Laurent Koscielny takes a side in Arsenal vs Mesut Ozil

Laurent Koscielny has defended his former teammate and Arsenal midfielder, Mesut Ozil by claiming that the German midfielder is a top talent who can make a contribution to the Arsenal team.

After failing to offload him in the transfer window, Mesut Ozil has been axed from the Arsenal team to play in the Premier League and Europa League this season.

The German has been out of favour at the club and last played for them in March.

He remains with the team but his lack of registration means that he will not play competitive football until the new year, at least.

His omission sent shockwaves around the world of football and even former Arsenal players didn’t like how he was treated by the club.

Koscielny is the latest to praise the World Cup winner and he claimed that his former teammate is both a very good human and a talented player.

He told L’Equipe via Sport Witness: ‘As a man, he’s a very good person, who got along with all his team-mates. 

‘He gave a lot, helped sick children. He is a generous person, with whom I got along very well. As a player, he is in my opinion a phenomenon. He can find passes that no one sees, he’s a maestro. He can rock a game with incredible passes.’

The Frenchman added: ‘We’re both part of the “Arsene Wenger Generation”. The coach loved him as a player. It was more complicated with Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta. Knowing him, he must always be professional in training, always on time. 

‘He is undoubtedly at the level demanded by the Premier League. There is probably a certain case with the club since last year, I hope both sides find a deal that works for everyone. 

‘He is a competitor. I hope to see him back on the pitch soon, at Arsenal or elsewhere, because he is real talent.’

No surprise that Koscielny defends him, they have similar characteristics when it comes to Arsenal.

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  1. Respectfully,AdMartin, could you explain what you mean in your final sentence.
    “No surprise that Koscielny defends him, they have similar characteristics when it comes to Arsenal”.
    For the life of me, I just cannot understand what you are implying here

    1. Perhaps Phil, Martin means that both players have never come out and criticized the club regarding actions taken for or against them?

      Apart from that, I am struggling to understand a perfectly open statement from one of long serving players having the kind of throw away sentence attributed to the player…all will be revealed when Martin answers your question of course.

      1. If I remember rightly, a big hoo-ha was made over his Bordeaux unveiling on here, a Martin article? Saying he disrespected the Arsenal shirt by chucking it on the floor blah blah blah…so that’s why he said what he did…

    2. I have to agree with you Phil, I dont understand that statement either.

      Kos, played through multiple injuries for the sake of the club and in the end it cost him a WC medal. He always gave 110% on the pitch for us

    3. Surprisingly Phil, we agree on that mysterious sentence, though I suspect that when he explains what he meant (IF he does ) we will be on oppsite sides again. Martin and I both oppose you on Ozil, so whatever he meant, I assume it will be against Ozil and agreeable to me.

  2. Well Ken, I thought I asked in a respectful manner, and it was a question that required an answer from the writer I felt. Still, I will take the non-reply as a answer. AdMartin has no answer.
    Other than of course his platform allows him to write his usual snipes at Mesut Ozil, but he is obviously incapable of explaining when called out.

    1. MAXIS it is not wise to be afraid of free speech, quite irrespective of whether or not you agree with the point being made. That last paragraph is Phils honest opinion and he has a right to say it too! I do not agree with Phil but I agree that he has the right to say it. The old Voltaire saying !

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