Latest update on Arsenal position over a move for Wilfried Zaha

Long term target Wilfried Zaha will not be moving to Arsenal in January.

Wilfried Zaha was one of Arsenal’s major transfer targets in the last transfer window. The Ivorian who had just signed a new deal a couple of months back wanted the move and handed in a transfer request. But his wish was not granted.

Arsenal tabled a bid of £40 million which was well short of the £100 million that the Eagles wanted for his services. Everton also tried with a £70 million bid for his signature and it was also rejected.

Zaha hasn’t had the best of seasons but remains Palace’s best player and clubs are still interested in signing him.

However, Arsenal will not be one of those vying for his signature. Arsenal signed Nicolas Pepe after failing in their bid to land Zaha and are no longer looking for a winger.

Zaha is currently contracted to Palace until 2023 and would not come cheap should he decide to leave Selhurst Park.

Reports at the moment indicate that Arsenal are happy with their squad. The only time they would make new signings would be if several players get injured.

For Zaha to also become a target again, Arsenal would have to be in a situation that they have lost either of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette.

So, in conclusion, unless there is a dramatic change in circumstances, Zaha will not be joining Arsenal in January.

That is a shame really, can you imagine Zaha and Pepe in the same Arsenal team?


  1. I can imagine Zaha and Pepe swapping their positions interchangeably to confuse the opponents

    Unfortunately Zaha will be too old three years later

    Arsenal had better try to get Vinicius Jr in the summer. Maybe try to swap Ozil with him in a loan deal

    1. why would Real want a 32 year Ozil in the summer?

      This is not Fifa20….

      fans cannot insist rejected players be wanted by other clubs

      1. Ozil is still very popular, especially in Muslim populous country. He will sell a lot of shirts for Madrid and he will be a perfect tandem partner for Benzema

        Apart from business reason, Ozil will adapt quickly since he has played there for several seasons and his unselfish attitude will be a good boost to a team of divas

        1. thats an assumption….

          so are we going to accept a 38yo Ibrahimovich signing?

          he can sell shirts and popular too

        2. I agree with Gotanidea about Muslim countries

          Ozil is popular in Turkey. And Erdogan was Ozil’s best man at his wedding (I think)

          Turkey seems like a place Ozil will feel wanted

          1. He’s wanted here ,it’s just a small minded bunch of morons that keep going on about him and his wages ,and ofc a coach who wouldn’t know what an attacking player looked like .

          2. Too bad the West sold the Kurds down the drain to the despicable Erdogan. People are judged by the company they keep.

  2. only thing i care right this moment is EMERYOUT, after whatching leacester game seems as they are going to finish in top 4 along with one of chelshit or spuds, lets forget about even europa next season let alone ucl coz if we’re struggling against championship level teams as sheffied and watford what about leacester, wolves, westham and everton? yet there’s some “fans” keep insisting on support the team.. real!. I’m not going to waste my time, ruining my day,got embarased ever again till this joke of a coach pushed out of the club

    1. just a couple of lost and we want a manager to be out before season ends…..

      does this mean every season we have to change 2 or 3 managers unless we win every game?

      1. Nothing to do with a couple of losses, it’s to do with 18 months he’s been here and no change. The defence is as bad if not worse than it was when he arrived, he’s tactically clueless, takes 10 passes to reach the strikers, refuses to either Ozil or Ceballous when we are crying out for some creativity and worst of all he not only continues to play Xhaka he’s made him club captain. But obviously all you’ve seen is two defeats, try another sport.

          1. And how long has it taken Lampard and Rodgers to get their fans excited about their football?

            Emery isn’t the way for Arsenal

        1. Exactly, Kenny! We’re worse off than this time last season.. still crap on the road.. playing some awful football.. half the time he hasn’t got a scooby! He needs to go…..

        2. Agree with Kennie, the guy is tactically inept. Pepe saved his bacon on Thursday night. If he really wants to keep his Job HW needs to stop messing about and use the best x1 starting on Sunday. That means leaving out some of the more experienced players. I want to see this team on Sunday

          Bellerin Chambers Holding Tierney
          Guendozi Torreira Ceballos
          Pepe Lacazette Aubameyang

          Bench: Leno, Niles, Luiz, Willock, Ozil, Martinelli, Saka

          Then in Carabao/Europa play any x1 from this

          Mustafi Sokratis Mavropanos Luiz
          Niles Kolasinac Willock Xhaka Ozil Smith-rowe Nelson Martinelli Saka Macey John-Jules Balogun Olayinka

    2. Ljungberg could improve our position in EPL, but he could also bring us to relegation zone

      If the board and the fans are ready to gamble on Ljungberg, I bet we would see Emery’s contract termination after two consecutive EPL losses

      1. Gotanidea how can you say Freddie could improve our position but could also take us to the relegation zone, you’re contradicting yourself mate. the rest of your post is correct. I like Freddie’s body language, I personally think he’ll do a job, and he’s an Invincible, we aldo bring in Patrick Vieira. I would sack Emery now and put Freddie in charge till the end of the season. It’s worth the gamble, if it goes wrong the most we’re going to lose is a Europa place, I certainly wouldn’t worry about that, we ain’t getting no Champions League under this clown, that’s a guarantee.

        1. Wrong. Henry did only slightly worse than his predecessor. They were already in the relegation zone when he arrived and he kept them there before his sack.

