Lauren blames Ozil for Arsenal exclusion as move draws close

Former Arsenal defender Lauren has claimed that Mesut Ozil would have played if he showed he was a top player, and can’t accept that two different managers held the same stance if the player is free of blame.

The German midfielder has been frozen out of the playing squad since May last year, not playing a single minute of competitive football in that time, but since Arsene Wenger left the club, he hasn’t been a key player in the first-team.

He was eventually left out of the playing squad altogether in October, and is now believed to be close to completing a deal to join Fenerbahce, and Lauren not only believes the move is best for both parties, but that there is more ‘going on’ than what has been in the public eye.

“Sometimes you have to reach an agreement with the player and find the best thing for both – the club and player,” Lauren said on Stadium Astro.

“I believe there is something going on that we didn’t know about.

“There are two sides – when you are a top player and you have such quality as Ozil, if you don’t play with [Unai] Emery and you don’t play with Arteta, do we have to blame the manager or the club? I don’t believe so.

“If you are a top player and are consistent week in, week out then there is no manager that is going to have you on the sideline and leave you out. That would put pressure on the manager.

“The best players at Real Madrid and Barcelona, would the manager put them on the bench week in, week out? I don’t believe so.

“When you are a top player, there is no manager that can put you on the bench, it’s impossible.”

I know Ozil had/has many fans, but surely even they must be able to see that after two managers both trying to make it work, the player must be to blame somewhat?


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  1. its like pouring water on a duck’s back, his PR team does the quack quack and some gullible fans fall for it.

  2. He’s (Ozil) been the worst transfer deal we EVER did.
    He’s lazy, arrogant, and in my opinion, a poisonous Prima Donna. with a nasty streak.
    Again, just in my opinion, he’s most probably caused a mountain of resentment at the club starting right at the beginning. Frankly, I believe the old transfer team at Arsenal have been awful, even bloomin’ stupid! Let’s hope it’s all over now
    Peter Shaw – an Arsenal fan since boyhood – 1948!

    1. I have yet to hear one single player who played with Ozil say anything negative about him.

      It’s ok to criticize his game but calling him names (or anybody else for that matter) without knowing the guy is questionable.

      Do you by any chance have ESP?

      1. Why would a former player say anything bad about another player unless they are specifically asked. Even then it’s not common. Managers have the better better perspective and are asked these questions more. Both Wenger and Emery have suggested Ozil needs “special” treatment to get the most out of him.

            1. I saw YOUR insult, and searched for one insulting you, but there wasn’t one!
              Care to explain? Or was it too subtle for me to see?

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