Lee Dixon reveals what he would tell Arsenal man if he was still playing

Lee Dixon hasn’t enjoyed watching Willian play since he joined Arsenal on a free transfer from Chelsea.

The Brazilian was expected to become Arsenal’s key attacking player this season, but he has flattered to deceive in this campaign.

He provided two assists on his first start for the club and fans will have been dreaming of him doing that weekly for them, but that game has been the only time he has contributed towards a goal in the league this season.

Dixon has not been impressed with the Brazilian sometimes passing the ball backwards instead of pushing forward and looking to help the team in the attack.

He claims that he would be a teammate that might get into trouble because if Willian was passing the ball backwards he would not hold back from telling him exactly what he thinks.

‘If you’ve got somebody playing against you that passes the ball backwards all the time then happy days,’ Dixon told The Athletic’s Handbrake Off podcast

‘What you don’t want him to do is turn around [and face you], especially the player of his ability. 

‘He’s probably the best in world football at that little standing still in front of a full-back, opening himself up to the right and getting a cross in. He’s brilliant at that. ‘The fact that he’s not doing that, that’s down to him and the team. 

‘If I was playing behind him and he was doing that, I’d be like, “Why are we paying you £200,000 a week? Get yourself up there and make my job a lot easier. I’ve got to chase back now because you passed it backwards”.

‘There’s got to be that going on on the pitch. Is that going on? I doubt it. 

‘I know the game has changed and I’m not stupid enough to believe some of my antics would’ve gone down particularly well in that changing room, but I wouldn’t have cared. The team’s more important to me than Willian’s feelings.’

Willian has played ahead of Nicolas Pepe in a majority of Arsenal’s game this season, so he cannot say that he hasn’t had chances.

He will probably have to be sidelined for some time to get his form back, if at all.

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  1. Willian seems to have done a ceballos. Had a very good first game at Arsenal and then nothing afterwards.
    I just don’t know why most of our highest paid players or players that we bought for a lot of money keep turning out to be average and a complete waste of funds.

  2. He has been disappointing see he’s come to us I for one expected alot more from him at Chelsea he was a consistent performer but we don’t see those driving runs that we saw in previous seasons

  3. It was a game against Fulham, for heaven’s sake. Nelson and Pepe should be considered ahead of Willian. Willian and Xhaka are masters of back passes. Arsenal cannot win games if their players don’t penetrate the defence

  4. well said @top gunner..can’t explain why pepe is always on d bench,not saying pepe is fantastic but alteast if something is not working try other options,we need one or two tricky moves frm d right hand side of d pitch

  5. Fo me, out of the three – Willian, Nelson and Pepe – Nelson has shown the most promise in limited play.

    I don’t expect him to be given the spot by default like Willian appears to have done but would love to see him get his chances. At least until one of the other two start showing up consistently.

  6. Only 20% of games played. Wait till 19 games a full round of games are played. Do the first major assessment in the New Year.

  7. I don’t think Willan was a good signing for many reasons. First his age, Second the position he plays and third the length of the contract. However blaming him 100% for his bad form might not be right. MA could be micro managing what happens on the field . Willian in his Chelsea days played quick and took defenders by surprise so asking him to follow a script is also limiting his ability. That holds true for the rest of the team.
    Bottom line again MA needs to let go and let the players play.

  8. Arteta should stop this mindset of selecting players based on experience. I think Nelson can do better in that position. Without quick passing and counter attacks, we gonna struggle to win games

  9. Indeed lcw. Not about William but all attacking line….

    We solved defence issue with Gabriel and Partey DM.

    Finally have all puzzle’s pieces to have one or best team in EPL.

    Bellerin Gabriel Holding Tierny
    Pepe. ……..Auba…..Saka.

    In party we finally got DM Ozil need for ages, in order to focus on attack.

    Never played them together, nor ever, most likely…

    Arteta showed his limits since last season we finish lower than ever, cup win made that reality forgotten. We 11th;, Leeds, Wolves, Spurs next.

    I bet Arteta brings back Luis as CB for next game..

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