Latest results could be bad news for Arsenal (Opinion)

Manchester United and Liverpool were both handed devastating Premier League beatings today, and could well challenge Arsenal for their key targets.

If you didn’t already know, tomorrow (Monday October 5) will be deadline day for Premier League teams, and Arsenal amongst many of our rivals appear to have unfinished business.

We are believed to be desperate to bring in a midfield star to bolster our midfield, with Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar strongly linked throughout the summer, while Jorginho is a deal which appears more likely at present.

While we are keen to bring in a top player to bring us closer to our rivals, we may well be joined by Chelsea in their bid to shore up their options, but with both Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool have all had their weaknesses exposed this weekend.

The Red Devils were downed 6-1 at Old Trafford, with Tottenham duo Heung Min Son and Harry Kane embarrassing their whole side.

City were the best team for the opening 25 minutes against Leeds, before the team found themselves very much on the backfoot for the remainder, and in turn were lucky to escape with a point, while Premier League champions were also utterly embarrassed by Aston Villa.

These results could well force each of them to reassess their options, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find both Manchester teams and Chelsea in Madrid hoping to do a deal for Partey.

We will no doubt have to have backup options in the works tomorrow, but with so many teams in desperate need in similar areas, we could well struggle to do what has been needed throughout the summer, and our failure to do the right business early in the window may be our downfall.

Will Chelsea, United, City and maybe even Liverpool all be forced to bring in a new midfield option tomorrow? Would it makes sense for each side to be considering Partey?


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  1. I don’t think Man United and City have an issue related to B2B/DM players. They need quality CBs. Where as Liverpool might need a another good defender to partner VVD but I doubt they will go for any midfileder. What happened both teams could not have been prevented by Partey.

    1. Mohsan, I agree with your assessment; however Thomas Partey would strengthen any team in the EPL.

  2. To those fans who didn’t appreciate our 2-1 win against Sheffield United today, hope you’ve seen the scorelines in all the other games? Learn to appreciate every 3pts you get.
    Meanwhile, this season is gradually shaping up like the season of the underdogs (when Leicester won the league). I hope we don’t make the same mistake that cost us the title that season. We just have to strengthen our midfield. If Aouar is no longer possible this window, then let’s get Partey and maybe Jiorginho on loan.
    We can’t just stand by and watch Everton win the league.

    1. 👍 The strength of the EPL is such that, any team not on their game will lose to any other team on any given day.

    1. I’d love Grealish… I doubt Villa will ever want to part with him… besides he’s just signed a new deal…

      1. I don’t know why we did not went for him from the start after last season ended. We could have got him before he extended his contract. He is English so no issues with home grown number, he is talent and skillful so would have fit right in and to top it all his kind of player is exactly what we want in this midfiled.

        1. The same reason we missed out on Zaha – too expensive!!
          It’s a pity.. he’d have been brilliant for us!

          1. They are offering Aouar the same, crazy that they are thinking of someone out of PL while they have some options here!

  3. Only one thing I feel like shouting – “ADRIAN”…… just like in Rocky 😂😂😂

    I’m braced for tomorrow… expectations are low – as low as the Mancs in the table – so anything else will be a bonus!

  4. One good thing is that our invincible record should stay intact for another year ,unless Everton or villa go unbeaten

  5. Few sources talking bout Matteo loan to Hertha Berlin being done, if true I feel like we will definitely sign a new midfielder tomorrow, gonna guess Soumare.

    1. Hope your right mate, dude may
      not be the finished product but
      his potential has no ceiling IMHO.

      Get it done MA ans Edu

    2. Arsenal should please make a statement of intent for once and sign Party before city.l,united Liverpool or Chelsea snap him away.

  6. I wish you lot stop it if we going to get a player it’s the 2nd rate Brazilian but I rather not sign him because he’s even slower than we’ve already god help us

  7. We can’t let Guendouzi and Torreira leave on loan, without any replacement. I’m quite hopeful that we’ll get in one or two midfielders.
    If not, we can kiss Top4 goodbye

    1. Smooth, they are two different players, so not a one or the other swap. Really Arsenal needs both, with Partey as strong physically commanding quick box to box midfielder and Soumare as DM.

  8. It could be good news as well. The pool
    result shows going direct will pay
    All possession count for nothing if u can’t score. Wengers ballet and
    possession soccer comes to mind.

    1. Same playing style yeilded so many trophies and gave us champions League year after year…stop slating and blaming Wenger for your short sightedness. It was not only possession football we scored a lot of goals as well. 90% of those trophies in club cabnet are result of the Wenger football.

  9. What a weekend!The pools and the Manks lost heavily while we won! Up the Gunners! This year the PL is as open as it can be and before Everton go for the title and Villa make it to the top 4 we must act. Hope we get atleast one midfielder today.

    1. This season has been one of the best ever… and we’re only 4 games in!!!
      Nice to see other teams doing so well…

  10. Pretty sure Chelsea will not go for Partey.
    Their central midfield consists of Kante + a deep lying playmaker (Kovacic/Jorginho). Only if they sell Kante would it make sense for them…

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