Latest Ryan Fraser rumours rather meaningless where Arsenal are concerned

It did not take long, did it? Arsenal is yet again being linked with Bournemouth winger Ryan Fraser, according to the Daily Express.

But once you delve into the rumour it is actually a massive nothing.

The so-called link is entirely based on the fact that the Scottish international has not yet signed an extension and is running his contract down.

That means absolutely nothing to Arsenal, there was no evidence at all that they were ever interested in the 25-year-old, it was all pure speculation.

Fraser did say that he was flattered by the reported interest in him but that is all it was, reported interest.

Fraser has impressive stats in terms of assists but so what, lots of players have impressive stats, does not mean that Arsenal are interested in signing them, it just means that in one particular area a certain player has done well.

Where would Fraser even fit in now? the forward line at Arsenal is already fairly saturated and if the club was looking to bring in yet another winger surely it would be Wilfried Zaha they would target once again and even then I would ask why.

Obviously, if Fraser does become a free agent and his representatives make it clear he wants a move to Arsenal then I am sure the club would look at the situation but let’s be honest, he could have been bought for a lot less money than was spent on Nicolas Pepe and so if they did not want him when he was available for a bit of a bargain why would they be interested now?

The bottom line is that there is nothing new here at all.


  1. Am actually surprised that no team signed him in the Summer, at a point I was thinking maybe Everton will go for him since he’s only going to cost 25million but instead they signed the talentless Iwobi.

      1. Iddi amin apangu,
        God forbid, how can you even say iwobi is better than Fraser, iwobi is the worst player in the history of The arsenal and am so glad we got rid of him.

    1. Don’t do this to yourself bruh.Iwobi is better than Ryan Fraser.People are deceived by the stats once again.
      It will be a day for a lot of pathetic comments here when Arsenal play Everton.The fanboys vs those who dislike him no matter what

      1. Iwobi ain’t that great, he’s not a better player in any way . The only thing iwobi has on him is that he’s younger .
        Dont be fooled by the two goals iwobi has scored. We all know he can’t score more than 5 goals this season.

        1. No I’m not fooled.Iwobi is a better player than Ryan Fraser.Youve allowed your dislike of the player to cloud your judgement to the extent that you’re already saying he can’t score more than 5 goals this season.I can’t imagine the criticism Fraser would have gotten for not being able to beat his man had he signed for us

          1. I don’t dislike iwobi, neither do I like Frazer. Frazer is average at best but so is iwobi that’s why I said he’s not better in any way . Fans have always assumed iwobi is more talented than he his which is not true.. we always use the excuse that he’s young to cover up he’s deficiencies but iwobi is no more a kid . Sancho , mbappe, timo Werner are also young . Did u know iwobi scored just 11 goals for arsenal that’s too poor . Fraser had 7 goals and 15 assists in one season.

          2. He’s still better than Fraser.The stats don’t change my mind at all.
            Even if Iwobi scores more than five goals his time here with us is already done.He was a baller on his day but poor decision making didn’t help him.With experience he’ll be better but somethings are about a player’s talent.That being said he’s ahead of Fraser but Fraser is more decisive

        2. Watch our games last season . SOmething was peculiar 80% of the games .Most of our attack came from the left .
          Iwobi is is so bad he had 6 goals and 9 assists .
          Iwobi is so bad he was signed for 35 million , Iwobi is so sad he is a regular for his country ,a country who has internationals everywhere .
          Iwobi is so bad he has 2 goals already , apart from Aubameyang who has that in our team this season .
          IWobi was not the most talented but he was improving and in my eyes is better than Nelson .Hate him all you want because he came from the academy and did not cost us 70 million .Now he is gone let him be . Face your negative energies on players like Xhaka and Sokratis .

      1. Sue,
        Ahhh you know am not an iwobi fan lol, am just surprised that an headless chicken, talentless and a player who won’t cost more than 10million and will end up playing at Brentford like iwobi could end up at Everton for 40million and a class player like Fraser who is the next big thing cant find a club for just 20million. The world is a funny place don’t you think Sue.

        1. The world sure is a funny place, Lenohappy..and btw your comments are funny too (love the description of Iwobi) it did bring a smile to my face – thank you!! ?

        2. Well, Iwobi is playing better than Fraser this year and is already in the Everton starting line up, so it seems people who know football rate him higher than you.

          Don’t misunderstand me, his shooting was nowhere near good enough for a top 6 team so it was wise to let him go and repeat the process with Nelson whose value will also increase by playing for us, but will also be found to not be good enough (precise shots but lacking power, lack of incision, lack of pace for a top winger).

          But Iwobi offers many things not covered by stats – he moves the ball forward fast, is confident on the ball (until he has to shoot), has fantastic stamina while also being quite fast…

        3. Lenohappy with is sarcasm

          Anyway, I will make it plain. Stats can come in a season, so it doesn’t mean the player has talent.
          Speaking of talent, Iwobi is better than Frazer and he is only lucky to have those stats. And we are been link to him because of that.

          I’m looking forward to Iwobi to prove is critic wrong this season though.

          But one thing I know is that, if Iwobi(cos he plays well against big teams) was brought on instead of Myhki, we all know our neighbours and Sanchez won’t stand a chance.

    2. your hatred towards iwobi is making you look like someone who has never watched iwobi play or even football atall, get out of your comfort zone and accept that iwobi was and still a good player. he does not deserve to be called talentless if you watch and know football

  2. It was never pure speculation.Arsenal were interested in Ryan Fraser but he wasn’t top priority like media made it seem.The targets were Pepe,Zaha,Everton Soares and Ryan Fraser long with some other names like Jarrod Bowen and Bergwijn which weren’t our main priority.

  3. The author of the article wonders why

    1. arsenal would want another good winger since they already have 1 that is good (Pepe). Ummm, maybe having a good one on the left would be useful.

    2. arsenal would go for Fraser on a free when they could instead just spend their entire transfer budget on Zaha (who is admittedly better)


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