Leicester City v Arsenal match preview and predicted score

Don’t underestimate Arsenal as they face the high flying Foxes.

Arsenal travels to the King Power Stadium looking to end their recent poor run of form and it promises to be one of the toughest tests they have faced this season.

Unai Emery’s side has had their season disrupted by a lack of form, an unhappy fan base and internal strife with Granit Xhaka being stripped of the captaincy.

Arsenal comes into this fixture after another underwhelming performance away at Vitoria in the Europa League midweek. While Emery didn’t field his best players in that game, a win would have helped to lift the mood around the Emirates. It certainly would have given their confidence a boost ahead of the clash with Leicester tomorrow.

After winning six of eight games, Arsenal head into this match with no win in their last three Premier League matches. They have taken the lead in their last two league games yet ended up dropping two points.

Away from home, Arsenal have not won any of their last four league games. They have, however, lost only two of those games and could get at least a point here as well.

Leicester City are in fine form ahead of this clash. Brendan Rodgers has done a great job and his team now sit third in the Premier League and looking like a formidable force once again.

The Foxes have won their last four games in all competitions and will be confident of securing all three points on Saturday evening.

However, it has to be remembered that Arsenal drew 2-2 with Tottenham, held Man Utd at Old Trafford beat Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0 on their ground and despite all the negativity surrounding the club, does have a very good squad.

I say this in almost every preview and it remains true, if the players play to their true abilities and Unai Emery gets his team, tactics and formation right then they will win.

I understand why many Arsenal fans are nervous ahead of this game and rightfully so but there are also good reasons to be positive, as an example, the results I mentioned earlier.

I can see the lads coming away from Leicester with something, most likely a draw but I would not rule out a win either.

Predicted Score 1-1


  1. I can see a 2-2 but if our forward line turn up en bloc we could well win 2-3. I dont see us keeping a clean sheet and i dont see us not scoring. It is a game we cant lose just because of what is going on at the moment.

  2. I think based on our passed away performances we will be lucky to get a point.emery hasnt found a midfielder combo in the 16 months hes been there and cant decide whats best up front position wise.hopefully the defence could be slightly stronger with the 2 injured full backs getting fitter but who knows if emery will play them.id love Arsenal to win and Emery to turn things round but iv not seem anything in the last 16 months to think it will happen.

  3. We’ll do well to come away with a draw…
    I hope Emery gets it right and the players go for it, as we really need a good performance/result… and I don’t fancy acting like I’m at a Greek wedding, by smashing my dinner plate against the wall 😂😂😂

    1. Sue keep off watching the game then🤣🤣🤣 that way the plates are safe. I’m seeing how the game will be played,side way passing,no penetration,no urgency, Emery saying he got the tactics right blah.. blah… blah.Anyway am certain we’ll Nick a win and Emery surviving another week.

      1. 😆😆 we normally get a rough idea in the first 10 minutes or so of how the game will pan out… it would be absolutely mental, but typical Arsenal of us to go there and win, when everyone has written us off!!

  4. 4-0 to Leicester. Another shocking display from us, but Emery will claim he got his tactics spot on.

    Hopefully his final game in charge.

    1. Agree but i hope against all hope we win but any of us thinkwe will doesnt go on form just hope we get back were we belong this manager cant get the best fro us and i hope hes gone but still hope he gets us somewhere we should be but are not atm. CAUSE OF HIM .

    1. Gotanidea he won’t even be starting.emery will go for the diamond and when he does that Pepe is on the bench. I hope am wrong though!! And he might surprise us! He usually does

  5. I predict a penalty or a sending off to go against us and a controversial decision that costs us the game

  6. Difficult match but Leicester’s open style should give us a chance. But I agree with Sue, a draw will be a good result.

  7. Hard to even see a draw. We aren’t good at defending or creating goal scoring chances. Even if Leicester play more open, we play poorly away from home and both their CB are in great form. It’s very difficult to see us even get a point. Could be a very bad result coming tomorrow actually folks…

  8. A loss seems the most likely outcome given the phase we are in as a club. Once the players have lost faith in the manager the downwards spiral picks up. Add to that the fact that we are awful on the road and that Leicester are playing great football and I can see a loss by several goals being the most likely outcome.

