Legendary manager slams Arsenal’s fans for their treatment of Arsene Wenger

Sir Alex Ferguson has slammed Arsenal fans for their treatment of Arsene Wenger.

The Frenchman was at the helm at the Emirates for over two decades and helped the Gunners to become one of the biggest clubs in England.

His Arsenal team was the last to win a Premier League title for the club, but he overstayed his welcome.

Wenger was very attached to the club and found it hard to leave his position.

Some fans became dissatisfied with the team’s performance in his later years and they sought his exit.

“Wenger Out” became a thing both online and offline and the Gunners eventually allowed him to leave in 2018.

It wasn’t the type of treatment that Ferguson believed the Frenchman deserved, considering that he had been one of their most loyal and successful managers.

In the latest documentary on Wenger’s managerial career, Arsene Wenger: Invincible, Fergie said as quoted by The Sun: “He kept them in Europe every year and yet he was criticised. The supporters should be ashamed.

“Arsene and myself are dinosaurs, but we didn’t do so badly.

“I won 13 leagues but I was never near going through a season undefeated. The achievement stands above everything else, and it was Arsene’s.”

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  1. It would have meant infinitely more if he protected his former rival without having to mention his own personal accolades in the process…there’s no way he believes that Wenger’s achievements compare with his 13 League titles etc…

    1. Just as the article’s title is true, so are AF’s comments…. after all, can anyone name any other manager who has managed?
      As he says, he never got anywhere NEAR being Invincible, not just for one season, but for 49 PL GAMES.

      1. not sure why you’re replying to me directly, as my comment certainly wasn’t an attempt to disparage the accomplishments of the Invincibles or our manager at that time…I simply said that there’s little doubt in my mind that given the choice Fergie would never trade his accomplishments for Wenger’s…of course, I’m sure you were somehow in the room when Fergie answered this question while wired up to a Lie Detector machine

  2. I see there’s a lot of people here staying away from this post. Because they know they’re guilty of the atrocious treatment lumped on our former manager…🤨

  3. During the height of their rivalry, the relationship between the two was frosty. When Wenger ceased being a threat to MU s dominance, SAF was friendlier. He defended the FM during the 8-2 debacle. At any major club he would have been axed.
    The problem was the fm is one who over indulged in attack. Had h been more pragmatic and played the other s at their own game ie anti soccer ,maybe thing s would have been different

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