Arsenal v Leeds Confirmed Team News & Predicted XI on Super Sunday

Leeds will make their way to London to take on Arsenal this evening, but will do so without at least two key players.

Thomas Partey will be a big miss for what will likely be a highly intense 90 minutes against the Whites, having been ruled with a strain to his left hamstring.

Kieran Tierney will also be absent, with the left-back having failed to recover from a strain to his lower-leg, and will miss his sixth match in a row for the Gunners.

It’s not all bad news however, as we are able to welcome back both David Luiz and Bernd Leno for today’s clash. The pair both got themselves sent off against Wolves and had to miss the loss to Aston Villa, but will hopefully help us return to winning ways today.

Predicted Arsenal team:

Bellerin Holding Mari Cedric
Ceballos Xhaka
Saka Odegaard Pepe

It pains me to leave both Aubameyang and Smith Rowe out today, but I feel like the two could well be rested ahead of the Europa League tie this week, and there is multiple reports who believe that the Norwegian is due to make his full debut today.

I was also unsure on who to name in the back four alongside Rob Holding, with Gabriel Magalhaes and David Luiz also in contention, but the chosen pairing was central to overturning our torrid form in December, and could well be the selection to end our current winless run also.

Will today’s line-up be named with the Europa League clash in mind? Who is your favoured CB pairing when everyone is at 100%?


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  1. there is no sure line up for the game today, am sure a lot of us will soon moan over the line up in less than 3hrs

          1. Haha very smooth Sue πŸ˜‚ he’s be on fire recently πŸ˜† can safely say they won’t be winning the title this year πŸ˜„

      1. Exactly, Sir! They’re a bunch of duracell bunnies! We need to step it up and give it a go in both halves not just the 2nd!!

  2. The lineup looks great!! But Xhaka shouldn’t be there.. Would replace him with Mohammed El Neny!!
    Xhaka n Ceballos are not good tacklers..
    Thomas Partey or El Neny should always partner Ceballos in our games this season..Then Xhaka should be sold!!

      1. .Everytime you accuse people of hatred I think you are equally dogmatic about your blind support of Xhaka.

        As many many, many fans on here have stated, Xhaka is a decent player he just slows our game down too much the majority of the time. He does , every now and then, make a game changing pass but majority of the time he just passes side to side.

        I understand you’ve probably never played competitive sports yourself before but try and understand that a 1 or 2 second delay can completely ruin an attacking opportunity.

        1. “I understand you’ve probably never played competitive sports yourself before”

          What a bitchy and unnecessary thing to say. You dont even know the guy.

          1. @Defund The Media

            I didn’t say theres anything wrong with not having played competitive sports before so whether he has or hasn’t has got nothing to do with his/her character. It’s just a likey reason why someone might not understand what’s clear to many.

            I didn’t realise such a small statement could offend you, but I get nowadays most people are extremely fragile. Hope you okay mate.

          2. I’m totally fine, wasnt me you passive aggressively insulted lol there opinion differs from yours so there has to be a deficiency of some kind, dance around it all you want but that was clearly a sly way if undermining him/her. Pretty childish stuff.

        2. Thanks Mate..πŸ‘πŸ‘,,He just doesn’t understand..😏😏
          Xhaka is a fine midfielder no doubt, but apart from being slow and undisciplined, he’s a poor tackler..
          Players run past him too easily and dats y it’s a disaster for him and Dani Ceballos to play in the middle..
          Reason why Mohammed Elneny should play alongside Ceballos with Odegaard ahead of them.. Predicting a 2 1 win for Arsenal!!!

          1. Mr PJ-SA, “πŸ‘πŸ‘”..That was for you!! Fans really’s got to understand players strengths n weaknesses..
            Real Coaches doesn’t just put players in their lineups!!
            I repeat, with the current Arsenal or Arteta’s system, Xhaka should be sold
            Maybe he’be suited to a team that plays Wenger n Ferguson’s 1990’s 442 formation e.g Bayern Munich!!

  3. 2-1 Leeds win and hopefully that will mean Arteta gone how hes managed to keep his job with results we have had is beyond me so time for change now straight after todays game!! Arteta Out!!

  4. The English officials ruining another game in the prem .
    How that was a penalty is beyond anything that I can explain .
    Southampton have one not given which if anything was more of a penalty .
    I think the FA really does need a make over because these decisions can be the difference of playing in the prem or the championship.
    I would say that this season our officials have taken the FA s name to new heights and not in a good way .

    1. Dan, I couldn’t agree more.. how does the best league in the world, also the richest, have the worst officials..unfortunately my cousins in England are starting to realize what we yanks have known for 15 years..replay (var) wasn’t implemented to make sure all the wrong calls were righted, it was implemented as another sure fire way to control the outcome of said game..sadly fairness and competitive integrity mean shite when so much money is at stake…sad but true

          1. No idea mate! I stopped watching NFL a long time ago, guessing NFL was about all I can input to this topic lol

  5. I think that Mari would be the better call as left back for us today, Cedric did not do a good job verses Villa so needs the axe. Other than that its a good attacking side with a better defence

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