Leeds v Arsenal Player Ratings – Ramsdale MOTM in a game of two halves

My Player Ratings by Peter Doherty
They say a week is a long time in football, but especially when you play an intense game against Liverpool, travel to the Artic Circle, play another intense game, and conclude the week by traveling to Elland Road, a ground renowned for its intensity.
If ever there was a game of two halves this was it. Arsenal in control and looking smooth in the first half and Leeds absolutely dominant in the second.
 Here are they ratings:
Ramsdale (9)
Made multiple game saving stops, quite a number of which were outstanding. Commanded the box well and read the play effectively when we were under pressure so his positioning was spot on.
White (5)
Like most of his team mates was unruffled by and large in the first half, but came undone in the second when Leeds pressed more. Looked exhausted when subbed.
Saliba (7)
Was under immense pressure in the second half but never panicked and frequently found an out ball when the Leeds forwards were breathing down his neck.
Gabriel (7)
Has inherited the mantle from Xhaka as the player who makes a huge unsung contribution to the team effort, and then has it overshadowed by a moment of poor judgement. His red card should have stood and he has to learn to curb that petulance.
Tomiyasu (6)
His side wasn’t attacked as frequently as the opposite channel and looked comfortable for the most part. However he doesn’t offer as much going forward on the right side as he does in his natural position, and Martinelli was less effective as a result.
Partey (5)
Unfortunately wasn’t at the party and when he doesn’t perform the whole team suffers. His poorest showing so far this season where he has been mostly stellar.
Xhaka (7)
Was particularly busy in the second half doing a lot of unseen covering and shutting down spaces, and was largely the reason why Leeds favoured attacking down their left side.
Odegaard (6)
A totally schizophrenic performance for the two halves. Deserves an 8 for his first half where he played some subtle sublime stuff including the beautifully weighted assist. But gets a 4 for a woeful second half where his radar was completely off and was frequently caught in possession putting the team under pressure.
Saka (6)
A stunning finish for the goal but was largely underwhelming otherwise. Couldn’t get the ball to stick in the second half, but then he wasn’t alone.
Jesus (5) E
asily his least impressive outing in an Arsenal shirt. Was sloppy in possession and was reduced to fouling the Leeds defenders in the second half as he was muscled out of every contest.
Martinelli (6) Didn’t get much service but still offered a threat. An incredible work rate is a given with Martinelli, and it was badly required in the ‘backs to the wall’ second half.
Overall it was a sluggish performance and the schedule looks to effecting the dynamism of the team. Nevertheless three points in a hostile environment when not playing well is a very good, albeit fortunate, return.
Peter Doherty

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  1. Gabriel had 3 tackles, 3 interceptions, 4 clearances and 4 blocked shots. One blocked shot would’ve surely gone in. He has to have higher rating than Saliba, who did 2 grave errors.

    Whatever he did in the extra time matters not as the penalty and red were overturned, rightly so.

    1. Great observation on Gabriel taking over Xhaka’s mantle. I hope Xhaka can share some insights to help Gabriel work out these brain cramps because they are going to start to cost us and are already starting to overshadow his passion and a lot of the good things he does game in and game out.

    2. Yes Gabriel performed well better than Saliba but it should be a question of Saliba getting a lower rating than Gabriel getting a higher rating. Gabriel was nothing special doesn’t deserve a higher rating

    3. White should’ve also earned higher rating than Saliba, who made two big mistakes. Fortunately, Ramsdale was world-class and we were lucky to win, so Saliba’s mistakes could be forgotten

      Magalhaes has been making mistakes in the last few games, but his left-footed passes are essential for the team because Xhaka generally plays in the opposition’s half. Maybe Tomiyasu can be tried to deputize him, but Tomiyasu’s left-footed passes aren’t as good as Magalhaes’ despite having made a lot of them against Bodo/Glimt and Leeds

      Odegaard’s vision, creativity and playmaking abilities are top-notch, but his weakness in 50/50 challenges and other duels are very concerning. Hopefully Vieira can push him to be tougher

    4. @DaJuhi
      Couldn’t agree more.
      Gabriel has become the new scapegoat and Saliba’s mistakes are overlooked.
      They are both very, very good, but when Gabriel performs better, it should be credited, just like it is with everybodey else.
      Gabriel was very good yesterday no doubt about it.

