Leicester throw a title lifeline but can Arsenal grab it?

In this tightest and possibly strangest of Premier League seasons, not too much has gone the way of Arsenal, even though at times we have been our own worst enemies. But after Wenger and the lads were left cursing some games when we deserved to win but were denied by some bad luck and some superb goal keeping displays, the same thing actually went in our favour tonight.

I must say that I was really impressed with the display from our EPL title rivals Leicester City, who never gave up and laid siege to the West Brom goal for large parts of the game. But the final score was 2-2 and that just gives an undoubtedly dispirited Arsenal team a boost just when we need it.

The big question, however, is whether we can get our act together and grab this title lifeline that the leaders have thrown out. If we play like we have been doing recently then the answer will be no. But if the Gunners can muster up some of the fighting spirit that Arsene Wenger has been banging on about so much and get a win over Swansea tomorrow, well things get interesting again.

It could be that Arsenal beat Swansea and then do the spuds on Saturday. We know that the players have it in them. But can they produce when it really matters?


  1. After looking at the way our team and manager have reacted so far this season in regards to other teams dropping points it does not seem like they have the hunger, mentality or tactical awareness to pick up the two wins that will see them back in the mix. It’s especially upsetting because if tottenham win the league and we don’t even pick up a win against them, there is no way any gooner can live it down, ever.

    1. “Leicester throw a title lifeline but can Arsenal grab it?”


      Leicester have thrown nothing to us nor anybody(Not just yet)……


      1. Leicester could easily have won, it was just one of those games which every team has where the result does not reflect the performance. In otherwords Leicester have not had a drop in form so I agree, Leicester have handed us nothing, yet.

    2. I bet you if Wenger thinks he has ever felt abuse by Arsenal fans, the day that Tottenham wins the league over us will be the day he will not forget. All the pent-up emotions felt by Arsenal fans will come full-fledged at the ultimate embarrassment. Leicester hasn’t thrown any lifeline – they are just doing what they do best! Not losing games they shouldn’t, home and away! Fighting to the very last minute! Get themselves back up after moments of vulnerability! These things really seem foreign to Arsenal after all these years of winning a CL spot. In my opinion, I don’t think we invested enough in our defense, both financially & in training. The basis of a team is a solid, mentally tough, & consistent defense. After Cech saving us points, we spent them on losing more games. I don’t think God understands why I am an Arsenal fan.

      1. But I do understand you, dude. God handling everything (in positive ways) in this universe except Arsenal. Blessing any good attempts but not for Arsenal. I hope you aren’t that depress.
        Unlike most of us, Arsene belief from the start of the season that this team was strong enough and will take the title, and so there was very little up grade. If that so, he’s failing to motivate the guys higher enough for that common purpose at less until now. MOTIVATION that’s the keyword to boost up the team even for inferior side, thanks to Claudio Ranieri. Forget the class thanks to him again. It’s control your football through the games weeks in weeks out, in the right ways.
        To compare us with Leicester and (gosh) Spuds, we’ll find that we running the games very awful. They both won most, draw lots, and defeated less. They are truly the best team in the league so far, while Arsenal dropped the mojo elsewhere.
        We need a lot of blessing (just twice defeat for both sides will be enough) and miracles to steal the title from them. Hell, I still wanted the title and celebrate St. Toteringham Day as usual. Do you?

    3. @Admin,
      If you had asked this question at the end of the Leicester match, my answer would be yes!!! But coming so soon after the MU defeat, I just donno…..I guess we have to see how AFC perform in the coming 2 matches to see if we indeed have a chance….If we don’t pick up maximum points tonight and Man City wins at Liverpool, we will drop to 4th very soon as next for MC, would be Villa and Norwich. AW need to get his team going and clicking now because with 33 points to play for, neither the title nor top 4 placing is guaranteed….Who ever is available now needs to come in and prove their worth to the team but I don’t buy into the thinking that we should rest some players just becoz we are taking on Spud this Saturday….Every point at this stage is crucial and I believe AW should take each match as they come and play his best team in all the remaining PL matches.

      So sorry to hear about the Cazorla setback…I was sooo looking forward for him to come back and pull the strings in the middle at this critical juncture. Nevertheless, it looks like now it was not meant to be…..


