Leeds v Arsenal Player Ratings – Leno’s post wins MOTM

Arsenal were extremely lucky to come away with a point as Leeds squandered chance after chance. Arteta still hasn’t fixed our mentality problems and we should be very worried right now..

Leno – 7
The German was let off by Leeds desperately poor finishing, but two magnificent saves makes him MOTM. Only his post desrved the award more…

Bellerin – 5
A great pass for Saka, but otherwise he was over-run by Harisson

Holding – 5
Is he still injured? He didn’t impress me at all

Gabriel – 6
Slightly better than Holding, but that’s not saying much

Tierney – 6
Showed his fighting spirit, but didn’t create too much or defend to his usual standards. He couldn’t handle Dallas or Rodrigo at all

Ceballos – 4
Didn’t show Arteta that he deserves more starts. Sloppy at times giving away silly balls

Xhaka – 4
I bet Arteta can’t wait for Partey and Elneny to return to the team.

Pepe – 1
Would have scored 2 if he hadn’t got stupidly sent off

Willock – 4
Squandered yet another chance to impress Arteta

Willian – 5
Lots of energy at the start, but soon petered out.

Aubameyang – 5
WE can keep making excuses, but to be fair didn’t get much service until Saka came on. Just one penalty scored since his new contract?


Nelson – 3
Looked well out of his depth

Saka – 6
At least he looked like he was trying, Lost his bottle when he could have won the game.

Maitland-Niles – N/A
But perhaps should be given more chances. He can’t be worse than his rivals for a starting spot

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  1. I think the ratings are about right, leno pulled off some very good saves as we know he can, just his command of his area and ball distribution that constantly let him down. MOM today though.

  2. We need to jave our matured player
    The game was very tight and coach failed to fring a dead blow. Most player from the midfield lack confidance and so make poor decision.

    As i have said earlier PEPE is not a player arsenal wanted and if i was to be given a chance to manage arsenal he should be sold.

    You cant loan mikitaryan leaving pepe in the club thats a crime

    1. Doesn’t matter whether we keep or sell Pepe, his real value has become increasingly clear and it’s not above £10M. We would only recover a fraction of what we have spent on him and continue to spend.

  3. Sorry Pat, if you are giving our back four an average of 5.5 and Leno only 7, I must have been watching a different back to the wall defensive display than you – apart from that, can’t disagree too much, except Xhaka, who certainly did more than Ceballos… Opinion of course 🤔

    1. Ken, I was amazed at how Pat rated our defence by his miserly marks. He is almost alone in not rating the displays of most of our defence; Gabriels and Tierneys marks being his impression of Scrooge, I must suppose.
      As for the rest of the team, not a single player, except for the defence and our “7 out of 10 keeper”(Scrooge again!) can be satisfied with their display. We were outfought in midfield and the forwards were invisible. Worrying!

      1. Agree Jon and your remarks about being out fought earlier as “worrying” I assumed were aimed at the midfield and attack, as you had already acknowledged our defensive performance.

        I do believe that Partey and Elneny would have made a big difference, but not in the creative way, where the facts that Sue put out, of the worst goals scored since 1987 shows where our problems are.

      2. We may not have actually conceded, but you do realise that Leeds had 24 chances and quite a few should have ended in goals if they weren’t so wasteful….

        1. Agree, our defence today got lucky and Leno pulled off some cracking saves. Bellerin got turned inside out on numerous occasions, holding was ok ish, Gabriel was good in the air but didn’t look comfortable and Tierney who i like had an iffy game but all fought all game. Leeds were very wastefull, that doesn’t mean we defended well.

        2. Admin Pat, your correct, they did have 24 chances and they scored exactly zero.

          It doesn’t matter how many times they hit the woodwork or any other excuses, they didn’t score.

          Let’s remember we had ten “players” for just under half the game and we were under pressure for most of that time – awarding marks for performances is an opinion, but to give Bellerin and Holding the same marks as Willian and Aubameyang seems to be completely bizarre.

          1. Ken, Spot on, esp the last paragraph!

            LETS BE HONEST, Pat let his head get carried away when giving these ratings and failed to see the good defence that most fans have remarked about.

