Leicester City 2-0 Arsenal – another bad day at the office for Arsenal

Leicester superiority sends them nine points clear of Arsenal.

This was a huge game for Unai Emery, possibly a must win one and we will know within the next couple of weeks if it is his last one in charge at the Emirates.

The brutal truth is that the better team won and could done so by far more.

The first half was littered with tiny individual mistakes but in all fairness, Arsenal stayed solid. However, you had a feeling that it was always going to just a matter of time before Leicester made the breakthrough.

The Foxes always looked dangerous and there was a distinct lack of ambition from Arsenal. That was always going to be the case when you consider the negativity of the Arsenal line up. There was no real width and if the idea was to counter then leaving two of your fastest players on the bench was always questionable.

The half finished all square but goals were going to come one way or another, the game was just too open.

The second half started the way the first finished, Arsenal struggling to hold onto the ball and Leicester looking the most likely scorers.

And so it proved to be.

Jamie Vardy, who was incidentally left all alone in the area, put the Foxes one up on the 67th minute and the game really opened up from that point onwards.

But it was not Arsenal that was opening the game up but rather Leicester and the second goal, courtesy of James Maddison in the 76th minute was always on the cards.

Arsenal simply did not look like they had the know-how to get back into the game, the drive was missing, in fact, half the team went missing.

That said, the performance itself was better than we have seen in recent weeks. The problem though is the bar was really low and the improvement simply was not enough.

There was more fight and passion from the lads and the shape of the team stayed intact, for the most part. But confidence is clearly low and questions will be asked if Emery is the man to get the team out of the rut they are now in.

The post mortem will not be kind to Emery, that is an absolute certainty.


  1. The 3-4-1-2 formation is good for counter-attack, but we invited Leicester into our half too often. A big team like Arsenal should dictate the tempo, not letting their opposition to take control and invade our territory

    Arsenal could be heading towards relegation soon, if the board still don’t want to pay for Emery’s contract termination. Emery’s system has failed and a new management is highly required to change the players’ mood

    1. Still don’t know what more worse can Emery do to get sacked. Arsenal board seem to be happy not to be in relegation zone which we surely going to be if it continues like this. Common lets do relegation fight!

    2. Emery may be a good coach but there is no point in coaching if a coach lose his dressing room. At the moment Emery simply has lost faith of his players, lost the dressing room. Whatever tactics he is employing, whoever player he is bringing, whatever decisions he is taking its simply not working. It only happens if a coach can’t control his team. You lost it at Arsenal Emery now good luck to you at other place, but at Arsenal u have to giveup. There is no chance.

        1. ??? I am not defending anyone. But We had never lost like that under wenger. We almost always dominated at least in term of number of passes and possession against non top 4 teams. This is new. And sad.

          1. Agreed with you. This person has saw to grind with Arsene and he is not realistic. It is better that he apply for the job of manager. Talk is cheap. Prove yourself to be Arsenal manager.

          2. Ive realised too how crap this manager is, by reminiscing Arsene’s time. Arsene is great manager he just was too stubborn to buy the right players

    3. Sack the man. Mr Emery is clueless, the players clearly do not like him, this should be his last game at the club. Totally clueless the manager was, lacks ideas, just a bag of garbage football he plays, absolutely disturbing to watch…. We can get Allegri, we could let go this clown and bring in a real winner, it just a matter of ambition

    4. Soyuncu pleaded Arsenal to sign him up, but we signed David Luiz instead almost for similar price. Why arsenal is always trying to make fool of themselves. Previously Arsenal linked players Tielemen, Praet, Chillwell all outperforming Arsenal expensive buy. Arsenal almost sign a world class players (Ronaldo, Ibrahamovich, Pogba, Van Djik etc etc) n really signs third class players( Bentdner, Chamack, Elnheny, Mustafi, Xhaka, Luis) n all other average players. Still not sure about Pepe. Whole Arsenal board seems to be incompetent. Emery out, Arsenal board out.

    5. @gotanidea
      Well said and on point.
      I said earlier that we won’t win Bcos I don’t trust Emery’s ability.

  2. Realistically, what’s the chances of Emery being sacked this weekend? Are our board serious enough? Start praying… EMERY OUT

          1. What, you think he will be sacked after this defeat?

            Wishful thinking Jon. I’m not naive, I’m a realist!

            Let’s just wait and see.. It took 2 years to sack a failing Wenger!!!

