Arsenal legend reveals Thierry Henry’s obsession with being the best

Arsenal legend, Lauren has opened up on the competitive nature of Thierry Henry and how the Frenchman did everything he could to be the best at all times.

Henry remains one of the best players to ever have played for Arsenal after the Frenchman led them to two Premier League titles among other numerous trophies.

He also broke the club’s goal record and remains the player that has scored the sixth-most goals in Premier League history.

Discussing his former teammate with The Guardian, Lauren claimed that Henry’s success as a footballer came down to much more than talent.

He claimed that Henry was committed to being the best in everything that he did and he would even get angry if he loses at the game of cards on the team bus.

He reportedly also stayed behind after training to continue getting better as a footballer and that explains why he was so successful.

‘Why did Henry become Arsenal’s all-time top scorer? Talent? Because he was really good and a great athlete? No,’ Lauren told The Guardian.

‘Because he wanted to be the best every single day of his life. He never ducked a game, never said “I’ve got a knock”. ‘The session finished and he’d stay to take shots, practice diagonal runs.

‘On the bus, Henry, me, Edu and Vieira played cards and Henry got angry if he lost. ‘You can laugh but it was like that. If you didn’t give him the ball, if he didn’t score, he would get mad. It was horrific.’

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