          Don’t compare Henry as a coach to Freddie.

          While I agree Freddie could fail, the idea of getting relegated with this squad is laughable.

    3. Don’t underestimate Man U. Arsenal is in front because of other top teams’ failure. But, they will be back. This year may still be in 5th position.

  3. what the heck do you mean by just a couple lost? The ones you won, did you win convincingly? I don’t get it how some of you fan support mediocrity.

    Two weeks ago we played bad but managed to remain to be 3rd on the table and some fan wants emery to stay long enough even saying it was just a point behind second place man city. Now I want those fan to come out and say where we at in the table and also tell me if they see us in top 6 if this manager remains till the end of the season after 18months.

    We are so fragile that I wouldn’t celebrate a 15 point difference cuz its almost certain we’ll loose it all.

    1. a win is still a win

      Fergie final season they win ugly win with diving win with conceding huge amount go goals

      yet they still win the title

      1. We don’t even win ugly though, we are extremely fortunate. Apart from two goals and 17 shots at our goal they hit the post twice.
        We are winning lucky most of the time. Did you see the Bournemouth game?

    2. Did Liverpool beat Sheffield convincingly?
      Did Liverpool beat United?
      Did Liverpool beat Leicester convincingly?
      Did Liverpool beat Chelsea convincingly?
      Did Liverpool beat Red Bull convincingly?
      Didn’t they lose to Napoli?
      Did they beat Southampton convincingly?
      #Klopp Out

      1. They are champions of Europe and they have been on the top spot since the start of this season and they dont bloody look like going down.

        Keep comparing yourself to Liverpool, that’s what losers do. They will never see your success and try to act in the direction of it rather all they keep using to make excuses is your failure.

        Hope you watched the Leicester away 9-0, trashing of Southampton. Now wait until we play them and see how badly we perform..

        Well if you aren’t tired of identity starved football then go on and cheer for Emery, for me its

  4. he has 18months now yet things are geting even worse, no any sign of improvement, rogers with less time and limited resources, lampard with less time, managerial ineperience + transfer ban still there’s improvement, and him? experienced manager, 18 months in charge + full board support!!! do you think he’ll sort out in next 6 months? wake up man

    1. Sue, Zaha is not having a good season for Palace thus far and hopefully won’t come good against Arsenal on Sunday. Then again Arsenal makes a habit of playing players into form.

  5. If it’s still with Emery, are you confident that Zaha will make us better? One thing that we learn after Vitoria game. With Emery as a coach, we could only hope that Auba and Pepe are there to save the day. Auba’s freekick 3-2 Villa then Pepe’s against Vitoria.
    Let’s wait for the result of matchday 10. As for now, we have to admit that Leicester and Chelsea deserve top four. A win against Palace but then another poor away game against Leicester would become an early sign of failing top four again. On the other hand it could be good news as the board would be forced to sack Emery.

  6. If the board chose to sack Emery I wouldn’t complain, but whoever replaces him will still face the same problems and will probably achieve similar results. I didn’t expect Emery to improve things after Wenger and I think we still have too many weaknesses in our squad for any manager to turn things around immediately. Too many underestimate the size of the task Emery faces in rebuilding the team and some overrate our squad. At present we have far too many inexperienced and unproven players in the squad. 10 players left in the summer. 11 if Nketiah is included. We bought 4, got one in on a loan and promoted 4 from the academy. Only Luiz of the new players has any prem experience and 5 of these newbies are kids with little or no top level experience. My guess is that it will take another 2 or 3 seasons before most of these new players play with the quality and consistency we desire. Hopefully the likes of Pepe, Tierney and Martinelli will prove me wrong and will have outstanding seasons and we will get a top 4 spot or maybe the europa cup, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone if we struggle all season with so many new inexperienced players. I doubt if Rodgers had half his squad replaced last summer.

    1. The thing Jimmy is fans on this forum can’t be reasoned with. More than half of the negative fans on here have got their own agendas. They’re either Ozil fans or Wenger fans or both. They won’t move on for the sake of the club. Emery is probably not the answer either, but discussions are no longer civil or constructive. Some fans even say take Wenger out of our current situation, how’s that remotely possible. When the club was ran to the ground these fans kept hoping and believing Wenger would change this but it got worse. Now they all expect miracles to happen overnight. I don’t believe any coach can work with these set of fans. I am more frustrated by some negative fans on here than I am with Emery even though I want him out too.

    2. I don’t know about that. How about Leicester case? Well, let’s see whether they can get the CL spot again, but we could see the possibility. And how long ago they couldn’t even reach it after winning the league and forced to change coaches?
      BTW I’m not talking about the age of the players here. It’s more in a general and simple way. Leicester were 9th for the last 2 seasons and even 12th in 2016-2017. We were much better. It’s a clear progress for them this season, but we’re still the same.

      1. 👍 👍 Too many physically and mentally weak players in the Arsenal squad. Where have the hard tough men of Arsenal’s past winning teams gone and who are their replacements?

  7. Arsenal fans are the best set of fans ever, Leicester that may not even finish in the top6. Most of the fans that want Emery gone want him gone because of Ozil not really because the team is playing badly, have said it before and I will say it again the only way Emery is getting sacked is if he fails to take us to top4 which am sure he will achieve this season, even though I have my reservations about Emery pattern of play, I will still wait till January before I start passing judgment on him.

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