      1. I have never commented before but we as Arsenal fans we deserve better that this stupid coach if Iam in charge I would have fired him before the press conference

  3. Emery is a clown wake up people i swear he ain’t taking us anywhere . The man has no Vision and solutions . Wake up before its too late for the 4th place . Bring Jose at least we would not see idiots Goal leading errors as much we see now .

    1. Again crazy need for Mourinho shows lack of any moral ground and vision how Arsenal should move things arround.
      Mourinho is living sickness who disrespected our club many times, and some of our “fans” obviously should concentrate more on their thinking process.

      1. Mou is the right man for the job. People keep saying he disrespected Wenger. So what? Modern football is about achieving results. That he failed at Man United does not mean he will fail at Arsenal. Mou is a top coach. He has won trophies. He cares about winning. He knows the league. He needs to settling time. He won 3 premier league titles with Chelsea. He broke the Barça dominance at Spain. His Porto team won the Europa and Champions League. His Inter Milan team won serie A and Champions League. So he has the pedigree. We should grow up. Enough of this Mou disrespected Wenger talks. It happened many years ago. And both Managers have moved on and have mutual respect for each other. Mou body language is someone who wants to win. Other managers would be wary of him. That winning mentality will be restored. By the way, Arsenal made 3 mistakes in the summer.
        1. Failing to sack Emery after the Europa League final. We should have made top four. Emery bottling it up and playing Cech in the final was a sackable offence
        2. Failing to keep Ramsey in the Club. Ramsey is a top player. He was willing to sign the contract. We should have kept him.
        3. We should have brought in Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid. The guy was the steel we needed in midfield. He is very strong and energetic.
        Way forward. Sack Emery. Appoint Mou.

        1. You have failed to mention the disaster at Man Utd and what would appear to be a mental disorder towards the end of his Chelsea days.
          Maureen is a cheque book manager (he wont get that at Arsenal) without an ounce of class. No thanks.

        2. Cech was the best player in that shitty final.
          Not a sackable offence.

          Plenty of others, though.

          Mourinho may actually be better for Arsenal than United. He enjoys being the underdog and his best years were with Porto and then Inter in the Champions League.

          But he is tactically past it. He sets the team to defend and then send long balls to a tall and powerful attacker. We ain’t got one, if you haven’t noticed. And we don’t have a Fellaini type midfielder to bail us out…

          Let him prove himself again and we’ll see. And yes, he needs to prove himself again because his recent failures were due to tactical regressiveness.

    2. I’m wondering how managed to win 3 back to back Europa league trophies. I don’t know how he did it. Might be luck with good players or easy draws. But I really think Emery is good coach. Please don’t remind me of his Europa record!

  4. This is on the players.
    The team is the one the fans have been crying out for.
    NO Xhaka, Ozil played the whole game.
    Lacazette and Aubameyang both started.
    Definitely the players fault.
    Strong side for Frankfurt though.

    1. Not at all!

      This is not a team that have played constantly together. Weaknesses still there (Kolasinac, Chambers and Holding all average).

      The team are low in spirit and guidance – detached from Emery!

      1. Good point GunneRay… anybody who looks whole pitch could see Emery have lost “his” players.
        Problem is when our fans play FIFA they can not see the whole pitch so they transfer that to their watching of real football.

      1. I thought the players gave a lot tonight and their commitment could not be faulted in that respect – the 100% that was called for was given by each and every one.

        We were playing a side completely devoid of any pressure, at home and with a great crowd They are a naturally attacking side (9-0 last week), so of course we were on the back foot.
        However, in the first half, Leno wasn’t called upon to make any last ditch saves and I was pleasantly surprised.

        Up until their first goal, we had 56% of the play, the players were together AND we had our chances – the goal was
        brilliantly worked, as was the second. Game over and the better team won.

        Of course, the same lame blame game involves Ozil, it’s so predictable gotanidea, I bet you fingers were on the buttons before the game finished.

        I said that I believed UE had lost the players weeks ago and, if for no other reason, that’s why he must go as soon as possible – but a strong respected person has to take his place, otherwise anarchy will rule.

        Give it to Freddie until the end of thd season.

  5. These guys do not look bothered in my opinion. They lose and do not look angry.
    Normally, Arsenal would turn up and make a temporary statement in matches like this but we don’t seem to know how to do anything anymore. It has to be down to Unai, he is not getting it right, he needs to step aside.
    I hope we do not wait too long to make the needed change. A good manager will make these guys look better than what we see every week. We do not have a whole bunch of bad footballers for God sake.


