“Leicester have officially replaced Arsenal as the new Top 6!” Some Arsenal fans react to defeat to Tottenham

Arsenal has just been beaten by Tottenham in a preseason friendly and it is like Deja Vu to some fans.

After the club spent on the likes of Ben White and Albert Sambi Lokonga, their fans expected more from the players.

The North London derby in the Mind Series gave Mikel Arteta’s squad the chance to prove they are ready for the new season.

However, they have now shown that they have some more work to do to be ready for the upcoming season.

Beating Tottenham would have given some fans confidence in Arteta, but now that they lost the game, the opposite is the case.

The club posted about the defeat to the Lilywhites after the final whistle, on Twitter and it brought about several negative reactions from their fans.

In the tweet, the club captioned a link to the match summary with: “Defeat at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium”

Their fans filled the comments with their reaction, here are some: 

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  1. GunneRay says:

    As painful as it may be for all of us right now, we should be keeping ourselves grounded with it still being pre-season friendlies. I know it’s not looking good with no wins so far, but MA has to try things out and get players fit for next week.

    I will say though, if MA does not have a team ready for next week and a team that is capable of winning then I certainly hope he will be looking at the obvious places that could still be doing with strengthening. The vibe already from the fans is not good. MA cannot afford to have the fans on his back. I seriously hope that the club know what they are doing in terms of players in and out!

  2. Pout chop Jal says:

    Get rid of Coach we will never go to top four if he fail to bring in the likes of Lutauro Martinez offload Aub bring in Madison keeping willock also signing max Aaron that would be pretty cool and of loading the others like lac,nketia, willian, bellerin, among others we can obviously finished top 3 instead of top four believe me

  3. Frankworthy says:

    Leicester City replaced Arsenal in the “top 6” five years ago , not news 🙄

  4. Gunners4life says:

    The preseason shows Arsenal is just not improving for the past 1.5 seasons under MA. We can all dream and hope but there is just no way MA will magically improve the team when season starts next week..

    This is becoming a big joke. The guy finished 8th but seem to not get any pressure from the board..

  5. John Shush says:

    MA could get the sack early (or late depending on who one speaks to) if this form continues into the season. I heard Conte is looking for a job!

    1. jon fox says:

      CONTE HAS ALREADY TURNED DOWN SPURS AS THEY HAVE NO SPENDING MONEY. Why on Earth then would he ever come to us. Not a thinking comment, my friend!

      1. John Shush says:

        Because we’re not Spurs! Compare Spurs trophy cabinet for the last 30 years to ours! Are you sure you support Arsenal?

      2. John Shush says:


  6. Dan kit says:

    It was painfully obvious that he was out of his depth last season ,I’m not sure how fans thought that would change in 3 months over the summer .
    Today’s starting 11 will be pretty much the 11 we see on Friday maybe a couple of tweaks ,what I saw was the same old same old ,football that looks 35 years out of date and a manager flapping his arms and jaw on the touch line pretending he knows what he’s doing .
    Personally think it will be a carbon copy of last season ,unattractive football and scrambling for a finishing position around 6th-9 th.
    Trust The Process 🤔

    1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      Spot on Dan…it’s clear that there’s never been a definitive plan or why would he re-sign Auba, not sell Laca, when we still had some contractual leverage, and signed Willian, if this was your tactical philosophy…I get the whole Xhaka love affair, as he makes perfect sense for his negative inclinations, but why not just go all in on the whole youth project, when everyone and their brother knew that a “rebuild” of sorts was a plausible course of action…of course, I wouldn’t have been a huge fan, but I would have at least respected the fact that a bona fide plan was in the works…according to what we’ve witnessed so far, he’s actually dumbed-down the players to his amateur hour managerial level…I just can’t think of another manager who would attempt such a nonsensical approach with this personnel, especially if most of the players in question were of his choosing, in some respect…it’s both incredibly baffling and increasingly depressing

      1. CorporateMan says:

        When Aubameyang was banging in the goals we were all screaming “pay him whatever he wants to stay”. Now we are blaming Arteta for not selling him!
        The last job I want in my life is manage Arsenal

  7. Declan says:

    What a ridiculous premise!

  8. Adajim says:

    Either you are against Arteta or support Arteta, you must understand the problem is the owner and his lack of ambition .

