Latest Thomas Partey update is not that encouraging for Arsenal

Arsenal is no closer to sealing the transfer of Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid according to the latest reports.

The Gunners have been looking to sign the Ghanaian for a long time now after Mikel Arteta identified him as the perfect midfielder to add to his team (EuroSport).

He has emerged as one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the world at the moment and he will be a top-quality addition to the Gunners’ midfield should he join them.

Atletico Madrid wants to keep him and the Spaniards are even planning to hand him a new deal that will see his current release clause increase.

But Arsenal is keen to get their man now and they reportedly made an offer for him which was turned down (Guardian).

Atletico Madrid has made it clear that they don’t want to sell him and that any team that is interested in landing him should pay his release clause.

That clause is worth 50 million euros and that is a lot of money for Arsenal to splash on one player at the moment.

Journalist Matteo Moretto, has just tweeted on the latest update on his move and everything is pretty much at a standstill now.

His tweet reads: “No changes to the theme #Thomas I leave because the #Arsenal He does not want to spend the 50 million clause and everything remains the same”

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  1. This penny pinching attitude has prevented us signing quality players for too long it’s time to re think our transfer policy/ We sell our players way below their true value then have to pay top money for replacements. Just pay the money show the player we really value him and want him in our team.

    1. Yes totally agree just sign him before someone else agrees to his release Claus and gazzumps us!!!
      For god sake £50 euros for probably the best box to box midfielder in the world cmon kronkes put your money in now and help us out recoup through sales after we sign him don’t generate money through sales to buy players because that could drag out to the last day of the transfer window people looking for good deals buy then sell!!!

    2. Exactly right, gooner4life. Emery wanted Partey, Board said NO. Arteta wants Partey, Board says let’s be cheap and haggle.
      Atletico Madrid says we want to keep Partey, so Arsenal pay buy out of €50 million or take a running jump.
      Arsenal walks off into mediocrity, with head coach again being not supported. Two head coaches have now seen that Thomas Partey is the physically commanding, dominant box to box midfielder Arsenal has been crying out for since Patrick Viera left. Emery and Arteta can see it, we can see it, why can’t the Board see it?
      The future does not look good.

    1. Which will result in getting a lesser player. Partey is one of the best in his position. We’ve gone over a decade playing around with this role in our team and not one of the players we’ve bought since Vieira has even come close to him. We need a mixture of assured top players, and potential top players. Auba is our only certified top player right now and we will need more than him to compete.

      1. RSH yes he is one of the best and that is because Atletico invested 7 years developing him with patience and it will be stupid to sell him when there is no need it. Will you be okay if we sell Auba.

  2. It’s not bad news, it’s just the same news as a few weeks ago. I think we’ll have to be patient with this one because Arsenal will have to raise funds before we buy. So we’ll probably see several players departing before we land him. Edu and Arteta seem focused on getting the deals they want done. Willian and Gabriel were both targets they wanted we got them. 99% chance that a few years ago we would’ve totally ruined the Gabriel deal and would be lamenting how we were unable to pull it off. I have faith in Edu & Arteta to get this done. AMN looks like he is leaving (im sad…), and today there are even reports about Bellerin possibly going too. Holding, Sokratis also have been in the media alot. Let’s wait for some of these deals to go through and I’m sure we will be in a better position.

    1. I am not happy about this Thomas Partey news.
      Thomas Partey signing is as important as Aubameyang renewing his contract. If we fail to land him this window, then it will be disappointing transfer window.
      45m pounds is not too much for a player of his ability. That midfield is not good enough. It lacks steel.
      Xhaka is slow. he cant pass with his right foot. He cant dribble and move with the ball. Torrera does not have the height. he gets bullied off the ball especially against tall players. Ceballos is not a defensive midfielder. pay up Arsenal. get Thomas Partey.

      1. Agree. And yeah it’s frustrating to have to wait to see if it happens. Hard to know what our transfer budget is with COVID going on tho, but the fact we do have sellable players is a huge positive and it means we can definitely raise the money if the transfers go through. Partey would totally transform our midfield.

    2. RSH, the reason we blew so many transfers previously, is exactly the same reason we are discussing this today – the club will always try and get a bargain basement deal and it is still carrying on under Huss Fahhy and kronkie.

      We haven’t yet announced the signing of Gabriel, held up, it is being reported, because manure are offering more money.
      Now I hope that’s not true and we announce his signing tomorrow, along with Auba’s new contract.

      To compare this with previous years is quite reasonable, but until we see the players actually in our shirt, it would be rather foolhardy to assume all is well.
      If MA was being supported 100% by kronkie, then the Partey situation would not exist, he would have been ours in the stroke of a pen two or three weeks ago.

      1. Yeah, I’m afraid you’re right to some degree. And that’s been a hurdle every transfer window having Kroenke as the owner. I just have a more positive feeling with Arteta as the manager and until things go downhill I’m gunna keep some belief we can pull this transfer off. And as for Gabriel, i also like to be very cautious, but essentially every reliable reporter is saying that he’s had his medical and is in London. It’s technically possible anything can still happen but it looks done and hopefully it will be official in the next couple of days 🙂

    3. Not bad news at all.He will be the last to come in though.With paying the buyout close in Spain,what happens is that the buying Team pays the full amount of buyout close the Spanish La Liga,which in turn transfers the funds to the selling team,then they release the player.So the funds have to be available in full.I beleive it will be a case of selling off the likes of Elneny and Torreira,Maitland is already on the way out,that should raise enough funds and then some to bring back Cebalos

  3. I will be sad if we miss out on Partey. That position needs to be filled with such a player.
    If we don’t get him then we should get someone similar to him.

  4. We have other options in current squad and out of Arsenal in other clubs as well. We need a creater while Partey is good B2B player but he has not excelled in creating role n probably that’s not his job either. Xhaka is kind of doing that job of defending from back and also spraying long balls, we also have AMN who I think is undervalued plus If Guendozi stays he has the skill set and strength to fullfil this better then anyone. We need to go for a Carzola type player who can create and pull strings in Midfield. A midfield front playing general and playmaker like Zizu or like Xavi who can sit deep while do the same role.

    1. Yes, Mohsan, Arsenal need at least 2 if not 3 midfielders if they want to compete; however Thomas Partey is the key to rebuilding the midfield. I am sick of seeing the Arsenal midfield bullied and overrun. To compare Xhaka to Partey is ludicrous, but Partey playing along side him or AMN would make either better players.

  5. I believe we will get Partey. It’s a matter of getting enough cash to pay off his release clause
    The player himself is keen
    The massive Arsenal fan base in his native Ghana are putting pressure on him.
    I prey we get him. For me he is the absolute priority.

  6. Partey is a must for us. We can sell Guendouzi, Socrates, Elnony, either Chambers or Holding Mhikhi and the necessary funds will be generated to get Partey.

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