Latest stats show just how much Arsenal have improved under Arteta

Arsenal has been nothing short of outstanding this season. They haven’t just been picking results; they’ve also been breaking previous records after records.

What is the latest record that they’ve broken?

Looking at a detailed Premier League table, with the Gunners at the top, you can see they have a goal difference of +51. That’s a goal difference the North Londoners haven’t had since the final game of the 2004-05 season.

Arsenal’s goal tally rose to 75 after defeating Brighton 3-0 on Saturday. We have the league’s highest goal total. Aside from their outstanding goalscoring statistics, their defensive record is something to envy. Not conceding against Brighton meant they remained the side with the fewest goals conceded in the league (24). Thus, their goal differential is +51.

The Gunners have regained the competitive edge under Mikel Arteta’s leadership. In fact, one can argue they are playing their best football ever under the Spaniard, who emphasises teamwork and tactical discipline.

They must maintain the high standards they’ve established as this season nears its end.

They must continue to score goals and mercilessly destroy their opponents. And while they continue to fire on all cylinders, they should hope that their defence remains as strong as it has been in order to frustrate opponents and help them create an even greater goal differential record.

Let us hope that Arsenal continue to break more and more records which see us win the league title at last..

Darren N

Life is good for us Arsenal fans right now

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  1. It really makes one wonder, what in the world the Kroenke’s are waiting on to hand the young Spaniard a brand new contract.

    A telephone call from God?

    1. Probably to capitalize on the success with a trophy?

      Maybe if they invested over 700 million, they might want to see a trophy of some kind. Otherwise I am not sure of what the hold up is. How we finish the season in the PL and CL?

      Arteta has the decision making power on players it seems, and has all the influence and control a manager could want.

    2. No need for one to wonder.
      The Kroenkes reposed their trust in the gaffer even when doubters aplenty.
      They saw…. way back what some people are now seeing.
      For me, the sense of belongingness on the part of MA coupled with the respect and trust by the Kroenkes and players, I am confident that we are going to be seeing the gaffer at the helm of affairs for a long time to come 👍

  2. Exactly, he hasnt signed an extension contract yet that worries me and the management hasnt said anything about it either. Dont need any of those clubs especially barca to come after MA. History shows they always comes after our players!! MA is vital for this project to succeed!!!

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