“Leicester have to play with 10 men after 42 minutes” Arteta not a happy man (Video)

Mikel Arteta is not a happy man following the 1-1 draw with Leicester City this evening at the Emirates.

The Spaniard was not happy that the game was not killed off in the first half, he accepted that Eddie Nketiah could have been red but clearly felt it was harsh and he was definitely not happy that Jamie Vardy, who levelled for the Foxes, was not sent off just before half time.

Though in all fairness to Arteta, he was only suggesting that if Nketiah’s foul was deemed a sending off then so should have Vardy.

Watch the video, you can see for yourself how unhappy the boss is.

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  1. if Eddie could get a red card for that tackle i think Vardy could at least have gotten a yellow for his foul on Mustafi,… Since every one is saying is saying Vardy’s tackle wasn’t intention so was Eddie’s, no to talk of the many fouls from Evans on laca

    1. Joe
      It’s because he wants to be a winner
      I’m pleased he was cross -it shows passion and determination to be the best

      1. Yeah. I know. I get his point. However, truth be told, I’d tell Eddie to challenge like that every time. He was just unlucky this time. If he were one foot closer , he niks that ball, and it’s the other player at a red card risk for obstruction, and we have a counter attack opportunity. I don’t regret Nketiah’s challenge one bit

  2. Like it or not,nketiahs challenge was a clear red card.The strikers job is not an easy one and he is learning.

    And vardys one,i dont think so thats clearly accidental.Ian wright gave his opinion on the challenges and i fully agree.

    But what i cant understand is lo celsos challenge on azpilicueta a few months ago,and what did VAR do then?Some are saying its VARdy yesterday…😂

    1. As much as I loved what Ian Wright did for Arsenal as a pundit he never gives us a break. More worried about keeping Linekar happy and his job with the BBC

  3. I thought it was harsh to send Eddie off. Accident, no harm happened. Have not seen Vardy’s.

  4. Yellow card at worst,Mikel is right to be angry and Vardy looked like a flick back at the player to me. Having said that we should have finished them off while we were on top.

    1. Yes, we should have finished them off.
      However, I thought EN’s sending off was a red ☹️ and Vardy got away a sneaky one. One is a youngster; the other has been round the block a few times

      The most important part of that interview was that Arsenal didn’t kill off Leicester. Arteta said this twice. That was what ManC always did.

  5. MA is a class act, he doesn’t lose his cool and like he said I too am proud of the boys keep up the good work!

  6. He made a crucial mistake, sub Laca.

    Laca was having a good game making life hard to their defense. He knows that, learning. This change made no sense.

    We must fight as we did for next games and see where we end.

    Obviously 5th place is now out of reach if Man U wins, they will finish in top4, and not easy to get back at Leceister.

    We will finish between 6h and 10th. Hopefully 6-7 or 8 spot that may secure EL.

    A new wave on the way as flue by November. Not announced as it should be, so people can brieve, go to vacation, not fall in mental depression pandemic.

    200M Kroenke lost will have him sell club, he is aware of next wave as many.

    We ending seasons everywhere but where to?

    Way people behave, cases can only rise up, beaches, bars, clubs, people partying hard like it’s 1999.

    Not about when stadiums reopen but how people behave, they had to stop a game where public did not respect at all, I don’t see fans not jumping on each others for a goal. Makes it really difficult to imagine this game to go go on for long.

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