Lehmann comments on Haaland and Arsenal shows he is just as erratic as a pundit as he was a player

When he was at Arsenal, Jens Lehmann was definitely a character. He was a good keeper but also very volatile and with the utmost respect, a bit mad.

Well, it seems he has taken those traits to his opinion-making and his latest comments will certainly raise a few eyebrows.

Basically, Lehmann has mentioned Arsenal as one of the clubs that Erling Haaland could join and make them great again.

This is what Lehmann told Bild: “He already has an imposing stature; the force and height.

“Of course, he has to improve his [right] foot but I have never seen such a big, big player be so fast.

“He’s still [at Dortmund]. There aren’t that many clubs where he can go and where he can make a difference. 

“Maybe he could go to Manchester United or Arsenal, where he could bring a club back to the top.”

OK, “maybe he could go to Manchester United or Arsenal” Is Lehmann having a laugh?

There is no chance of Haaland becoming an Arsenal player, zero, the possibility does not exist in this world or the next. I mean, is there even a point in listing the multitude of reasons why he will never become a Gunner.

These are the sort of comments from former players that bring ridicule and prove that being a good player does not equate to being a good pundit.

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  1. Fair comment Ad MARTIN . But now you may understand how many Gooners feel when we read the equally daft and “bit mad,” never happening, rumours about players we “are reported” to be interested in, that constantly abound on JA, mostly by Patrick, but also by you!

    A case of the biter being bit, I’d suggest!

  2. Lehmann was more than a good keeper. It always surprises me how little regard (relatively speaking) fans seem to have for the Invincibles goalkeeper. His save Vs solskjaer, for example, always stuck in my mind as one of the best I’ve seen.
    As for his madness: he was mainly just crazy-protective of his defenders, particularly Ashley Cole who was the smallest. But yes, he was over the top, and – just surprised more people didn’t find it endearing (at least that’s how it appears to me).
    Great Arsenal keeper, in any case. One of the very best, surely (can only think of 2 or 3 I’d expect people would claim as better).

    1. ONLY 2 OR 3? YOU DONT GO BACK NEARLY FAR ENOUGH! , SINCE 1958, BETTER KEEPERS THAN LEHMANN, in no particular order, are Kelsey, Seaman, Jennings, Rimmer, Lukic, Wilson. And thats without having to think too deeply at all.
      You are too young, my lucky friend. I am not!

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