    1. Why would they be angry? They still get a fat handsome salary at the end of this week, whereas most of us have to work for more than ten years to get that amount of money

      As what Capello used t say, it’s not easy to manage a bunch of millionaires. Hence a manager that is accustomed to deal with those social media celebrities is highly required

      I thought Emery was a top manager like that, but he is clearly not

  6. No more excuses … just show this clown the door .. no passion no organization no vision … can’t establish a serious football team with a manager devoid of vision … just a fact … maybe he’s a good paella chef I don’t know but managing a top football team is clearly outside his skill set .. which ll the greedy yank take us out of our misery … don’t know but income flow must be dwindling which is all this ffer is concerned with

  7. When we play like that and people think we deserve to be in the UCL with a coach like this.
    I’m done talking or analysing stuffs about this coach.
    How tf are we supposed to support this crap week in week out?
    You know the funniest thing?
    He’ll be here even after the Int break

    1. Seriously!!!
      I am imagining the humiliation we would be going through in UCL if we had luckily nicked a place.

  8. Very disappointed. After the first half I thought we might actually get something… I should have known!
    Like Smudger said – We’re going nowhere fast!

    1. Pitiful Sue! Can’t defend, can’t attack can’t do much of anything! I don’t even get angry anymore I’m well past that.. we have a board who are as clueless as the manager we just have to accept we’re a very average team

      1. He can’t survive after that, Kev! He’ll probably say we’ve improved from last season as we only let in 2 today, 1 less than last season 😖 Wallop, take that trout!! 😂

        1. Surely they can’t keep him on after this performance. We have about 17 points from a possible 36 and we haven’t played against Chelsea and man city.

          1. Price is defending champ! Probably MVG though…
            I wonder if they’ll have the balls to do it? Bayern sacked their manager and beat Dortmund 4-0 earlier!
            Haha, Kev 😜

        2. Oh but he can let’s not forget the Arsenal board are a bunch of old fossils that probably don’t even know who manages Arsenal half of them are most likely senile 😬 2 slaps with a trout Sue and good ebening you greasy haired clown 🤡

          1. Like I said earlier, Kev.. now just watch City get thumped and that really will be my misery complete!
            We can’t carry on this way.. surely they’ll see that.. all these points dropped.. we won’t even make the top 8 at this rate!

          2. Just listening to his interview and he’s talking crap from whatever I understood 🙄 we’re in deep deep trouble Sue. I can’t see us getting top 10 I couldn’t even tell when we might win again 😣

          3. @Kev82
            And therein lies the problem. The board are clueless, just as some of the fans. All of the ranting and raving to get rid of AW, only to roll the dice on a guy who got fired from his last job. And who clearly has no idea about what he’s doing. Emerys here till the end öd the season, and in hopes of winning the EL Cup. And when he doesn’t, he will the board will go after another cheap variation and hope for the best. The fans will once again get their hopes up, and until the new dude bottles it too. Rinse and repeat…

          4. Ny Gunner I don’t see the board get rid of him either, he’ll be here as you said until the end of the season.. we just have to accept the people who run the club are clueless and there’s more suffering on the horizon! Rinse and repeat 👍

          5. Yes Sue just don’t expect anything and you won’t get angry! We’re done as a big club 😣 and to think there was outrage when we were linked to Rodgers 90% of fans on here were against Rodgers and I actually wanted him.

          6. 5-3 and I wiped my brow!!
            It’s the BDO against the PDC..first time since 2010, women have taken part. They’re both from the BDO, obviously.
            So, no news on a P45 yet then??!

          7. Ah I see it’s the first time ive seen that so who will win it then? Haha no not yet Sue 😮 he should be left at the KP stadium along with JCC 🤡🤡😂 haha I knew it 😛

          8. I seen that they got rid of Joseph Gordon Levitt 😂😂😂 I’m not sure they do but I’m waiting to be proved wrong 😆 I thought he was retired 😮 you know if you ask him for his shirt he might just give it to you 😛

        3. How many games have we really won away since Emery joined? 2 or 3 Sheffield utd have won more since their promotion what arsenal have failed to do in two seasons not good enough for a big club like arsenal😱😱😱

      1. We will be lucky if we are not relegated, because the likes of Everton, Leicester and Wolves are getting stronger

  9. Couldn’t choose our man of the match from three choices, VAR, the crossbar or our travelling supporters.
    Think I’ll give it to our amazing supporters, they were loud and proud.

