to Barcelona.

Barcelona became interested in the Gabonese attacker in the last transfer window as they consider a replacement for Luis Suarez.

The attacker also appeared interested in the move as he looks to win more trophies.

However, Arsenal were able to keep their star man, but Barcelona intends to return in the summer.

There have been mixed reports over his future with some claiming that he would no longer move to Spain, while others have claimed that he remains Barcelona’s plan B if they cannot sign Lautaro Martinez.

Fresh reports from Spain via Sport claims that Aubameyang is still very interested in moving to the Catalan side.

The report further claims that some of the attacker’s family members have been living near Barcelona for a few months now and that could be a sign that he will join them there soon.

Mikel Arteta has admitted that he knows he could lose his star man in the summer, but the Spaniard has also promised that the club would do all that they can to make sure that keep him beyond his current deal.


  1. Wow, yesterday it was good news as Barca didn’t want Auba, they wanted Neymar… now it’s bad news, they still want him 🙄 oh who knows……

    1. It seems nobody does at the moment Sue – I have decided to just wait and see.

      It reminds me a little of the judas boy, loves the club, the players, the fans…just not quite enough to commit to all three though!!!

  2. Let him go! If he don’t want to stay, he is useless anyway. An unhappy footballer is no good footballer. It’s like any kind of relation: if your girl don’t want to be with you anymore, you must let her go. A relationship that doesn’t work is meaningless and humiliating for both parts. And I’m not particularly impressed by Auba as a person. The miss he did against the greeks cost Asn’l a lot of money. If Auba were a man he realized what he have to do to repay that horrible mistake. But he doesn’t.

    1. Some fans are just fickle.
      You hear a rumor about your player and shoot, you berate him.
      Less than 24 hours ago we read right here that Barca were no more interested in Auba. We now hear rumors of the otherwise and bam “Auba is useless”. Useless?
      Joint top scorer last season, 2nd top scorer in the just suspended league, playing with average players and you say useless?
      We don’t have to use words just anyhow please. They become communication barriers.

      Auba can’t do all. Else, he would have been the only signed striker in our team.
      If a mistake or missed chance renders one useless, then everybody is useless.

      Auba has spoken of his love for our team, his happiness, needing no trophy to prove to anyone that he is a top striker and a valuable one as such. Yet, you prefer to dwell on unfounded rumors to destroy him. Auba said people just like to talk and you confirm that.
      We are where we are mainly because of Auba’s goals and Leno’s saves. He squanders one and you want us to hang him.
      Auba and Arsenal relationship not working saids Robert who thinks a defending top scorer who is still scoring and in the position to defend the scoring title is useless.
      Anyway, have you thought over why your girlfriends always would want to leave you?


  4. He deserves better. At 30yrs its time for him to accumulate funds. The guy needs better wages

  5. Yeah he does but not from Arsenal.

    No doubt, his been giving us goals But he hasn’t been a Star Match Man who can single handedly carry a team on his shoulders and deliver a spectacular display.
    A reasonable 300k deserves more than just Goals.

    Honestly his misses have torn AFC apart also since he Joined.

    If he wants to Leave, Farewell to him.

  6. Can Ozil carry the team on his should? He is above 300k/week. Auba should be paid more than Ozil

  7. The Board approving the over the top payment to Ozil has been the stick to break Arsenal. The “value” of top players has now been set at a ridiculous, unsustainable level and Aubameyang considers that he is now worth similar money.
    From a financial perspective for now and the future Arsenal has to get the highest transfer fee possible for Aubameyang (and any other player refusing to resign) and reinvest the funds in the transfer market.

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