“Leicester are miles in front of Arsenal on the pitch” Pundit adds his voice on Arsenal’s decline

Peter Crouch says Leicester City is way better than Arsenal at the moment and reckons that the Gunners will want their team to be like the Foxes.

However, he insists that Arsenal have a wonderful history and backs them to become a top English team again.

While Arsenal struggle around mid-table, Leicester has been making consistent progress since Brendan Rodgers became their manager.

They won the FA Cup at the weekend after beating Chelsea in the final and are currently inside the Premier League’s top four.

The Foxes could make a return to the Champions League, but Arsenal hasn’t played in the competition since 2017.

A fan asked former Liverpool striker, Crouch, on his Daily Mail column if he thought Leicester has now displaced Arsenal from the top six by winning the FA Cup and he said: “I’ll say this with certainty, Mike. As it stands, Leicester are miles in front of Arsenal on the pitch. They have a brilliant manager, a team full of promise and they may yet cap the season by qualifying for the Champions League.

“Arsenal haven’t got close to that competition for four years.

“But if we are comparing clubs, you have to recognise that Arsenal have such a wonderful history and reputation. They have a global fan base and their heritage has not suddenly disappeared because of a couple of bad seasons.

“They will come again as a force in the future.

“I want to say again, though, how impressed I am by Leicester and all they have done. When you look at them, you see everything a proper football club should be: a good stadium, sympathetic owners, a progressive manager and a team full of great talent. Let them enjoy this moment.

“Plenty of others — Arsenal included — will wish they had been in their place on Saturday night.”

Arsenal is being rebuilt and they can get back inside the top four next season especially if they avoid the extra games from European football.

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  1. I wouldnt say that they are miles in front of us, only City are miles ahead of us BUT Leicester are just a few steps ahead of us and we will catch and overtake them if we remain CONCISTENT throughout the whole season especially against the lower sides

  2. I totally agree with you Wes on the point that it’s only Man City that’s miles ahead of us in the EPL at the moment. Leicester are a more organized & better team now compared to ours & that credit goes to the their Manager Brendan Rogers for getting the best out of his players, however if we’re to match the quality of players at their disposal to ours, I think we’re better on that front.
    Our players are just being lazy & not fired up as expected.

    The difference between our darling Arsenal & Leicester at the moment is simply the MANAGER.

    1. I agree with you on this one, Rodgers is a much better coach than Arteta, he almost won the league with Liverpool, but Gerrard slipped against Chelsea.

  3. In terms of first eleven, Leicester are currently better than us, but not significantly so.Like Arsenal their main striker is beginning to show his age and will need replacing in the not too distant future, hence their reported interest in Eduarde at Celtic who Brenden Rodgers will know very well.Where they have a head start on us, is in the high calibre of their recruitment team who have achieved so much on a relatively modest budget.Foffana and Tielemanns are excellent examples of their successes.

  4. I partly agree that its the manager fault but when does the blame cross to the players who are the paid professionals? These seasoned professionals are getting out perfomed week in week out by saka and ESR . I dont mind to lose when i see the players giving their all but can you say against villareal at the emirates they gave their all bar 3 players? I dont think so

  5. My gosh these pundits spew a lot of crap. Crouch needs to look at how we missed out on CL in Emery’s first season before he says we haven’t been close in four years.

    I don’t know why they can’t let the facts speak for themselves
    There is more than a legitimate argument that Leicester is moving above us without making things up

  6. I dont agree with you on that concerng their first 11 being better than ours in terms of personel apart from schmeical and Ndidi Grandad but i think they are more organised and consistent than our players who dont bother to show up consistently

  7. Didn’t notice too much difference when we played them off the park at The Emirates and went down to a breakaway goal.
    But a big difference away at their place. Only one team in it I seem to recall.
    The difference is they have a manager that keeps a settled side and plays to a very consistent system that works for the players they have.
    We on the other hand have Arteta who changes the team and tactics every week for what reason exactly?……

  8. Can anyone be honest and remind me how our last game with Leicester went. The reason I am asking this is to refute the sweeping statements that Leicester is better than us. Obviously it is unfair to compare Arteta with Rodgers because of the wide gap in their management experiences. That notwithstanding Arteta managed to outwit Rodgers the last time the teams met and it won’t be long before Arteta gains the necessary experience.

    1. My thoughts exactly.
      I thought we thoroughly beat the daylights out of that Leicester team in their own back yard!!

  9. Leicester have a more settled side and have had more consistent performances from the senior players.
    Whether Rogers is a better manager is clearly arguable notwithstanding the better season Leicester have had.
    Arteta’s Arsenal, lest anyone forget, convincingly defeated Leicester in the most recent meeting.

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