  9. Mind says Arsenal might lose. Heart says Arsenal will win. Balance it out-Arsenal draws. Emery survives to explain his tactics, formation, the strength of the opposition, blah blah… But just have the feeling just because we are the Arsenal, we defy all logic and we win against all odds.

  10. I hope that Emery does not read these posts and particularly the comments, because if he starts dreaming about false 9s and inverted wingers and sweepers and diamonds etc etc, he, and we, will be even more confused about his team selections, and the games we dish up will be even more chaotic 😁😁

  11. According to the Metro Emery said there are three reasons Arsenal are not doing very well:
    1 ‘The circumstances with Ozil, Kolasinac, Koscielny and, 2) remember also, that if he [Koscielny] was here as captain, that would give us no problem. 3)‘Then Xhaka’s circumstances.’

    It’s not difficult to double his reasons and give more accurate ones at the same time. Just think what he might have said under the influence of a truth drug.

    ‘I made the following mistakes:

    1) I never gave Ozil a chance. I picked on him from the day I joined. Kept him out of the team using any excuse I could think of. When I did play him I made sure he wouldn’t play well by playing with a defensive formation, giving him no chance to spray the ball around. Very cunning that one – I don’t think many people noticed – or did they?

    2) As above, I have gone with defensive formations all season and given every single team we’ve played far too much respect. A proper manager would have gone to battle with such as Man Utd, just as Arsenal did in the days of Adams and Keown etc instead of being terrified of them. (Unfortunately I am tempted to make the same mistake against the mighty Leicester who have an 18 goal better difference than us. Aren’t they frightening? Perhaps if I pack the defence…???)

    3) I have continuously played people out of position. AMN is no right back as everyone but me knows, and as he’s proved himself many times. Neither is Chambers – he’s no good against quick, tricky wingers. He would probably have been great as a DM, as he showed playing for Fulham but it didn’t cross my tiny mind to try him there. And why I chose to push Torreira further forward from that DM position after he’d had an excellent season for us there previously even I don’t know.

    4) I’ve never known what is our best formation. I just entered Xhaka’s name on the team sheet and then worked from there. Now he’s not playing I’m completely at a loss as to what to do. Not for the first time, I admit. There must be some style of playing which suits us. I just haven’t thought of it yet. Attacking you ask? Far too risky for me I’m afraid!

    5) I’ve played my favourites all along. Many people could see they were pretty well useless but I stupidly stuck to my guns, hoping they’d come good one day. The incident with Xhaka showed what an horrendous mistake that was! Now I’m just looking for Sokratis to haul someone to the ground inside the box to get the double up. I’d better not go for the treble with Kolasinac so I’ll stick that there guy we got from Celtic in as soon as I remember his name.

    6) I don’t talk much sense. In fact I am well guily of talking a load of bollox, intermingled with the finest quality gobbledegook e.g. ‘We are not playing really with a good performance to impose our idea, impose our capacity on each match.’ No wonder half the team struggle to understand my instructions, let alone carry them out.

    Okay, the team to play Leicester. Hold these two bags for me would you while I go lucky dip. I’ve got the player’s names in one bag and positions in the other and I’ll stick them together on the team sheet as they come out. I’m sure it will all work out, indeed what could possibly go wrong? Thank you. Hmm, Chambers on the left wing, Aubameyang at right back…

  12. Picked on Ozil from the day he joined; yet Ozil played 24 games in Emery’s first season as coach? Also Ozil has publicly stated that last season was affected injury.
    Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!

  13. Read the interview with sky sports and Emery. Was done in Spanish that’s how good his ideas will get across at half time etc. He’s a serious joke. Half the players won’t understand him and he gave his opinion on Arsenal’s 2 best performances. The first half against Watford was one and the other was the 3-0 win over Frankfurt

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