Laurent Koscielny wasting his time agreeing personal terms with French club

It is being reported in France that Laurent Koscielny has agreed personal terms with French Ligue 1 outfit Rennes.

That is all well and good but all the 33 -year-old is doing is wasting everybody’s time because without a transfer fee he will not be leaving North London this summer.

According to RMC Sport the Arsenal captain, albeit not for much longer, has agreed to terms but Rennes have tabled no offer and simply do not have the money to meet Arsenal’s £8.8 Million valuation.

It is hard to see how Koscielny thinks this will work in his favour, all he is doing is antagonising the club with this sort of antics.

Players cannot expect to be allowed to leave on a free transfer and agree personal terms with a buyer when they have a contract to honour.

Arsenal will not budge on the free transfer demand, they may well compromise but the Frenchman is living in dreamland if he thinks he will be allowed to depart for nothing.

Rennes are hoping that Koscielny and Arsenal come to some sort of arrangement and that alone tells you they have no intention of tabling any sort of bid.

There literally is only two ways out of this for Koscielny, he either buys his contract out or he sits in the reserves for the next 12 months.

One last thing, Koscielny has obviously given up on retaining any sort of positive legacy, he has really thrown everything into this including his reputation and whoever is advising him has done him a great disservice.

But ultimately, the fault lies with him, he created this mess and his actions since have done nothing to help his case.

But then again we are talking Arsenal here and so maybe he is assuming that they will make another horrendous transfer decision.

But on this occasion I simply do not see that happening.


  1. Mogunna says:

    Let him go free, he deserves and will be in few months. Not this cheap disrespect ingrate words as Kroenke pays you! Kos been there when no one would! It is a new cycle mainly. Why all thus BS around our brave Captain who Always have his heart! He is the last breed of Guy going to contact and fighting for us like that! Beside being a top and best CB for us a decade almost in bad Times. Sacrificed by stating when everyone dreamed to have him. Je should be let go and wish him well at Dortmund, see what he had and Lost

    1. Jojo says:

      What a disturbingly silly rant! So because he had done his job whilst getting paid handsomely for it,the club should bend to his wishes? It’s this kind of dumb perspective that enables players to behave appallingly. ‘Brave Captain’ my arse, disrespectful and shameful behaviour from one that should be setting an example.

      1. Ebony Sly says:

        Spot on

      2. Tissiam says:

        You must be joking you call 90 000/week handsomely paid compared to his teammates who haven’t been at the club as long as him or even contributed half of what he has,during his time he turned down bigger offers from Bayern, Barca…. Out of loyalty and never asked for a raise and the contracts put out to him without hesitation or anything else,if it’s not loyalty I don’t know what is,you might not care to see your club crumbling in front of your eyes but he does,also the fact that the club are desperate to keep a 34 years old injury prone player shows how low we have come!

      3. UcheU says:

        You just spoke my mind JoJo

    2. Gooner Suman says:

      I am also of the idea that he should be let go. We honor him as he did us for almost all of his stay, bar the very end. However, for free? No way. If he has already agreed personal terms, then he sure is in the wrong. Hope this fiasco doesn’t get out of hand and all will be well in the end.

  2. Lawrence Pepple says:

    I agree with jojo as he has said it all.

  3. Declan says:

    Does anyone really think that come the end of the transfer window we will not let him leave? What’s the point of keeping an unhappy player? Play him in the reserves but still pay him an outrageous salary for another 6 .months then let him go in January? Really, are we that stupid?

    1. Declan says:

      Kick his arse out of the club and we all move on.

  4. Shortboygooner says:

    Happy for us to take what ever money for him. Maybe 5M is acceptable. However, the club should definitely be tough and make him stay in reserves . If they dont do this it will happen more and more

  5. koss says:

    just terminate his contract, arsenal has enough problems already than a nagging koscielny

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