  4. Better then klopp better the pep??? Arteata is the best!!. ..MA gets 9.0 for tonight’s performance. If Pepe was not stupid we would have won ….we were so unlucky…😂😆😂

        1. @John, Who is laughing at who it’s all too clear for everyone to see…all your nonsense about Willian being great, Chelsea players not jellying and MA on his way to greatness is clear as crystal. It shows that you have learnt nothing even watching football for 50 odd years….


            I have said that he is a talented player, which is very different . Unlike you, I use my words carefully and correctly.

            NO IDEA WHAT YOU MEAN BY CHELSEA PLAYERS JELLYING, unless they are preparing food for a childrens birthday part in YOUR honour!

        1. You mean supporting my team ?
          You should try it mate ….
          Did we play sh1t ?yes ofc we did ,but you shouldn’t need to get enjoyment out of us losing like you seem to do ,to try and prove some silly point .

          1. No Dan I do not enjoy when we lose and play bad. I absolutely hate it but I don not understand double standards some fans have. I just try to remind them. I see mostly the same set of fans who abused Wenger and hated UE for similar team performances. Another hypocrisy I don’t understand is ppl here keep saying Arsenal always had solft belly. MA is ruthless and he does not entertain nonsense but if Arsenal become ruthless like MA surely that would mean end of road for Arteta. To be successful you need to be ruthless that’s the business we are in so what is being dished out to some of our players by MA should be dished out to him now. Why double standards? We are clearly struggling and its time to find another solution then Arteta.

  5. What absolute nonsense.Your comments concerning Be llerin and Tierney are totally without foundation to the extent that I begin to wonder if you know anything about football. Leno and our full backs can hold their heads high.

    1. Facing the guys down seven sisters when they’re top of the league. Totally getting whacked and Mou will get high on his gloating, I just know it

    2. Best joke on here for some time but Pepe is the worst joke in our team for some time. I predict he will be gone this time next season as MA will not tolerate juvenile behaviour harming our team. He has been a massive disappointment at that fee paid!

      1. He’s abysmal. I dont get why some ppl still believe in him. He’s genuinely an awful player and whoever scouted him is hopefully not here anymore because they wasted lots of money. It’s not even “out of form”, he’s just actually a bad player at the core.

        1. He’s not, he is extremely talented but it’s not working out. Reminds me of how everyone makes fun of Gervinho but he was fantastic for Roma after he left, like how Pepe was fantastic for Lille before he joined. Could just be that some players aren’t able to adapt to certain playing styles or leagues or the different pressure at Arsenal, who knows?
          Every one of the Arsenal players is very talented, but you can question almost all of them for mentality.

          1. the EPL is the toughest league in the world some players cannot hack it Pepe is just one of many who realise how hard it is to perform in this league in another league he will most probably be a star. We are not on our own a lot of the top 6 teams have had the same problem

    3. Brilliant Phil, but up to the sending off, Pepe wasn’t our worst player, in my opinion.

      Why the referee didn’t call a foul against him at least twice before he lost it, I just don’t understand.

      Can you think of something that we were missing in this game?

  6. I thought both fullbacks were good and Leno was excellent other than that very poor but I expect nothing of this Arsenal team.

          1. A point isn’t a bad day even with 11 men man city drew there also so we take a point and move on to Thursday Sue 🙂

              1. It’s time for Szoboszlai Sue and a new striker lol. Partey, Elneny, Mari and Martinelli should all be back soon enough and we’ll be stronger, tbf we’ve had some extremely tough away games Liverpool, City, Utd, Leeds and Totts away next and we’ll only be 11 games in 😳 and no international breaks Sue we can start picking up the pace ☺️

  7. leno tiernay and saka looked like top premiership players … holding and gabriel were decent if sloppy at times … the rest were all playing at a championship level and some below it … shocking performance from team and manager … the clock is ticking on the lot of them

  8. Hope this clears the way that Willock is not Arsenals future. Arteta seems to like these one dimensional midfielders like him,Xhaka and Elany. Perhaps he thinks that they are steady, competing for the ball and not making too many mistakes etc. Ha Ha this midfield is a joke. Arsenal are now in with the pack. If this state continuesy ou either spend big and buy your way out of trouble or suffer the consequences of a relegation battle.

