Leicester try to scupper Arsenal deal with Vardy counter-offer

Vardy deal is far from complete!

There seems to be far from an overall vote on whether Jamie Vardy to Arsenal is a good move for the Gunners or not. Some believe it would be a bad bit of business for the Gunners whilst others feel Vardy could be the type of player Arsenal are crying out for. One thing that is certain however is that Vardy’s move to Arsenal isn’t complete just quite yet and there may still be a few more twists and turns to the tale.

According to some sources this afternoon, Vardy was set to have his Arsenal medical today. Sunday afternoon is the club’s last opportunity of completing the deal before Vardy became fully focused on preparations with England for this summers European Championships, with the England side making way to their training camp for the tournament on Monday.

As of the time of writing it seems that a medical has not be completed and so if the deal is to go ahead before Euro 2016 kicks off, then the Arsenal medical team will have to follow England and Vardy to France in order to get the deal done.

There doesn’t seem to be any apparent rush however with Vardy supposedly agreeing a provisional contract with the Gunners worth £100,000 a week. This is according to the Daily Telegraph who also state that the deal is a 4 year contract, which I am personally quite surprised at given Vardy’s age and the club’s usual policy of not offering long term deals to those approaching 30 or over 30 years old.

The latest from the Leicester camp is that although a deal is on the cards and it looks likely that the move will go through, apparently Claudio’s side has offered Vardy an improved last minute counter offer, in an attempt to get him to stay with the Premier League winners. Vardy’s current contract stands at £60k per week until 2019, so a move to the Gunners would be a big financial boost for the 29 year old.

This proposed move for Vardy still confuses me as i personally thought he would have given the Champions League a shot with Leicester and stayed with the team that has just won the Premier League. However perhaps he doesn’t believe the club can repeat their success for a second time in a row and because of his age, he may be looking for that one last big budget contract, as his career begins to wind down.

Is this deal still far from being certain?


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  1. I really do hope so…. Now go and get Jansenn or Milik, you know that makes better sence! ?

  2. If he’s the only prolific striker we are able to get this summer then i hope the deal goes through. I’m gonna spare myself possible disappointment and imagine him playing with us when we see legit photo shoot leaks or the deal is announced. Arsenal have been here way too often in the past years…

    1. Vardy’s pace is perfect for those inch perfect long balls that Xhaka can give. Also Ozil will change his assists based upon the speed that Vardy can offer.

    1. I do not know why you have been thumbed down, do Arsenal fans not want a CF who will fight to score a goal?

      You didn’t say someone with his personality which is questionable but mentality, clearly meaning mentality on the pitch… We do need someone who will scrap for the goal, Theo was suppose to turn into that type of CF and he has flopped.

      1. Guess I just miss a guy with Vardys fighting spirit in the team. So tired of watching the big guy Giroud falling down like a girl all the god damn time and sticking hes tongue out. Sorry I know hes an Arsenal player but it’s so frustrating to watch.

  3. Won’t be sad to see it fall through. Tough tough call for Leicester though, a four year 100k salary for a 29 year old one year wonder? That’s a risk a wealthy club could take but the kind of decision that could create all sorts of problems for a club like Leicester.

    Very keen on Mkhatryin though. Hopefully these rumours have some legs.

  4. Vardy for 1 or 2 years just to bang in some goals could be what we need for the EPL title, kinda like how UTD got RvP from us and they gave him a decent contract.

    If we get 1 good season with Vardy and he wins us the EPL then he will be worth the £20mil.

    Janssen or Milik as back-up and they would also turn into the long term investment without having to rely on them ‘NOW’.

    As for offering a contract while being close to 30, Wenger has done it before and it was WENGER, not Gazidis or Dein.
    Look at the Arshavin deal.
    He was 28 and offered a 5 year contract, he was also a record signing for Arsenal.

    Wenger needed someone who could perform ‘now’ and so he got Arshavin and it got us into the top 4, that period he also got Nasri for the future…

  5. I’m still not convinced this deal is the right one. I’m not a fan of old aged strikers.

    1. so wat ur sayn is if we sign IBRA u’ll still b skeptical, or if we sign ronaldo to play 9 for us?????????? I’m not sayn vardy is at dat level but with u not been a fan of ‘old age strikers’ …we just have 2 take d option with the lowest risks…

  6. Why I think Vardy will sign for Arsenal after showing interesting.

    1. Vardy @ 29 wouldn’t mind a stint with a big club.

    2. Better Pay most probably.

    3. It will help his international career playing for Arsenal.

    If he stays @ Leicester then,

    1. He wants to experience champions league with Leicester as he helped them win the league and qualify for champions league. Even if He will experience it with Arsenal.