    4. I think Ozil has the mentality, but I’m not sure about the rest. Ozil’s a proven winner on the biggest stages. (Guess you could say the same of Mert, but he was a bitpart player tbh.)

  2. It’s our team to concentrate on we aren’t good
    I always said that licester will surely drop points because teams are paying them more attention and sit back when playing them and give them a tough game
    So the conclusionis the title is for us to win
    A win at white hart lane will close the gap to zero points with the spuds so the title is still within reach

    1. so “A win at white hart lane will close the gap to zero points with the spuds so the title is still within reach” ????

      Are u trying to say that while we are closing the gap to zero pt….Leicester won’t be playing against any team momentarily?

      See there …u are missing the point!

    1. And Fatboy told you that Months ago! ???
      And I don’t mind getting thumbed down for it again! ?

  3. I am becoming less passionate game by game, not what I want but I had no option.
    Hope we will win tomorrow.

  4. Well theoretically win tomorrow, then NOT losing to Spurs and we are very much still in it.

    Leicester’s got Southampton, Chelsea, Man United and Everton in their last 5 games. If they drop points before that like today at home, then I think they will be out. Even Spurs got some difficult matches coming up.

    However all this is insignificant if we can’t capitalize. We must win at least 9-10 of the remaining 11 matches. Can we do it? Time will tell. Time for Wenger and many of the players prove their worth to this big, prestigious club.

  5. So sad Santi out till d end of season, n most of out players r tired. Team selection now should base on performance n form not by old record. Sanchez not necessary for him to play 90mins. Welbek still fresh he deserves selection. Kosheny n per should continue. I doubt Gabriel n Elneny. If Campbell maintain his initial form he deserves call up too. Cesc remains in goal. Ozil our only intelligence in d team. Ramsey no replacement. OG should pair webek.

  6. We MUST

    If we can’t beat Swansea @ home when we desperately need 3 points then we don’t deserve to be Champions.

    I don’t expect Spuds to give up points too but if they can we are back in it with a win tomorrow and win at WHL.

    We MUST play Welbeck tomorrow in my opinion. He has scored two goals recently and we need goals. Maybe benching Giroud and Theo can make them score when they come off. I’m not saying Welbeck is better than them, just that Danny is in the scoring Zone at the moment

  7. We seem to be the ones throwing lifelines everywhere. LVG has had his career turned around overnight and is claiming to be a genius manager, because we threw him a lifeline big enough to hold up the world.

  8. This is a one of kind season where teams will drop points…it will be tight until the end, if we do things right!! Also on Leicester part Kante is injured that will create problem for them (even thought I don’t want to rely on that push)!!
    I’m not happy with the way we have been going about our business to win the league but there’s hope…hopefully the team understands that!! Even if Spurs go top tomorrow (which I hope they won’t).If we win our next 2 games we will be right there…
    The problem is we just have to WIN…reverts back to other issues: Can we deliver under pressure this time? Do we have the hunger & desire? What game are we going to propose? Are we gonna be more clinical?
    Guess we’ll know sooner rather than later…beating spurs is a must!!

  9. “We know that the players have it in them. But can they produce when it really matters?”

    only play the players who want to fight for the shirt and club…it’s not about the talent anyone may have. If you’re not prepared to fight for your teammate and your club, stay out of the side. No one should be spared. If they don’t have the heart for a fight, drop them. I want to see effort and conviction.

    This is my expectation of our Gunners for every game:
    Yours is a distinguished honour to be chosen to represent this great club and as you pull on the shirt you accept the responsibilities entrusted to you. Just as the sacred crest protects your heart, you must protect the integrity and honour of our club through complete & selfless commitment. Whatever the outcome this day, when you leave this field, do so with your head held high and look any in the eye with pride & without shame, because today you gave your all.

  10. West ham are more than capable of beating the Spuds on Wednesday night!

    We just need to take care of our own fixtures, starting with Swansea… And the result from this game will give us a clearer indication… to whether or not our lad’s are up for the fight to win the premier league!

    This is their last chance to make amends and if they don’t take it, then they deserve to be slatted for the remainder of the season!

    I can’t wait to see how wenger and the team respond against Swansea City. ? ?

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