      1. Absolutely Sue they are always brilliant.
        Sheffield are above us and Brighton could also go above us tomorrow.

  10. Leicester First goal was just like Arsenal of old. How times have changed. Amazing one touch football, precise passing, beautiful football

    I can’t remember last we won a Match..

  11. I think the so called fans wanted us to lose so that Emery can be sacked. Let’s see how it’s going to happen.

    1. in our heart, every gunner wants the team to win, but only deluded gunners will actually expect two outcomes
      1. Ozil will a game
      2. Unai’s tactics will win a game
      After this match the “we need Ozil to create” and “Unai needs time” debates end.Both are not good enough ANY MORE for AFC, and should move as soon as possible.Sadly it will be one of Auba or Laca and Lucas that will be moving.
      We need a new system, a ruthless management and new crop of players. Enough of the millionaire celebrities masquerading as football pros at AFC

  12. I wont go into tactics today, I was already Emery OUT, and he tried to change things arround but it was again not good eneough cos problems are deeper then just tactically.
    It is obvious that our players are not in the mood, playing too slow, with Torreira and Guendouzi who were bad today, lot s of errors, lost balls, nothing to our attack.
    I think Luiz was our best player who likes playing 3 at the back, but he had slim defence infront of him.
    Our attackers are not mooving enough when we have a ball which is a clear sign that Emery had lost them.

  13. What a disaster we have become….some of us saw it eons ago,and for talking about it, got slated too. No point I saying “I told you so”.

  14. Clueless coach. He should just be sacked, period. We’ve been playing so bad, I can’t even believe this is Arsenal. He has a way of making any good player look mediocre.
    Can’t take any of that crap of a performance anymore.

  15. I have always say this. The problem has been the board and not the coach. I doubt if Guardiola will do anythn with arsenal team as long as we still hv this board members in charge.

    In Arsene I trust. My doubt has always been the board. Nobody noticed it starter wen we have a change in the room up their. It started 2009.

  16. Emery went with a back 3 today, and we did look a little better for it.
    Even though it was an improved performance, what did we really create though?
    Schmeichel had barely nothing to do, especially in the second half.
    Once Leicester inevitably scored, it was just all them until they got
    their second. Swarming all over us. Our players looked like rabbits in
    the headlights. Emery decided to not make a change until after the second
    goal. Not sure what he expected off Pepe in just 15 minutes of game time?

    A very comfortable, and well deserved win for Leicester. I can only take two
    positives from today. I picked some good points on fantasy football, and
    surely that has to be the final nail in the coffin for Emery.

    Leno – 6
    Chambers – 5
    Luiz – 6
    Holding – 5
    Bellerin – 5
    Torreira – 5
    Guendouzi – 5
    Kolasinac – 5
    Ozil – 5
    Lacazette – 5
    Aubameyang – 5

    Subs: Pepe – 5, Willock – 5

    Emery – 2

  17. Emery has to go now he has no excuses remaining. Last season was his 1st season in epl so I was lenient. At the start of the season we had most of our defence injured so I was lenient again.

    Now he has a full squad, ozil playing, xhaka out from lineup but the team is still horrible. I have patience but enough is enough.

  18. We all agree that Emery needs to go, the question is when. If he goes now, there is pretty much no one to replace him. Do we want to give llunjberg a go…i think that’s the only realistic option, unless arteta wants to jump ship…? I would like to replace him immediately, but I don’t want to have to make do with just any old manager

  19. Im not one of the lynch mob but i do think there is no other option but to change the coach. My problem is, i think the attitude of the players is really to be questioned as well. Some of them need reminding who they are playing for. I don’t see Emery lasting the weekend but im not too confident there is a manager out there that will bring instant impact to this squad. They are potentially good players but they also have to have it between the ears and show fight. I think whatever we are in for a frustrating season. I did think the away support was brilliant today.