  2. I doubt if the Red should’ve stood though, but with another referee , it could have stood.
    Gabriel needs to learn to stop being too emotional and rash.
    He’s had more bozo moments than anyone else this season so far.
    He plays terrific then one bozo moment.
    Hopefully he stops.
    Can’t complain about the performance asf I understand everyone was tired before even the game.
    Travelling back from the North on Friday, then travelling to Elland Rd on Saturday. Hopefully they get enough rest, so we can take this step closer with a win on Thursday against PSV.
    No matter what, we need to make sure we finish top of that group so we don’t have to worry about 2 extra Europa league games.

  3. So Partey gets a 5 this is laughable, his defensive contribution under immense pressure was invaluable

    People need to understand we not gonna dominate every game, especially away

  4. Its clear the team were on fumes in second half so Arteta should probably have made his substitutions earlier.. however there is something to be said about team spirit and so I understand keeping the team together .

    One question though is why they didnt fly directly from Norway to Leeds… would have save a lot of time and reduce fatigue

  5. What a steal Ramsdale is looking like now at £25 mn ! I was as surprised as any when they let Martinez go but he has put in some great performances none more important than yesterday potentially

  6. Arsenal F.C players bleed passion on the pitch these days even on games where tides are flowing against us, if there’s one thing to take away from this game is that what we are seeing here is the togetherness and bond of the whole team.
    For every error made, the way our players reacted afterwards is nothing but top grade. In the penalty they swarmed Bamford and delayed the kick and the commentator even mentioned that this has a psychological play in the taker’s mind and he missed! That’s the mark of pressure situation management maturity from the boys. No longer do we hang our heads when decisions are against us we see our players fight for their brethren.

    They had to travel to Norway (won in hard fought fashion) and back to Elland Road (again won in hard fought fashion) in 48 hours. If that’s what it takes for a young 21 year old Saliba to start making errors I’d take it any day than a Mustafi or Liuz that’ll be fully rested and still make blunders. I looked at the boys, a squad full of youngsters that have the balls and determination of men. Even when their bodies were giving in but their mentality against the backdrop of a rowdy Elland Road support base shows that we the red and white are being represented whole heartedly by an XI that plays for the badge once more. And I never thought I’d see it as it was back in The Invisible’s days but we are witnessing something here folks.

    Title talk is rubbish though, and I fight any idiot that throws that point towards my ears, game by game is the way.

    So I give my team a 10 for mentality and togetherness, yes, the performance sucked but this is theatrical stuff that I witnessed yesterday and my TEAM came out on top again, onwards we go!!😭

    1. This is the best comment I’ve read here after the match, a lot of fans here were complaining, not minding the fact that we would have lost that match last season….. These guys are human after all, playing three though matches in a space of a week.

      I still maintain that the team is moving to a great and appreciated destination, I believe we would see a better performance against PSV on Thursday.

  7. Ramsdale’s concentration against Leeds helped us, I just hope he’ll get to a level where he can create assist like Alisson did to Salah against Man city.

  8. Any goalkeeper when asked in a post match interview which was his favourite save and responds ‘probably the one with my nuts’ deserves MOTM on that alone.

  9. Don’t forget the lads played at artificial grass at a freezing temperature this week. Moving immediately to soft turfing with EPL fast pace plus with Leeds intense pressing really made for an awkward fixture. The delay after one minute didn’t help either. Despite all that, the young guns still won. The true spine of Ramsdale, Gabriel, Xhaka and Jesus played like warriors. The off the ball work put on by these players lifted the players around them.

    1. Artificial grass yes but freezing temperatures? It was 8 degrees in that game!
      Anyway, back to the ratings, Partey a 4 from me and Gabriel with a petulant reaction to being “pushed”, kicking out, the red card should have stood, he gets a 5 from me, though he did do some good things and perhaps deserves a 6. Ramsdale by far man of the match but would the woman of the match be Lady Luck?🤔

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