    If you think the squad is good enough, that means you are still living in 2010,
    Let the owner back Arteta and if he isn’t performing we can then blame him but with this squad you can’t blame any coach and that’s why coach like Conte wouldn’t come because of lack of proper funding

    1. VasC says:

      Give a couple of valid reasons, besides he won the FA cup and Community Shield in his first few months, why the owner must put his trust in Arteta and back him with further investments in the playing squad???

      1. CorporateMan says:

        So which comes first? Back him to perform, or he performs to be backed?

        1. VasC says:

          Gee, I just expected an answer to come first.

  9. Adajim says:

    It’s still us fans that’s putting pressure on management to hold on to players for far too long, I remember how we pressurise the club to extend Ozil contract same with Auba but what do we get, players plays better towards end of their contract in arsenal (Walcot??) hopefully we do not increase laccazet wages too much, arsenal fast becoming retired homes these day’s.

    1. Olusola says:

      I strongly agree

  10. DaJuhi says:

    70 millions spent this summer, none on creativity (most glaring issue). Money is available. It has just been spent wrongly.

    Pick another excuse for Arteta:

  11. Reggie says:

    At this present moment in time Leicester have a better owner, a better manager and are better equiped to challenge than we are. That there is no argument. Arteta will live or die by his methods in the next 6 weeks, that is plenty of time to judge any improvement he can or cannot attain.

  12. Hill says:

    Arteta and Kroenke are the problem. Reports coming out is that Willock’s transfer to Newcastle is as good as done. What a blunder!

    1. Reggie says:

      Blunder is putting it mildly. Big Bol**** more like.

      1. Dan kit says:

        25 million
        I just hope it’s reinvested rather than banked .

        1. Reggie says:

          Probably reinvested in xhaka lenos and Bellerins pay rises.

  13. Willz Ekko says:

    Arsenal’s squard is totally weak cause if u look at the subs there is nothing that can add strength to the team when they are in need, so they need to do alot in the remaining days of the window if not we shall be in relagation battle not even top six this time trust me

  14. Franko says:

    For Arsenal to ever smell top 4 again, the Arsenal front 5 must be in the mold of :

    Henry/Van Persie/ Adebayor

    What are the qualities of these players? In these players, we have a combination of technique, flair, creative and pace….especially bags of technique, flair and creativity. Do we have technique, flair and creativity in our current front 4 or 5? The answer is NO. Arteta should get this area sorted with players with these set of qualities and top 4 will be a breeze as we will be able to average 80 goals per season. Its the flair, technique and creativity from the front 4-5 that will open any defense up for the goals.

    1. John Shush says:

      I’ll be happy with Madders and Martinez (Saka and Pepe on either flank)

  15. Shine says:

    We can have a good defense.
    But if our attacking or strikers are not doing delivering or striking fear to the opponents defense then it creates the burden to the defence.
    Personally I like Auba he’s good but getting inconsistent. A top top striker will need to deliver. If in 5 matches at most not delivering 1 or 2 goals. Am sorry other options need to be consider then.
    MA I will still wait n look approach for the 1st 5 matches to see how’s he tactically challenging the opponent teams.
    Remember guys 1 of our best mid Partey was injured. To me he’s very critical to Arsenals success this season. If hes injured I can confidently tell u Arsenal is gona have a very tough time getting into he Top 6. Besides Saka n Emr. Unless our attacking n goals are coming in.
    Its not that MA do not want to sell. But clubs are waiting.

  16. ThirdManJW says:

    I never knew pre season games were this important! Haha.

  17. Tobi says:

    Leicester replaced arsenal in the top six how just idiots. Leicester should call when they are the 3rd most successful club in prem history

  18. Emeka Ibekwe says:

    It’s actually amazing how fans know so much football, but are in other profession, yes the team is not fantastic, but can we please throw in some love and optimism to this new season?

    1. VasC says:

      Sure. All the fans are ready to throw their support and love and spread optimism. Just, let the fans know when they are going to get paid a few millions a year each, for showing their love and spread optimism, just like the players and the manager get paid for putting on this drab show.

  19. El Jiok says:

    All we need right now is Bernardo Silva and a young right back. Please put Maitland Niles back in the middle now that Willock is gone so he can help Partey. Put Auba in the middle and Saka Nelson or Martinelli on the left. Let the center back pairing be Chambers and White. Chambers on the right, White on the left. Let’s see how it goes.

  20. Lucky Guboh (@glen_olenga) says:

    Please when is Ek Daniel buying Arsenal oooooo?

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