  20. Look a little deeper and you can easily see that this latest capitulation makes Emery even nearer the exit door. THAT is good news. We were never going to make top four, whatever happened at
    LEICESTER AS WE ARE JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THAT. NOT REMOTELY. SO THIS LOSS IS THE PRECURSOR TO GOOD NEWS; EMERYS SACKING. I actually feel cheered up rather than sad, because his end is now very near. untul the announcement keep bombarding the club with Emery out demands to keep up the pressure and to ensure they act against him

  21. Most footballing fans knew we were never going to win this one. At the start of the season in my hubris, I felt Arsenal were easily capable of reaching 3rd/4th place.

    Well that dream is disappearing further into the distance with each game.

  22. But we cling on in hope, that our Gunners pull through

    will Kroenke and board, appoint a boss with a clue ?

    1. We need more than a new boss, a quality commanding CB plus a similar DMF. But typically, Arsenal spend £72m on a winger. This is nothing new, we have neglected our defence for probably the past decade. I really thought Emery would rectify the situation but in reality it’s even worse now.

      The worrying thing is that there wasn’t a single decent performance today, they didn’t even look upset at the end. A point made by Tony Adams. I’m not sure a new manager can resucitate this team without major surgery. Emery certainly cannot, he is out of his depth.

  23. If you have a boil lance it quickly because if you don’t… it become a destructive infection. Emery should go tomorrow then Freddie will have two weeks to get the team ready.

  24. holding championship player,luiz worst then stepanovs,laca not a top striker.guendouzi etc etc etc emery NEXT plzzzz,we’ve lost our club for the time being..ps rodgers would struggle with these so called players

  25. I think the Coach will be sacked sooner, forget what the board said. I mean, if they came out to say he has x number of games to turn things around other coaches will be on high alert, maybe demand more.

    So sad, at this rate we may never get to wish him Emery Christmas.

  26. Short and sweet today as kids have given me a migraine but positives were overall we were playing a bit quicker and sharper (still not enough), Chambers was our MOTM for me and definitely needs to be staying in starting lineup, Bellerin is looking closer to full fitness.

    Guendouzi and Torreira were poor in the midfield today and were almost invisible at times, Ozil had a good game but struggled to create much, Laca and Auba were poor at times without the ball.

    The lineup wasn’t too bad today so I don’t think Emerys setup is actually to blame this time, but no one had the hunger to go out and try and get anything from the game 🤷‍♂️ so I’m beginning to believe more and more that Emery may well be losing/lost the dressing room.

    If he has lost the dressing room then there is no hope for him anymore, once lost its very rarely won back again 🤷‍♂️

    1. Setup was not bad?? 2 DM, 3 CB n 2 WB who are poor with ball in their feet(bellerin n Kola)…??? You think setup was good? When to press n how to press is not what players do them selves it’s told by the manager in his pre match strategy n plan..in his training. How much pressing u do n how much urgency u shows comes from what you have been ordered to do by manager. It’s not players choice…everyone needs to stop blaming players for flaws in our game plan it’s the manager’s fault.

      1. I’m not blaming the players for Emerys mistakes Mohsan, I’m blaming them for their own mistakes. Is it Emerys fault that Torreira contributed very little despite playing as DM, or that he couldn’t keep his legs together to cut out the pass for Vardys opener? Is it Emerys fault that not even Ozils vision could find passes through their defence? Is it Emerys fault that Lacazette and Bellerin both missed golden opportunities?

        Only pressing in our own half is on Emery but that’s also fairly commonplace when playing the counter attack game, the formation is also on him but I don’t see it as that bad a choice – Leicester were sure to come out strong at home and hitting them on the counter was our best bet, especially with our defense in the state it is.

    2. True that lineup was good… I would only change Kolasnac for Tierney though Kolasnac to his credit tried. The problem is motivation. The players are playing with a handbreak… Every midfielder and wing back only pass the ball sideways and back. No confidence in each other… Shame

    3. Ozil had a good game?? He didn’t show any real attempt to retrieve the ball, only making half-assed attempts

      1. Really gotanidea? Ozil made 3 tackles tonight – joint highest out of our squad with Kola and Willock, plus he was tracking runs a lot tonight – it just wasn’t his night going forward and only managed 1 key pass. Is that on him or were Leicester just well organised at the back? That’s open to personal interpretation but for me, more the latter as he had a fair few cut out. Nor did I see him just standing around, looking defeated until about the 84th minute 🤷‍♂️

          1. Very true Sue 😔 – I’ve made no effort to hide the fact I’m no Ozil fan, but even I fail to see what people can fault him on in his last few performances 🤷‍♂️

  27. No one is going anywhere as I said before untill mathematical the top 4 is out of our reach this board won’t take any decision. They don’t have the Balls n neither have time for this they are busy counting the money. If we sack UE then we will have to pay for two damages one UE contract termination fee n second hiring new manager…it’s not only the manager it’s whole backroom staff that comes n goes with the manager. …Stan won’t let the board do that even if Raul falls n hurts his head to decide UE has to go.

