Leah Williamson shows her passion for Arsenal – Can the men take note please

Every young footballers dream does come true in the end!

For anyone out there that is doubting whether dreams do come true, just look at Arsenal’s Leah Williamson, and you will see that passion, drive and hard work may not give you happy tears all the time but it will always get you to where you want to be where you will achieve your dreams and so much more!

It was a day of mixed emotions for Leah Williamson on Sunday. On one hand she was happy and proud to have been able to step out on to the pitch against Manchester City as Arsenal captain, but she could not lead the team to a win and so saw her beloved Arsenal fall to a rather unlucky 2-1 defeat in their pursuit to get to the top of the Women’s Super League once again.

Speaking to the Arsenal website after the game Leah confirmed her mixed emotions and pride, stating: “Yeah, it’s something I think any fan… I’m even getting emotional… any fan of the club would be so proud to do, let alone being a player. I’m very aware that I live out the dream of every Arsenal fan every single day, so it’s very proud for me and for my family.”

Congratulations to you Leah and although we did not get the win on the day, nobody can doubt your love and passion for football and for Arsenal in particular, and I have no doubt that on your next outing as Arsenal captain, you will lead us to glory.

Let’s just hope some of the Arsenal men stand up and take note of the passion on show..

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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