Leicester ready to accept Arsenal offer for Mahrez?

This is the one transfer deal that every Arsenal fan is hoping will happen this summer. If Arsene Wenger does get his man and last season’s PFA Player of the Year Riyad Mahrez comes to north London then I reckon all the transfer window woes of the past will be forgotten, for a while at least.

We are only going on the Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds though, and while many of them are increasingly conident that the deal will be done sooner or later, some are saying that Leicester City are yet to receive an official offer and others are saying that we might lose out to Chelsea.

On a more positive and optimistic note, Metro have reported that the Algerian international did not travel with the rest of his team mates after the Foxes beat Celtic on penalties the other night. Instead Mahrez was spotted on a plane to London. Interesting…

And it just so happens that Arsenal and Leicester (including Mahrez) will be in Los Angeles today, while another Metro report claims that the owners of the current EPL champions have arranged a meeting to discuss the situation. They may be desperate to hold on to such a key player but if the Kante saga was any thing to go by they are not likely to be stubborn enough to keep him against his will and with a good enough bid on the table.

Over to you Arsene…


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  1. If we sign Mahrez for the rumoured 42m then it is goodbye to a striker IMO…

    Like I always say, we should not allow our inactivity in the window and the activities of other clubs around us forget our priority…which is ruthless striker

    If we have Sanchez and Campbell onthe wings with a very good striker in the middle plus Giroud on the bench,we should be fine..

    Having said that,If only Wenger can sign another top striker after signing Mahrez, it will be the best and I will be so glad,but will he?????

    1. Wenger will not sign a World Class Striker,
      Giroud joined Arsenal in 2012 and since that time Wenger has never been closer to sign WC striker
      instead he brought Ozil to help Giroud, then he brought Sanchez to help the same lovely Baby.
      anyway Mahrez is WC and has the ability and skills to be in the level of Messi.

  2. Hmm would be great if it were true but..
    BREAKING NEWS: Mertersacker possibly ruled out for 5 months after injury! If any of you think this will make Wenger buy a long term replacement please shove your breath back to your lungs and hold it! He will simply use Gabriel and Chambers as back up

    1. To me personally I feel its a win win situation. Anything that kicks out Mert in our stating 11 is a positive to me. I would rather we even gamble with Gabriel and Chambers.

      Hope we sign Mustafi though, enjoyed his games at the Euro’s.

      1. The biggest issue with Mert has been his lack of pace but let’s be honest, people act like this flaw is exposed every game when it’s once in a while. He is still a good CB and unfortunately Gabriel and Chambers are not yet to his level as they are far too inexperienced and way more likely to make mistakes.

  3. I would really love to see mahrez in a gunners shirt for sure.
    IMO he is better than all of our players.
    Sanchez ozil and the rest.
    Abd he is being sold for such a reasonable price.
    This chance of getting such a player comes once in a million times

  4. If Wenger uses Chambers as back up, I honestly will like the idea, Chambers needs to play!
    He has it in him, and I think the same for Campbell….

    I believe Campbell and Chambers needs just a fraction of the chance and confidence Wenger has shown to Ramsey,Ox to name just two,if Chambers and Kos play together he would come good…

    But the problem is Kos won’t be available to start the season..we will need an experienced first team CB…

  5. It is a recurring pattern.
    For years Arsenal has been
    connected with top strikers
    Benzema, Higuain, Suarez,
    Lukaku Lacazette,Martinez
    Lewandowski, Aubameyang
    But we never bought one.
    Instead we got Chamakh Giroud Podolski Sanogo Wellbeck Asano.
    Wenger prefers midfielders like Ozil +Sanchez.
    So Mahrez would just follow the pattern.
    Mahrez cost Leicester half a mill and Arsenal are offering
    47 mill = 94 times as much.
    I though Arsenal never buys stars but makes them?
    Adelaide and Iwobi could have stellar seasons
    and be worth 50 mill each come June.
    A striker would be better but I rather we sorted RB
    and CB especially with Mertz out.
    May be this is all a deception and we are signing a
    promising young striker from Croatia for 13 mill.

    1. How can you continually fail to distinguish the difference between a midfielder and a forward??
      Mahrez is a forward…

  6. For me Mahrez’s most recent goal (which is one he scores a lot) against Celtic is a perfect example of why he’d be so important if he did sign for us. Took the ball wide, came inside the area with two marking him tightly and found the space for a spectacular finish. He can literally take any player on, is direct and can find spaces in the smallest of areas.
    That directness we only currently get from Sanchez. A front 5 of….
    Xhaka Cazorla/Ramsey (previous form says Cazorla, though Ramsey had an absolutely amazing year when paired with Arteta. Xhaka being able to shield, sit deep and dictate play is similar to the role Arteta played… I’m quietly hoping Xhaka and Ramsey will get the best from each other. His Euro performances showed he can still be an amazing player if utilized correctly!)
    Mahrez, Ozil, Sanchez

    Well… It’s pretty damn scary going forward!

    1. Only one thing bugs me about your lineup and his name is giroud. Otherwise it is the best front 4 out of 5 in the league

      1. I to agree mkgooner.

        We’ve been here before.. no matter who we put behind Giroud, he will never be that +20 goal striker.

        1. It really is a pity that Giroud never had pace, I think with pace he would be the complete forward. He would still need to improve his shooting habits, but I reckon he would be one damn fine player with some pace.

  7. Arsenal ATTEMPTS to sign Mahrez
    Leciester REJECTS the offer
    Arsenal TABLES bid to sign Mahrez
    Leicester BAULKS at the bid
    Arsenal MONITORS mahrez situation
    Leicester REBUFF such claim
    Arsenal insider REVEALS deal is close
    Leicester manager DEBUNKS the idea
    Arsenal FAIL in bid to sign Mahrez
    Leicester OFFERS mahrez an improved deal….

    Arsenal keeps beating about the bush day in and day out….then fail to get a job done at the end of the day….seriously go down and get a piece of business done confidently…… We are just too shy!

    1. Have to agree with you there SoOpa AeoN. Arsenal’s deals are always so drawn out, it takes weeks of going back and forward and then inevitably gets rejected leaving us about 5 hours to find an alternative. If you think our defence doesn’t need strengthening them you’re mad. Mourinho would have sorted that in a heart beat but Arsene just can’t get his head round our issues at the back.

  8. I reckon if we could stay injury free, then Marhez would be a better signing than Lacazette. Alexis Giroud and Marhez were around the 17 mark last season. Three forward players offering 17 goals. The other way would see Alexis 17, and lets say Laczette gives us 20, but we have deficiency on right side, the benefit would be if Lacazette got injured we would have Giroud to come in.

  9. quote: “On a more positive and optimistic note, Metro have reported that the Algerian international did not travel with the rest of his team mates after the Foxes beat Celtic on penalties the other night. Instead Mahrez was spotted on a plane to London. Interesting…”

    This is already proven to be a lie as Marhez has been photgraphed in California training with the rest of Leceister squad.

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