  28. I really get very angry when some people try to get a scapegoat in form of the Board! How does the Board come into this? Is it the Board which selects the team? Does the Board decide on tactics? The one to blame in all this is Emery. I can’t see how he will stay around and to do what anyway? The sooner Emery leaves the better for Arsenal.

    1. It’s the board job to find the right person for the job n to make a change when things are not working out that is why you seat high up there n get paid bonuses in probably millions. If a company goes down then who do ppl blame avg earning employee or the CEO. More authority n privileges mean more responsibility n answering to failure….it is common sense my friend.

  29. Next home game should be interesting as fans chanted sacked in the morning. Worrying times. The board should also answer for Emery’s appointment.

    1. It was Gazidis who appointed Emery, not the current board. Anyhow, it was a decent appointment at the time. I think only Pep had won more trophies than Emery in the 5 years prior to his appointment.

      The board will however have a lot of answering to do should they not sack Emery now.

      1. You are right it was that scum Ivan but that does not mean current board members just put their hands on top of each other n drink tea. What are they paid for? Are the results n how we are performing on the field not there responsibility? Should they not interfere n stress what the standards are? If they thought he was not the right choice he should have been replaced you can’t blame everything on old regime. Can you blame ur failure at work on ur predecessor n get away with it?

        1. Well even if the current regime didn’t fancy Emery, they couldn’t exactly sack him straight away before he was even given a chance. Your point is only really valid if the board do not make a decision over the next couple of weeks. Emery was a given a free season, but now he’s being judged on nearly a third of this campaign, and it has been woeful!

          We have an international break, so this is the perfect time for them to move Emery on. Even if they can’t get anyone in now, just give it to Freddie until the end of season. It cannot get any worse!

  30. Arsenal may well reluctantly make the decision now but that would be out of character of the board and culture. I think the dressing room has been in trouble for a while and it’s transferred clearly to the performance. I’ve want emery gone for a while and either an interim in now such as Jose to steady the sinking ship or long term such as Eddie Howe if he would come to a mid table team as we are fast becoming. If the management of the club has changed as we have been told over the last 6 months then they need to go against the tradition and be brave to make a change now so the new man can take a look at the squad and tinker with the transfer market in January as they see fit.

  31. Worst position / points after 12 games since 1982…..wow.
    Argubly one of the best attacks in the Premier league yet 2 shots on target in 2 matches…. Wow.
    Going to Leicester or bloody anywhere atm and no pundits believing you are the better team or will win… Wow.
    As a fan of around 30 years I am at a loss. I have lived abroad for around 7 years now and get up at 1am 2am 3am to watch this shit every week…. Wow.
    Never been a fan of sacking managers quickly as I do feel many need time but enough is enough. He seems to be starving this team of everything that is good.

  32. David. the board appoints Emery and the have no gut at all. Bayern lost 5-1 and sacked there coach. Emery has 25 wins in 50 league matches and there is not heat from the board at all towards him. Arsene has 27 win in his last 47 matches for arsenal but we all yelled to sack him.

    How borad doesn’t care about the fans.

  33. Worst start After 12 games since 1982/1983 season

    This time intl game came at the right time. Even the fans need this break

    One can’t understand what Unai is trying to say in his interview.

    Good ebening…..

  34. How bad does a coach get before he is sacked? Is it not clear to the board that Unai Emery does not know what he is doing?

    If the board behave in the manner that suggest that they do not know that Unai Emery is not a good coach, then they too are as clueless as their employee.

  35. The emergence of Leicester to ‘put pressure on’ 😉

    Did you Emery it? our “4th place as a trophy” has gone

  36. “And to you all I say…. good ebening, and good bye”…. The exact words I’d love to hear from Emery next week.

