Lauren reckons Arsenal must do this one thing to compete with Premier League rivals

Former Arsenal full-back Lauren has admitted that the Gunners are behind their rivals and says they have to return to the Champions League to attract the players that would make them more successful.

Mikel Arteta’s team is struggling this season and they have to win the Europa League before they can play in Europe next season.

They will face Villarreal in the semifinal first leg on Thursday and it is a game that they know they have to win.

Their absence from the Champions League has denied them funds they could have earned from the competition.

However, Lauren thinks that it is more than that and says they could only sign top players when they play there regularly.

These players will then help them to win other competitions like the Premier League.

He then admits that the Gunners are behind the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool and things have to change before they can win the league.

‘You need to play the Champions League every single year, that will give you the tools and ability to attract those players in order to win the league,’ he told The Mirror.

‘Honestly, we are one step behind Manchester City, Chelsea or even Liverpool. Unless you have the tools, then you can’t win the league.’

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  1. Since 2004 when we won the league last, Arsenal have always qualified for Champions league until the last two years of Wenger managing Arsenal, yet we did not win the League.

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