Leicester and Man United draw – Arsenal can go TOP tomorrow!

Arsenal have missed a couple of opportunities in the last couple of weeks where they could have opened up a small gap at the top of the Premier League, but thanks to Jamie Vardy breaking the Premiership record by scoring in 11 games in a row and also to Bastian Schweinsteiger for getting his first goal for Man United, Arsenal now have a valid chance to go top again this weekend.

Okay it may be slim as it means the Gunners have to win by five clear goals to top Man City on goal difference,but I simply refuse to believe that this is an impossible aim. Norwich may have started this season in promising fashion, but their heads have dropped completely since they conceded six goals against a weak Newcastle side. They have lost five of their last six League games and last week, although Chelsea only beat them 1-0 in the end, Jose Mourinho’s side could have easily scored 5 or 6 if they were finishing as well as they were last season.

The Gunners used up all their bad luck in last weeks game against West Brom, but now with injuries easing and the extra confidence gained from being on the brink of reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League, I can see a landslide win for Arsenal. It is about time that we had everything go our way and I really can’t see a dispirited Norwich City standing up to us for more than 15 minutes.

Get an early goal and Arsenal could certainly be on our way to the summit of the Premier League at last!


    1. just looking at standings: manc/leicester have scored about 30 this year. manu/arsenal/tott hav conceded about 10 : so our defense is v.good. however: our goals-for is only 23 : compared to manc/leicester who have 30 and 29 , thats the real shortage. lets score 5 tomorrow and make it up.
      cant wait for walcott to come back.

  1. No we won’t score that much when giroud is leading our line
    My problem with giroud is not about missing some easy chances which all playera do but it is about his movement, his first touch and his ball control (no one can deny he is holding up play goddess)
    If you watch the game carefully you will find that 75% of losing position will be due to him he is simply ruining our attack systems and i hate to see this

    1. Very correct. I hate the missing easy chances though….he has to be scoring those if we’re going to close the goal difference gap on Man City. Theo needs to be back soon. Attack is more potent with him and then Giroud coming off the bench.

    2. Well i also love sanchez and i’m not sure but i think that you meant losing possession and not position, because one cant really fault giroud for 3 in 4 losing positions.. thats just silly, but if you meant possession.. lets be honest if there was a statistic that said that one 75 % of losing possession at arsenal is due to one arsenal player.. i would bet my money on sanchez.. but often okay thats the style of sanchez and a dribbling player has to risk some chances, but in my opinion sanchez has to better that aspect in his game 🙂 but if you didnt mean possession then i’m sorry for this comment xD

    3. It’s funny because pundits and non-biased fans can see that everything you mentioned are his top qualities. He plays at his best when Walcott and Ramsey are on the pitch

  2. Everytime we get a chance to take advantage of the misfortune of other teams, we screw up

    Why should tomorrow be any different?

    We will probably draw, get 1 point and stay behind the leaders as usual

      1. Jeez what is this? Pessimists night on JustArsenal?
        Let me just remind you that Arsenal are the most consistent team in EUROPE this year. I can just imagine you supporting Bayern Munich, you would still be moaning that they should have beaten Arsenal!

        We are going to win tomorrow as we alwaus do unless we have MASSIVE bad luck, like we did against West Brom, or a crap referee that we had against Chelsea.

        Go moan on Le Grove, they like that sort of thing.

  3. Early two or three goals in the first half will make them come out to attack and that can open them up at the back for Arsenal to kill the game. Arsenal 4:0 Norwich, is not too much to ask.

  4. @roberthegooner, I think the word ur looking for is Bottlers, simple as & ur spot on ppl are gna thumb me down aswell but who cares.

    Every top team’s supporters go into certain games knowing thier team is going to win, but am I the only one or is thier others out there who never ever feels like that & I mean Ever it’s a joke. So bloody unpredictable, only an outstanding game from ozil or sanchez seems to be saving us this season otherwise we would be midtable.

    My prediction also a Draw

    1. Win, lose or draw…nothing will surprise me. In fact, the most surprising will be if we win by the amount of goals needed to overtake Man City. A loss will definitely not surprise me but will be entertaining. A draw will perhaps be the most boring.

      1. @k-ool
        So, you’re team losing, is entertaining to you? You should change your name to “SuperFan”…

        1. personally, losing is never entertaining. sometimes i try and disconnect myself emotionally when our players come out and have a stinker (but i usually fail and just am miserable the entire next week). sometimes i have a feeling we’re going to hit out (like we did against bayern) , but other times (WBA) we’re just flat. i do wonder how much is due to wenger not being able to work them up for games. i just dont see him as a motivator. i think our potential is WAAAY up there: we can beat bayern, barca and RM on our day. most of the time we play well below potential, and i think thats due to a combination of wenger’s poor pre-game motivation, poor rotation policy (arteta FFS) and late subs [we were 3:0 up and he subbed in chambers around min80: jeez: why not give the poor guy 20mins??]

    2. Miserable gits the lot of you. We are playing Norwich, not Man United (who we destroyed) or Leicester (who we scored 5 goals against) and Norwich are definitely not Bayern Munich.
      Go get some Prozac or save the expense and go slit your wrists. I’m sure if Arsenal wins every single game (like everyone does that?) you wold still come on here moaning they didn’t score enough goals!

      1. i want us to come out tomorrow and try to make up the goal difference versus manc/leicester. thats a good stretch-goal.

  5. Admini, it isn’t by a slim gap Arsenal would have open-up a gap on top of the table had they beaten Tottenham Hotspur and West Brom in recent games. But by a 5 pts big gap they would have been sitting on top of the table ahead of their away game to Norwich City. Arsenal can beat Norwich City by 5-0 score-line to go top of the table provided they are confident to score an avalanche of goals at Carrow Road on Sunday evening. And not be goals shy. The Gunners SHOULD not allow the Canaries to be in forwad-front in the game to score any goad during the entire course of the match. Not even a consolation goal should the Gunners allowed the Canaries to get out of this match. With the arising challenge to top the table, I am upgrading my initial score-line of 3-0 win for Arsenal to: NCFC 0-5 AFC. Full-time 90” +.

  6. no, we just need 3 points even a 1 nil win will do it for me. It won’t be easy at carrow road as some of ‘smokers’ here imagine.

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