  37. Did I not tell Emery not to start Lacazette for Leicester today on this site and on the UntoldArsenal site? I said so because I noticed that Laca has gone stale goals scoring wise for Arsenal in 1 start and 2 match appearances since he has returned from the sidelines. But instead of to start him today at King Power in the presumed will be a tough PL match for Arsenal to win, I advised Emery to start Pepe and tell him to interchange positions by switching to central position occasionally with Aubameyang moving to the right wing to intermittently operates from there. And Saka should start in the match too. Had Emery listened to my advice, the width that us saw lacking in the Gunners team attacking front today would have been there to bite the Foxes and wound them. So, Emery tactic has once again failed to work for Arsenal today.

  38. Leno and Chambers played well in my opinion but overall we were second best by some way.By setting up with a defensive back three system, which was a failure in Portugal,we invited Leicester to control the midfield area in the hope that we could hit them on the break.The plan failed for a number of reasons but principally because we do not have enough quality players who can adapt to this defeatist system.Holding is vulnerable in a wide position at the back and Luis is just vulnerable.The Leicester 4-3-3 system is uncomplicated like that of Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea the only three teams which will finish above Leicester this season.I wish we had a DM like Ndtiti who is the vital cog in this smooth Leicester wheel.I congratulate Brendan Rodgers for what he has achieved in a short period of time.

  39. Beaten by the better team, ou cannot win if you give the ball away 20 or 30 times in a game, you cannot win if you completely concede the midfield to the opposition, you cannot win if you have players like Lacazette and Özil who were mere passengers along for the ride. You can also not win if there is no leadership on the field, and if there is little running off the ball to create space.

  40. No Arsenal fan eh? Attending since 1958 however. Perhaps I have been a secret Spuds fan all those years of attending home and away. Use your brain , Assuming you have one!

  41. Narrative: every victory is despite one thing, every loss is because of that same thing. It’s the reason why the media panic over Brexit, and mostly why they love it when we lose. No matter who’s in charge we worsen every player we sign, and each one of our victories is fluked. They won’t stop until we’re out of existence, no wonder they cheer for Spurs especially when several of their players represent England at once.

  42. A not so good ebening all.

    FACT……………….Arsenal have won fewer points in Count Emery`s first 50 PL games than Wenger`s last 50 PL games !

    I think Emery is hanging on by the skin of his fangs !

    We need a Tony Adams on the field, but off the field Tony Adams is like Count Emery`s Renfield !

    Raul and Edu both in attendance !………………………….lets face it they have a great way out of this predictament in that it was Gazidis who brought Emery in, they need to act quickly and bring “their own man” in………………………..
    The worst we`ve been since pre-Gorgeous George days ???

    Head of Football Sanllehi and Technical Director Edu……………………………………..it`s all in the name !……………………………..If Edu cannot see anything remotely technical about Emery`s tactics then it`s upto the head of football to act !

    1. Yes bring Luis Enrique, or the combination of Patrick Viera/Thierry Henry or Denis Bergkam. Certainly our Arsenal will resurface with any of the above ASAP.

  43. Please please please, even though we are in desperate times, stop championing moronino. The guy is more rotten than rotten, what person in their right mind wants a utd failure as our failure. He is a dinosaur and plays dinosaur foorball. He is NOT what we need at the club EVER. Have some respect for us, stop linking him with this club, he has no morals.

  44. I said it earlier when people were hyping Holding that there’s no guarantee that he’s going to be a top class, I believe it’s glaring now he is not, whether you play Chambers as CB, DM or RB he’s not quality either and he is not likely going to improve, he is another Jerkinson. Mavro will not also turn up better I am not wishing him bad luck but the truth must be told. We only have Tierney and Bellerin. As Emery will be leaving, yes he has to leave, the board needs to be proactive by seriously searching for the replacements of Kolasinac, Sokratis, David Luiz, Mavro, Chambers and Rob Holdings. Today’s loss soothes the pains I have been having because it’s going to fasten the dismissal of Unai Emery, while in Star studded PSG he failed to hold onto four goals advantage against Barcelona even after scoring in Spain he was unable to prevent Barcelona from scoring six goals within 96 minutes.

  45. The biggest problem with the team is the lack of quality in midfield and defence. Changing the coach/manager will not change this issue. This driving force of the team from midfield is Guendouzi who is not yet experienced enough.
    Consider Arsenal’s defensive players, particularly in central defence and midfield; is this really a top 4 defence?
    The team has only one real right back who is returning from injury. The first choice left back is new and is also coming back from injury.
    Arsenal have failed to address key issues in defence and midfield for more than a decade and until this happens there will be pain for fans.

