Latest update on the future of Bernd Leno is very interesting

Teams interested in signing Bernd Leno have been enquiring about his signature, according to Fabrizio Romano as reported by The Express.

The German goalkeeper remains Arsenal’s first choice and that has been the case for most of his stint at the Emirates.

The Gunners even chose him over Emi Martinez last summer after the Argentinean had proven to be a top goalkeeper.

Martinez now plays for Aston Villa and Leno has retained his position in the Arsenal team, but it seems he might leave soon.

While Arsenal will be content to keep him, they might be tempted to cash in on him and replace him with another goalie.

The Gunners will continue rebuilding their team when the transfer window reopens and they will want as much money as they can get from transfer fees.

The report didn’t disclose which club wanted him and how much they will pay for his signature.

While Arsenal might want to keep him, the latest development means if he wants a move away, he wouldn’t lack suitors.

A decision on Leno’s future will likely not be the only one about goalkeepers that the Gunners will make this summer.

They also need a backup to the former Bayer Leverkusen man and will probably sign one before the start of next season.

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  1. This is not Kronoke’s cockup, the problem is Mikel Artetta’s ego and the fact he’s a very poor man manager. He’s cutting good players and keeping rubbish ones like Xhaka and Elneny meanwhile Edu wants to only bring old washed up Brazilian players to the club. Both will be out by Christmas

    1. Well that’s nothing new. Wenger kept some deadwood at Arsenal for a decade or so!

      And Arteta’s had only ONE main transfer window (three in total), so that’s hardly any time at all to be questioning our transfer window. That said, he’s managed to offload a ton of deadwood, so your criticism is wrong. A lot more will go this summer as well, so in just 1.5 yrs, that’s really good in regards to outgoings.

      1. Wenger kept the deadwood for many years the likes of Marouan chamakah,Nicklas Bandtner,Johan Djourou and Manuel Almunia,but able to reach top 4 , Arteta has good players ,what they need is motivation,unity and fighting spirit.

      2. @TMJW- Arteta offloaded the deadwood.
        Let’s remember he brought Willian for £200k a week on a THREE YEAR CONTRACT.
        He extended Aubamayang on a £300k a week THREE YEAR CONTRACT snd turned him into Deadwood with his coaching and tactics.
        He signed Partey for £46m cash on £200k a week THREE YEAR CONTRACT and made an acclaimed CM look like deadwood.
        Not a great record PAL
        But you of course ate blinkered when it comes to anything that even remotely touches reality.
        Think before you write PAL- it helps you appear less delusional ( well perhaps not you)

      1. More like Willian and Luiz.. Martinelli was not an Arteta signing nor I recall him being an edu signing

  2. Both Arteta and Edu are former Arsenal players who shouldn’t be treated contemptuously by some people on this platform! Both men mean well for the club and deserve to be supported. In a platform like this where people use pseudonyms it is very difficult to know where some of the critics are Arsenal supporters or impostors. The kind of hate displayed in some messages is really appalling! Does the editorial board attempt to establish the email or phone contacts of the writers before publishing some of the controversial messages? At this rate I am left wondering whether some people care about the stability of the club. They wish to turn Arsenal into Chelsea which changes managers almost every season. That would not be tenable for a club like Arsenal which is built on stable and planned management as opposed to adhoc ways of doing things. It is unwise to imitate the ways of others which we may not be able to sustain.

    1. Totally agree with your point mate. I am not one for kicking out managers every season or the other, but the thing is, maybe we have got the signing wrong in the first place and that has to be corrected. Im not the decision maker here but im going to present a few of his inadequacies/or shall we say lack of experience in management. Just keeping the discussion limited to buyings/sellings/pushing outs .

      Look at the signings Arteta made:
      Cedric- Not being used as a backup right back for which he was bought (Chambers has been put ahead of him)
      Willian (less said the better, one of the most senseless signings as time has proven)
      Mari (doesnt fancy mari either and hasnt given him a run of games)
      Ceballos (loan again; in his first season everyone knew he lacked the pace and physicality but re-signed by arteta)
      Runarrson – the great backup goalie. less said the better.

      The good signings –
      Partey – 45 M
      Gabriel – 25 M

      Maitland niles was being looked at by people at the start of the season but supposedly arteta wanted to straighten him out and we missed out on a potential 15-20 Million.

      He kept holding and i love holding who is a decent player- But then he should shut up in the media and not say that we dont have enough quality players, if he wanted to have a player of his own type (ball playing RCB) we had mustafi/chambers/saliba/Mavropanos.

