Leaked Arsenal kit images looks the real thing, fans will be happy

There has been just as much speculation about what the new Adidas inspired Arsenal kit will look like as there have been transfer rumours with quite a few “concept” images leaked purporting to be the real thing but the latest leaked images really do look like the real thing because Pierre=Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette are modelling them.

Now, unless some bloody brilliant photoshopping has taken place or after the players modelled them they were rejected I think we can take it to the bank that these are the kits we will see the team in next season and what will be available for the fans to buy.

On the face of it, I do like the look of them, they are subtle with a classic look about them, there has been no taking the piss with injecting any silly colours or ridiculous patterns and they reflect what I believe the fans would expect from a new design.

Neither am I overwhelmed but that is a good thing, I don’t want to be overwhelmed, I just want what is supposed to be the Arsenal look and I think the club and Adidas have delivered that.

If these are the real thing and I believe they are then I am happy to say well done, I like them.


  1. The Red one in a small is what I`m getting so that my wash board abs will poke through !
    😎 …………………..I am liking it alot …………gimme gimme gimme now !

  2. Oooh like both, but look how tight those sleeves are on Laca’s arms… would love to see Kolasinac model that ?

    1. Somehow I think it’ll be more than just the sleeves that’ll be tight on Kola, I doubt Adidas will do the retro baggy shorts…

      I’ve started to watch Arsenal ladies a bit more and I’m jealous that you get to ogle men in tight kits while the ladies look like kits dragged from the 90s lol.

      1. Always a bonus if there’s eye candy in the team, Midkemma ?
        Well you.never know, they might be better next season!! They can’t get any worse, surely!!

        1. Finally happy the Puma era is over. And maybe Puma left you with a gift this season Sue, because I have noticed this seasons shorts were tighter than previous years, haha!

  3. They look junior size, they don’t look right. I like the home one, but it’s more like an Adidas top than an AFC top.

    1. Like the yellow away kit.

      hopefully we get to take it to the champions league next season.

  4. I find both kits very good. Sometimes subtle design looks better than going for flashy.

  5. How much they asking now? £60? £70? More? So glad I do not put money directly into this club anymore!

  6. Just think how much money Ozil will be earning for the club as the fans flock to put his name on the back of the new kit.
    That’s probably 50% of his salary paid for, even before he puts on a shirt himself!!!

    Can’t wait to see the Ozil appreciation society make him our No.1 brand name, both in sales and football achievement…look how aba and lacs are smiling at the thought of those wonderful passes!!!
    Onwards and Upwards as they say.

    1. Ken, But you are part of his appreciation society surely? I discount shirt sales as not being of major importance to team building. I look for regular effectiveness, or not in his case, on the pitch and all others matters are lesser and side issues. I also note how often , as in politics too, fans concentrate on a side issue to deflect attention from the main issue, when they are on the wrong side of the argument.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to the new kit, Adidas was part of my childhood and I remember pics of Wrighty wearing their kits, he was my idol when growing up (along with Adams but that’s because I was always put as CB when playing for the local teams).

    “I never thought I’d miss you
    Half as much as I do
    And I never thought I’d feel this way
    The way I feel
    About you”

    A bit of madness but that is how this feels XD

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