    1. Joe.S We did on Pepe look where that got us I thought the defence was brilliant considering we only had 10 men. Captain did nothing again had a poor game

  9. Arteta is a young inexperienced manager and it’s showing. Veteran experience doesn’t equal productivity; Willian has been dreadful since Fulham yet gets starts.
    Bit surprised that as a former midfielder he hasn’t improved that lot at all. No creativity they continue to be careless and dreadful linkup with attackers.
    PL is a cruel league on both players and coaches. Team needs fans support now more than ever, this ship is getting harder to turn around.

  10. Willian a 3, Nelson deserves at least a 5. Showed a lot more industry and willingness to carry the ball forward and harry opponents. Need his energy and pace moving forward.

    This would be a good opportunity for the entire squad to look in the mirror and get angry at themselves. They need to play with more conviction and quality. Simple as that. Nothing in the world a manager can do if players are sloppy or disinterested.

    I’m sure Arteta understands that you need to score goals to win matches and get points. We’ve exhausted the new manager bump, now we have to iron out all the kinks. It’ll take time but at least we have our shit-show phase early. Hopefully we turn the corner by Christmas and have a strong second half of the season.

    Very unpredictable season this year. I can’t see anyone running away with the league by mid-season. Although I think Arteta needs time and fans shouldn’t emotionally invest in attaining top 4 this year, it’s still a very real possibility.

    Don’t let AFTV’s ugly hysterics get you down. They’ll call for manager’s head and to sell every player on the pitch, the usual meltdown and grown men crying. Ignore that. Stay the course. This is the way.

  11. Dont know why AMN isnt getting into this side to some capacity. He’s one of the most intelligent players we have and we’re not using him. Shame we wasted money on Willian. I tried to be optimistic about him. I Really did. But he’s turning out to be exactly the player I thought he would be for us.

    1. I’m quite interested to see how AMN would play in CM to be honest. We could use his legs, might help us start to get some control in these games.

  12. I would be more concerned about the team performances over the past few months rather than individual performances to be honest. I am fully willing to give MA time (at least until the end of the season) to prove himself. But, I just feel the team are not responding to him in a positive way like they were earlier in the season. It looks to me as though the dreaded “lackluster” performances are creeping back into our game. It’s not my intention to raise Arsenal fan hell by mentioning Ozil, but the way the club have handled things have not been viewing. Add to that that Sky’s statistics about Ozil. It is worrying.

    According to Sky Sports:
    Nicolas Pepe: Games: 39 – Creative chances: 42. Mesut Ozil: Games: 18 – Creative chances: 38. Dani Ceballos: Games: 32 – Creative chances: 37 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Games: 38 – Creative chances: 37.

    I’m still convinced there was more to the whole Ozil issue than just football. I’m simply only stating that with Ozil we were more creative and the opposing teams were aware of his threat. At the moment we have very little threat. FACT!

    1. GunneRay, that’s exactly what I have been saying for quite a while now and, perhaps, those stats might start to sink in.
      MA has done a lot in such a short time, but to put our only attacking midfield player out until January (no matter who it is) is a mistake that has affected our tactics, let alone the absurdity of having a player who, reportedly, costs £300,000+ a week to train but not play with the first team squad.

  13. How on earth did Arsenal pay 72 million ponds for Pepe is beyond me.He keeps running into a cul de sac. Furthermore his inclination to hold on to the the ball longer than necessary is leading to the team being ineffective.
    The perpetrator for his rc shd have been sent off as well.The FA shd punish the guy who provokes the other one into retaliation.
    It wont happen in a million years.

  14. Is Pepe not a striker? Is it not part of why he did so well before coming to us. I watched him. He would be fed balls by a #10. He would dart into the box and make 2 or 3 plays and beat the defender. He would score on an average of 3 or 4 attempts. Now he plays way down the middle of the pitch. He plays with Bellerin and is expected to defend. He is really poor at it – but it is expected. Toady he was confused. MA was shouting at him. This is not the young man was a confident striker or forward. I thought in desperation we would try him in the middle even 3 or 4 times with Bamma on the left. I pity him really. I do not think he will do well here – and especially under a coach who is also learning the game.

    Sad boy! Sad situation

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