Latest William Saliba loan update clarifies the players status

Arsenal has handed an extension to Saint Etienne for William Saliba’s loan deal so that he can play in the French cup final next month.

The youngster has been on loan at the French side this season and he helped his team reach the French cup final which they will play against PSG next month.

His initial loan deal was to expire this month and because the French Ligue 1 season was curtailed earlier, it appeared that he would head back to England sooner, rather than later.

However, the French cup final hasn’t been cancelled and Saint Etienne has asked for the teenager to stay with them and contribute.

Arsenal has accepted their request with Mikel Arteta, claiming that the defender has earned the right to play in the final and should do so.

When asked about Saliba, Arteta revealed as quoted by The Sun: “I think he needs to stay there.

“We’ve got an agreement with Saint-Etienne and he’s been over there all year.

“He has earned his right to play that final if their manager wants to do that.

“So I think we have to give him the opportunity to do that, to enjoy that and we can have him after that.”

Arsenal has been struggling at the back for some time now and there is a lot of hope that Saliba would make their defence better.

He has been backed to hit the ground running as soon as he arrives at the Emirates and fans will hope that turns out to be true.

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  1. Wrong decision. We need to stop being nice. We have problems in defence and need to get the player training with us and maybe give him some time on the pitch. Can’t imagine fergie letting a much needed player stay on loan when he’s needed .

    1. Yes, senior Arteta is to soft for the job. He want to be liked by everybody, and a guy who want to be everybody’s friend is a sissy. Or something even worse.

    2. May I remind you that playing in that cup final agains PSG is a form of development for him, why denying him the joy and credit? Ferguson or not, he may not play final in arsenal shirt this season and having the opportunity to do so in France is a welcome devepment, hopefully he get to start and perform well

    3. how can anyone be opposed to the decision. he can only make meaningful contribution next season so why not let him garner all the experience of playing in a final he has earned and possibly coming to the team a champion seeing how we have very few of those around. shees you need to walk a mile in the managers shoes then make these comments.

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