      Nelson- whole season lost for the poor kid, could ve been sent out on loan but left to sit behind a crap willian and kept hold of by arteta for seemingly no reason.

      nketiah not being sent out on loan and left to rot on the bench.

      He is seemingly gonna get rid of torreira / guendozi who both were bought for around 30 Million and did a decent job under emery and are now gonna be sold for about the same money . (Torreira i wouldnt put it on arteta since he has had numerous issues but guendozi being pushed out is all on arteta)

      He doesnt look too impressed by Saliba although the kid has played a decent half season in France again.
      He doesnt look too impressed by Mavropanos although that kid also did a decent job in Germany.

      Bottom line is- I dont trust arteta/edu to do anything right anytime soon and we are going to keep losing value. But the board has again backed arteta/edu, i hope im totally wrong and we win a treble this season, but my money is on things getting very toxic by November and by Christmas. Lets hold tight, its gonna be a bumpy ride

      The current mess is created by Mr. Arteta and Mr. Edu.

      1. You write so much but most all just pure fallacy, you want every player get a run of games, where is that done?
        There is always competition in the team and whoever perform better gets to start that doesn’t mean the coach favours some players over another, Nketia and Nelson decided to sit on the bench not requesting a loan move when it was clear they weren’t going to get game time, that’s not entirely the coach fault.
        Mari and Cedric got enough game times as back up, Runnarson was a gamble which didn’t pay off,
        AMN is a confused guy am sorry to say no one can help him
        Saliba is our player and went on loan to get better and come back to compete for start

        I see you are hoping Arteta and Edu fail and the fan because toxic and you call yourself a supporter, what has the guys done wrong except they were employed to steer the sinking ship

        1. @Adajim- what Ansar had written is indisputable fact. Tell me where you feel he is wrong. Every single point Ansar has detailed is fact. It’s not taken from statistics. It was there to see with your own eyes.
          The Willian Contract is probably the worst signing made by this club in its history. Chelsea, reportedly, (nobody knows the true figures so I’m going on what was reported), offered him a new 2 year contract on £100k a week. The player wanted a 3 year deal. Why did we offer him double the wages offered by Chelsea and give him 3 years when the Chavs had decided it was too much for them due to his age and likely decline in performance?
          It held back Nelson, who may not have been able to prove himself the future, but surely he would not have performed any worst.
          Arteta and Edu are both on borrowed time, no matter how much you feel they should be supported. If he does not get this squad performing from the start then he will be out, followed by Edu.
          This will happen and they both know it’s time they started doing what they should be doing instead of just talking about it

      2. Ansar I didn’t like myself how Arteta was quick to blame his tools by the end and rinse his squad. Wenger was so good at convincing his squad that he was more than happy with them -so much so that our fans actually believed our Wenger wanted to take on seasons without a single signing if they’d let him, esp if they let him sell one or two also. He would try to keep the players confident even when we were actively looking for players. Arteta is very much black and white when it comes to his plans, I hope they work out but he must realize how internal and external plans are not always exactly as you’ve imagined them (Saliba). And you can’t always sideline unwanted players to force loans or sales because you should be big enough to use them if you sincerely believe they are better than what you have available …because plans change and then need altering, and Arsenal winning is most important thing both short-term and long-term. The best coaches usually have average players or are deemed average -to perform above themselves for large parts, say what you want but Wenger obviously had that trait. Not all great managers are technically or tactically alike, I get that, but some in here are wanting to compare regularly with our authenticated legend. I’ll speak up for both of them and against them both, if I believe it might be reasonable to do so.

  3. David Rusa
    The Chelsea approach has gained them quite a lot of trophies including two CL which we are yet to win

    Edu was brought in without knowing anything by way of transfers. He specialize in retired Brazilian players and lacks knowledge in European and African players.

    They dismantled our scouting system
    They’ve no use to Arsenal. Chelsea got rid of Lampard despite his achievements as a player

    Let’s get rid of both Arteta and Edu and bring in Conte.

    1. You want Conte, lol, did you hear about his reported demands from Levy? Why do you think the board and owner will acquire a coach on £15m a yr salary and £200m in investment?
      Since Edu arrival how many old Brazilian players has he recruited?

  4. Every of our players are dispensable at the right price. Any club that wants to buy should bid. That’s all

  5. Good bye Leno. I always feared when the opponents got into our half. Especially when we play a back pass and the opposition striker is within 20 meters of Leno. Now our defense can concentrate more on being free to pass the ball back and play out. Wish the club that buy him WELL

  6. Excellent Keeper is Leno.

    On balance it’s probably not even close the times he has saved us points over costing games.


    One minute our runner up player of the year, next MILLISECOND rubbish.

