Leicester give Arsenal fans more reason to want Wenger out

We may never know the ins and outs of what happene3d between Claudio Ranieri and the other staff and players at Leicester City, but Arsenal fans are as keen to know as anyone, and probably more so because of the issues that many fans have with the club and it’s continued willingness to keep our own manager Arsene Wenger despite what is seen as the same old problems hurting our hopes of major trophy success year after year.

The Arsenal fans who have had enough of Wenger and believe that there must be a change at the top were certainly given some more rope last night after the Foxes beat Liverpool in the first game without their title winning manager and the change in all of their effort and application on the pitch was clear to see.

There are various theories about why the Gunners keep falling short in the race for the Premier League title and our various and numerous injury problems certainly do not help, but it is the way that the team fails to turn up at times in crucial games, such as the EPL defeat by Wartford recently or the Champions League hammering at the hands of Bayern Munich that many will point to as evidence that the boss is not getting the best from his squad anymore.

Did Leicester and their suddenly up for it players just provide the Wenger Out Brigade that Arsenal need a new manager?



  1. frank says:

    Yes but it was only one game although they truely looked to be back to their best. I think more so what Conte has done at Chelsea proves why Wenger has to go. Even Tottenham, the two Manchester teams and Liverpool look better with new managers and Arsenal, we just look the same as we have for 10-12 years.

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Leicester’s home form wasn’t that bad even before Ranieri’s sacking,
    I reckon that they would have beaten Liverpool anyway.
    It’s their away form that stunk but even thats normal when you are the reigning champions.

    As for Wenger, several media outlets are reporting today that he has turned down a mega contract offer from a Chinese club, said to be worth around £30 million a year.?
    It’s also reported that Mr Wenger will more than likely sign the two year extension offered by Arsenal, worth £10 million a year ? yep, you guys are gonna have to change that 8 into a 10 next season ??

  3. John Legend says:

    How many teams have sacked their Managers and won their following games against Liverpool? Hull, Swansea, Leicester….. any other? Just saying….

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    And now Ramsey is backing Wenger by stating that the players have let him down ???
    It’s safe to say that his place in the starting lineup is safe for another 2 years ? The little bum lick – Wannabe Bale.

  5. Sam, need a striker says:

    Boycott games, march in protest, chant “Wenger out” in games, take banners, whatever it takes to get a new manager …

  6. joe from kenya says:

    swansea sack their coach and beat liverpool Hull city sack their coach and beat Liverpool Leicester sack their coach and beat liverpool,so if Arsenal want to beat Liverpool this weekend they know what they need to do now..LOL

  7. goonerwineverything says:

    It’s obvious that Wenger is waiting to see the results in the next few games go his way and if he can fluke an fa cup along the way i think he will leave if je don’t win a trophy this season because his pride won’t let him carry on without the praise and admiration of the press and fans alike to brown nose him, and the fans reaction will become very toxic around the club. And that could spell massive trouble for all concerned at the club. It’s already looking like the deckchairs are being rearranged for this summer (jonker and lungberg leaving) have to see how it is playing out. One thing that will show if we her stays sanchez goes that is cause and effect right there in front of eyes ?

  8. mark says:

    The reality is, the board etc don’t give a flying fig about what SOME of the fans think because they are turning over decent money and making a profit.

    IF most fans wanted Wenger out, it might be different, but clearly most fans are happy with the everlasting 2nd-4th place, CL mediocrity and the odd FA cup thrown in as a tasty morsel of silverware.

    Never mind that AW clearly has issues motivating his team and buying the right players to make us a force to be reckoned with. Never mind that a team ALWAYS reflects its managers philosophy, in our case blindly playing the same way in a game even thought we are being overrun/outfought/outwitted etc etc.

    Never mind that many ex players/pundits feel our frustration of coming so close but never quite being the best.

    Never mind we have a manager effectively managing mediocre players on inflated wages but expecting fans to just rollover and be happy.

    I could go on, but it’s a bit negative…lol. 😉

    1. Jansen says:

      I think the tide has turned and most fans want Wenger out. But more importantly, the board will for the first time be faced with the fact that there will be no CL football and that will hurt them in the pocket.

  9. Jansen says:

    tbh I don’t think the Wenger out brigade needed any proof from Leicester that it is time for a new manager. Our own track record over the last several years says all we need to know about what to expect from Wenger in charge.

    It is true though that Leicester showed once again like Chelsea did last season under Mourinho, that you can be a successful manager but if your squad has had enough of your message and stops playing for you, you are finished. I am convinced our squad is no longer playing for Wenger. They show up for half a game here and half a game there if at all. This is something I have not seen before under Wenger. Even last year when the title slipped away the lads put an effort in they just made the same naive mistakes game after game, year after year, but they still hussled. This season they don’t fight.

    Why is that? A negative atmosphere around the squad because of the uncertainty of their two best players? Disillusionment because some players are clearly favorite and others can score goals and make assists and still not get a start? There is only so many ways you can tell the same message in different words before it loses power? Lack of faith in the manager? Combination of all of the above. It doesn’t matter as much as the realization that the pattern needs to be broken and Wenger is not the man to that. He has had many years to prove he can lead us to glory but now it is time to put the club ahead of him.

  10. N4NICOLAS says:

    Wenger is an excuse for a coach, a poor Man’s Pep Gardiola.. he won’t leave, he doesn’t want to.. Let’s all be ready for more heart breaks, nowadays we win matches not because we played well but because the other team played badly. I feel so sorry for myself, am now the target for jokes now I can’t even talk soccer anymore even among the ladies it’s that bad

  11. He wont go end of story, we need to get used to another 2 years achieving what we have done for the last 12 years maybe not as other teams such as SPUDS and MANURE will give us a run for the money…..year after year the same old story….AW will go when he decides he wants to go, no riots or protests will make him go…..he has not signed yet waiting for 2 victories in a row to the likes of Sunderland or Hull so the AKB’s will hail them as a hero and then he will sign the Contract that will doom us all…..the real problem is that when he leaves we should not expect immediate results not with the team he is leaving behind, will take time for whoever comes after him to get rid of the deadwood and build a team with winning mentality….these are the facts anything else is just a panacea…this is the reality of being an ARSENAL fan…..and NEVILLE fig off no disrespect

  12. Vlad says:

    You tell me that the new manager (Shakespeare) was able to change tactics, formation, etc. in 2 days time? Ridiculous. Lester players should be ashamed of themselves. Where was this intensity, hunger, desire when Ranieri was still their manager? The players under-performed, and are to blame for Lester’s misfortunes this season, no one else. Same goes for Wenger. While I do blame him for certain things, like favoritism towards certain players, I also recognize when it’s his fault we lose games, and when the fingers should be pointed towards other individuals.

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