    1. We have 2 players in David. L and Chambers that could play the dm role and interchange and slot into the back 4. We know the back 4 needs protection and torrera either isn’t capable or is played out of position. So why not try one of these with the express instructions just to sit. This would mean when the full back push up we would essentially switch to a back 3 should we be caught on the break.
      This would allow us to play to our strengths which is attack.
      Line up could be this.


      Bel. Soc/hol/Must/Cham/luis. Tierney.


      Pepe. Guend/ozil/cabellos. Abu


      Any 2 of the back 4 as I don’t really see any difference they will all make mistakes.
      Also 2 of the 3 central mid obv cabellos injured at the min.
      But the point being can it be any worse that what we are seeing. We need to try something different and I belive the best form of defence is attack.

  46. Unai is a very wrong coach. He does not know when to do substitution and who to be substituted, neither the formation. Unless he is sack, else arsenal will go to the religation zone

    1. Haha by you 😂😂 he does look like him doesn’t he 😛😃 oh yeah my mistake 😬 don’t you want to listen to Unai Emerys interview? 😂😂😂 Not surprised
      Sue we’ve been awful every game this season 😧

      1. He really does 😄👍
        Oh good god no.. serious question now – do you feel sorry for him? I have to admit, I do. I felt the same way about Arsene too.

        1. Haha glad it’s not just me 😃 no he’s a greasy haired vampire and Wenger was long past his sell by date you have to remember as well Sue Wenger is partly the reason we’re in this mess all this Wenger in talk if he walked back into Arsenal I’m switching off completely the man is a dinosaur can’t even get a job 🙄

          1. I wouldn’t want to be in their position, Kev.. the stress of it all… always said I could never do that job!!
            You’re being deadly serious, yet I couldn’t help but chuckle at ‘greasy haired vampire’ 😂
            He’s going to Bayern! Eddie told me 😜

          1. Who is going to Bayern? Wenger ? Can’t see that happening! I could, put out your best team, have an idea of a formula that works and stick to it untill you become robotic 😃 haha he is though I better wake up tomorrow and find he’s taken the express way back to Transylvania 😂 I’ll take mourinho right now, the man is a serial winner will put a rocket up that under performing squad and they will be well drilled 😃

          2. He’s having talks with them next week.
            Maybe you should take over then 😉
            Haha first class all the way… oh no not Maureen, Kev, can’t bear that bloke,that really will pi*s me off if he gets it..

          3. You know people get wound up with Mourinho but he just plays up to the media in boxing it’s called trash talk he’s a very intelligent man in real life! It’s either stick with that headless chicken Emery or a man who’s won everything in the game I know what I’d take 😃 my German isn’t up to scratch yet Sue 😂😂😂

          4. Well why isn’t it? 😂😂
            Yes but he’s a complete classless bell end…
            I’d rather be manager less than have him!
            Surely we’ll wake up to news tomorrow……

          5. I think we’ll have to agree to differ on that Sue people think Mourinho hates Wenger but that’s complete nonsense they’ve been to hundreds of conferences together and sit together as pundits on bein sports David haye once said he’s gonna hospitalise tony bellew after the fight all hugs it’s trash talk! It’s all in vain anyway count Dracula will still be manager until may 😂 My Japanese sign language classes take up most of my nights Sue 😛

          6. They aren’t in Japanese form just your form 😂😂😂 you looking forward to the games tomorrow Sue ? 😃

          7. If you say so 🤣🤣 what a cop out hahaha!!
            Oh god no.. I’m not tuning in.. it’ll be torture, just as bad as today. What do you think the scores will be?! 😬

          8. Man utd to win 1-0 and Liverpool to win 1-0 I hope it’s resversed though 😂 what about you ? Haha no I’m just tired 😂

          9. Yes I reckon they’ll both win too, just to send me deeper into those depths of despair!
            Well, Kevin.. it’s that time! Sleep well, knowing you you’ll be up half the night watching crap on tv (no not our highlights 😁)
            Good to see you back on here, missed our goofy chats 😁 Goodnight Kevin 😊😴🐟 haha!

  47. No despair for you Sue because your the positive one remember you still believe Emery can turn this around 😂😛 haha no I’m knackered Sue 😴😴 oh they’re goofy are they ? 😂😂 Thanks Sue it’s good chatting to you again too 😃 goodnight and sleep well 😃😴😴😴 🦈🦈😆

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