    2. He is like a ‘King’ in the club.

    3. Improved pay (better than what Arsenal are offering) might make him stay.

    However, after Arsenal triggering his clause and Ranieri admitted a contact has been made’. It is now left for Vardy to decide. The club are not in a hurry to sell but Arsenal want Him so let’s see how it goes.

    Let’s wait and see how it goes.

    Arsenal All The Way!

  7. This is a done deal. Trust me, this is all press talk to add more suspense to a very captivating story. Vardy was being shopped around for weeks. He came to us and not the other way round. My money is on a done deal. No way leicester can reverse this. Jamie is a gunner.

    1. I’m not so sure. Vardy could easily be playing Arsenal to get another 40k a week from Leicester. He’s a god there and I’m sure CL football would taste a lot sweeter for him if he stays in blue. If Leicester comes close to what Arsenal are offering I say he stays.

  8. we need vardy asap…..as for all this rumours of ‘far from complete’, I’m choosing not to believe it…I believe its rubbish from pple tryn to sell papers…which reliable 1 has confirmed it???? BBC, sky sports have not said its in doubt, so y would I worry myself on rubbish from telegraph….if afccamden on twitter(not so sure about the spelling) who is reliable on all things arsenal, says I shld chill out, thats wat I’m gonna do…120k/week for a 29 year is 2 much to turn down, i hope……….

    1. BBC and sky report what they are almost certain is true. Who knows if Leicester have gone back to Vardy with an improved offer but it is something I would expect them to do.

      It could be that vardy’s aim is to get an improved offer from leicester, maybe less than Arsenal but then he can say to the leicester fans “i could have moved for more money but decided to stay”, he can claim to be a loyal leicester player when in reality he has forced them to pay him more money.

      Who knows what is happining, all we do know is that arsenal have triggered a release clause and offered terms to vardy.

  9. leicester and vardy are aware of how hard its going to be playing on all cup fronts.that means realistically arsenal is a much safer bet at a chance for
    1.a trophy
    2.his internatipnal career
    3.his bank account
    4.lhis wife and kids will be happier
    F*#K being a god at Leicesterfc
    In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!
    blastgunner!duck for cover!

    1. Your use of this saying is completely out of context and makes no sense at all.

      As for a safer bet for a trophy, how sure are you on that?
      Did you watch last season?

      Vardy also debuted for England as a Leicester player ‎before they went and won the league..

      ‎AOT.. duck for lunch :)!

      1. You sure you are an arsenal fan? He might have been a bit disrespectful to Leicester but he has made some reasonable points. Playing for Arsenal does enhance his England credentials, that is a fact.

        Playing at Leicester makes it harder to get England caps. Shouldn’t be the case but that is the facts. Just look at Drinkwater, Deserved his spot over the likes of Milner and Henderson.

        As for trophies, he was stating that Leicester will find it harder to fight for titles while playing in CL then Arsenal who are used to playing in CL and fighting for titles.

        You might disagree but Arsenal HAS won titles while playing in CL, Leicester has not.

      2. dude shall we live by the past now?arent we trying to leave and forget it altogether?yes i watched last season.
        we are The Arsenal!i am very sure we are a safer bet for a trophy.
        what doesnt make sense ‘at all’ to you does to people with higher iqs..dont sweat it.its just how nature works.

  10. Am positive on this deal going through. It is already a done deal. All fingers point to the fact that it is a done deal. Giroud’s comment, Vard’s wife comments, Ranieri’s confirmation, Mr. Arsene present in England vs Portugal’s game to watch Vardy. It holds more water than the Higuain saga. I strongly believe that the signing would be official before the start of the Euros. Let’s just chill and stay positive. Best believe. Upward and onwards. 1 big Gunner’s family.

  11. Delay is dangerous, is to have medical today why didnt it take place. I ready want Verdy ! I don’t care what ppl say d guy is a goal scorer.

  12. There can be a Arsenal announcement about Vardy soon because the section which shows new signings below the menu bar on Arsenal website is now gone because they are updating it perhaps. Same thing I spotted prior to Debuchy’s signing and I was right.

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