Leah Williamson says Arsenal Women have clicked – “Everyone believes”

What a way to bounce back! After a shaky start to the 2023 calendar year for Arsenal women, it is now 3 wins in 3 after they beat Reading on Sunday.
Realistically, Reading didn’t stand a chance against Arsenal; they had gone on a 4-game losing streak before the Sunday game and Arsenal had a point to prove, and they just did that, winning 4–0 with goals from Kim Little (from a penalty in the 4th minute), Frida Maanum (the 44th minute), and Reading’s Mitchell (the 47th minute) and then Leah Williamson popped up to seal the victory.
Arsenal are now 3 points within reach of the top 3, and with a game in hand, they can be bad news to Chelsea, who are back at the top of the league, Manchester United, who are second, and Manchester City, who are third. Eidevall and his team believe they can still fight to be better, and that was what Leah Williamson, who was on the score sheet against Reading for the first time in a while, hinted at in the post-match interview.
She said via Sky Sports: “Sometimes it’s a bit of a feeling, you just need things to click. Everybody believes.
“We want to get to a point where all we focus on is the football, but whilst there are things to fight for, I’d be doing everybody who came before us a disservice by not doing that.
“Sometimes you can’t explain it, you just need it to click. We’ve been together as a family for a while now and you can see a shift. There is a change in everybody, everybody believes.”
After losing to Chelsea in the FA Cup, many questioned Arsenal’s mentality; thus, it is good to see them bounce back and get revenge in the Conti Cup Final and prove by their actions that they are back to compete.
C’mon you Gooner Women!

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  1. Kinda humourous analogy between us being 5 points ahead of City with 11 games to go, yet we’re viewed as possible favourites but under a lot of pressure, yet 5 points behind Chelsea in the WSL with 9 games to go yet thinking we can reign them in because we’ve clicked !! Lets hope the chasers win the WSL and the leaders win the EPL !!!!!!!!!

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