    However, if he wants to move on I am not one for keeping ANY player who does not want to be at the club.

  7. Just so everyone knows where i stand.

    I have been an Arsenal fan since 1959 ( I was 5 years old when i went to my first game), I will always support a manager in charge of the club until I feel they are not doing what they are supposed to do or promised.

    Many people here think everything that needs to be done should be done in 1 minute and expect miracles.

    Many fans wanted Ozil, Mustafi, Kola out and for a long time that didnt happen.

    However, last January Edu and MA got that done, however they got it done and what it cost us to do it, doesnt matter, they got shot of them, it obviously wasnt easy to do so considering how much each player earned.

    There are other players they got rid of aswel but lets get on with this.

    We know our club is suffering with money, well lack of investment from our owner – so they have had to work on a tight budget, move on overpaid, declining players in a time where it is especially difficult for any club to just go out and get what they want in the market due to the pandemic.

    Many also on this site seems to think that everytime we are linked with a player, it should be a player in their early 20’s as they are only looking at what the club could make in the future from their sale.

    there is a saying that you dont win anything with kids and that is pretty bang on.
    You need a blend of characters and ages in that dressing room, you need a few big voices, leaders etc that can do a job on the pitch to inspire and motivate the younger players on the pitch during tough games.

    The club needs a plan where they can try and achieve short term success, have a mid term plan and protect and nurture the long term, all of which i can see that Edu and MA are trying to do that.

    It takes time and for any that say there hasnt been improvement are just blind youtube watchers.

    Since Christmas, we were the 2nd best inform team in the league, we had the 3rd best defence in the league and thats with Auba who just went missing 90% of the games he played, the amount of individual errors leading to goals from shoddy passing playing out from the back, alot of which was down to holding and Leno, picking poor passes and putting team mates under unnecessary pressure.

    Leno can go, he should have went last summer instead of Emi.

    Guys, please learn to have some patients, Rome wasnt built in a day, support the team, club and manager this season, if it doesnt work out by this time next year, im sure they will both be out, there cant be any excuses with no European football.

    1. @Val.

      Wherever one stands on the “Process / Arteta”, a brilliant post.

      Agree or disagree, your comments are balanced and open to reasonable debate and that is important.

      The time taken in posting was so well spent, and appreciated.

      We are all extremely frustrated and fed up of late, but frame opinion in a way that shows there may just be two sides to every story.

      Atreta – In or Out for instance.

      Patience has been severely tested of late, and my backside is so sore for remaining on the fence.

      For example, the Villarreal “debacle” was sackable at some clubs in and around us.

      However, I had long since seen as the season unfolded the current regime were going to stick with Mikel come what may (barring relegation, if that !).

      He clearly had been handed a 3 year (5 whatever) plan, and as you quite rightly say has started work on said plan – but it will take time, the place was a mess on all levels.

      Failure to see progress on the park next season will lead to pressing questions being asked to put it mildly. But even here, he will require solid backing by the hierarchy to show said progress.

      The current squad is spent, do we think Arteta does not know this and will take steps to address the urgent issues ?

      But he is working under huge constraints.

      It could be said the job was a poison chalice.

      What some do not see is the working along of a path out of this current mess.

      There is a total fixation on the league finish of last year, albeit with a squad that clearly needs freshening up.

      High on said path out was the removal of certain elements in the squad as a priority, this has to a large degree happened – we must now step on.

      The above was not only for removing negative influences in the camp, but also free up much need funds in order to improve.

      The failure to achieve a European spot was extremely damaging on a number of levels.

      But I have long said, we must now strive to become domestically strong once more (this obvious now), which in turn will let a European qualification spot take care of itself.

      Personally, I chose to put my energy behind Arteta and trust the man (difficult at times), as it was obvious he was going to start next season in situ.

      Create all the negativity and bad blood one wants, it was always going to be this way under the current ownership.

      For the foreseeable future, unless Kroenke goes Mikel stays.

      Who knows, if not backed behind the scenes as promised, it could actually be Arteta who walks – especially given all the abuse he is shipping at our place trying to make a silk purse from a pigs ear !

      I only hope we haven’t been lied to once again.

      I admire and respect your length of support (beating myself by a few years) – and by the way, are you up for a place on the board as fans representative ? 🙂

      A true Gooner.

      A great post Val – a beacon of light !

      1. @AJ

        Thank you very much for your kind words

        I dont write or comment much these days as i just feel that the majority on this site think that real football clubs can achieve things that these young guys do in a simulator type playstation game, like football manager etc

        Me on the board? hahahaahaa
        no thanks, im not deluded enough to think i would be an asset there, I am a fan sure but thats as far as it goes for me

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